Rin and InuYasha

First Word

InuYasha had gotten his mother, and ran to his room as his mother walked back to her's with Myou in her arms-sleeping. The mistress walked into her chambers and saw her husband laying on the bed. Eyes closed, and on his side, facing the door. His breathing was calm and deep. Was he asleep or was he just relaxed? She shrugged. He'll wake up when I get in bed anyway... It doesn't really matter. She thought.

Myou began to cry.

Sesshomaru's golden eyes shot open; he sat up as fast as he could. "What annoys her?" he asked.

"I'm not psychic." Seina stated. It must have come off sounding more irritated then she really was, because her husband recoiled a little. "Sorry," she spoke again, "I'm just tired." He voice, she made sure was laid back, and no were near 'edgy' or mad.

He just nod. The demon Lord was just as tried. "We can't adopt Rin." He spoke, after his jaws closed from his yawn. He looked over to his nursing daughter and smiled weakly. She looks just like her mother...

"Why not!?" Seina kept her voice down, as to not wake the rest of the household.

Her husband smirk. "Men have their reasons." He said and put his hand on her knee. He rubbed it lightly, then turned his body around, laying his head on her thighs.

"I'm not a pillow." She said, not bothering to look at him, since Myou's body was in the way anyway.

"Be not so sure. You make good as one." He smiled to his comment.

Seina smiled herself as she stood up. It had almost knocked him off the bed, because of how close the edge he was. He growled, and she only smiled brighter.

Myou had finished, and fell asleep. Her mother placing her gingerly in her small infant bed to keep her safe. She hick-upped once, then nothing came from her except the sound of breathing.

Husband and wife lay in bed next to one another, staying close and comfy. Seina slept on Sesshomaru's left, with her arm over his torso, and head on his chest. He like to have his right arm free when sleeping, sometimes moving it above his head, or behind.

Around midnight, the couple had been woken by Myou's cries once again.

Seina yawned and pushed Sesshomaru almost out of the bed. She only smiled as he growled at her and got up. It was his turn to take car of the midnight cry. She wanted for a few monments, and when Myou's crying had started to subside, she went back to sleep.

Sesshomaru rocked her gently in his arm. He hadn't smelt anything that would have meant otherwise, and if he had, he would know. Myou soon relaxed, and her and her father both went back to sleep.

The next morning, everyone was up fairly early; Seina always was, making sure everyone was okay, and fed. Rin took over taking care of Myou when Seina was busy. The infant loved Rin, and went with her willingly every time she was handed over.

Sesshou and InuYasha came down from their rooms, and sat around the table. InuYasha looking at Rin out of the corner of his eye or a split second, and then to his mother. He hoped his father hadn't told her, but if he had, what could he do about it. The half-demon knew his parents didn't keep secrets from each other, and if they did, it was never for long. Sesshou didn't eat in the morning, and ran outside. His normal little routine was to run around the castle yard around 50 times, or until he got bored, then find InuYasha and get him into a game of tag, or wrestling.

"InuYasha." Seina said, not yet looking at him.

"Yes mother?" He asked, looked over to her, and she returned his gaze.

"You and father cleared up what was wrong?" She asked.

He nod slowly, "Yes." Does she know?

She smiled, "Good." She then turned to Rin " Are you ready?" She asked.

Rin smiled brightly. "I am."

InuYasha just smiled to the sound of her voice. He then thought about it, "Are you going somewhere?" He asked.

Seina nod, " Yes, love, we are. We'll be back by day's end." She looked at him nervously.. "Tell your father, I said 'I love you, and Don't be mad.'. I didn't tell him we were leaving."

InuYasha nod. " Alright." Between him and his bother, he was the more 'message trusted' one. Sesshou did do it from time to time, but InuYasha spent more time with his parents. Sesshou was becoming...very independent.

"Lets be off Rin." the demoness said with a smiled, and headed for the door. "If Myou bothers you, or gets to heavy, let me know."

Rin nod, "Yes Seina." she said, "She won't be a problem though. She never is." She hugged the demon baby, and kissed her cheek.

Myou giggled. She grabbed at Rin's hair, and made her noises Laughing every so often.

Seina whistled for her dragon to come, and it woke her husband. She sighed hearing his voice frm the balcony saying: "And Just where might you be off to?"

She looked back and smiled, " Um... Out for the day." She said vaguely

"Mm-hm." He just made the sound in his throat, and looked at her like 'Really? And I wasn't informed why?'

Seina's dragon landed infront of them, and Myou looked at it, She yelled in happiness and tried to learn forward to pet it. "Ki-yay!" She yelled her first word-sound. She said it a fe times over:"Ki-yay! Ki-yay!"

Sesshomaru jumped down, "Did she just say 'kitty'?"

Seina smiled, "She is my daughter. And yes, that was a 'kitty'." She said happly. "Our daughter speaks.

Sesshomaru smiled, and shook his head, "She called your dragon, kitty." He looked at the beast, "You're in for hell." he smirked.

The dragon only growled at him, with the sarcastic look of 'thanks...thanks a lot...' in it's eyes.m