A man kills his sensei, then his brother, in combat. He becomes the only heir of the Ansatsuken. Ever since, he has continuously trained and gotten stronger.

Oh, and he has a one-inch punch that sinks islands.


The French test a nuclear bomb on a tranquil Pacific. The radioactive fallout mutates a lone marine iguana egg. It hatches. The creature has continually grown and gotten bigger.

Oh, and it has an explosive flame belch.

Now, the monsters that those events created would cross paths in a momentous clash in…

The Ultimate Plot Device II

"Destroy All Enemies!"

Written by Sheo Darren under threat of death from Gouki for calling him by his bastardized Capcom USA name

Conceived by Sho Tsuzuku and Sheo Darren on a boring day with too much booze at hand with Gouki within hearing range

Chapter 01

Monster Against Monster

(a.k.a. Gouki versus Zilla)

(with side cameo appearance of Tobey Maguire )

Disclaimer: I don't own Street Fighter, neither Japanese nor American versions of Godzilla, and Spiderman. Hell, I don't even have toys from any of those series. -

Dedicated to LegendarySuperNamek. I would have forgotten about this fic had he not stumbled across it out of curiosity. Thank you.


The city, already drab during the dry season, turned an ominous gray as the storm hit. Grumpy pedestrians flooded the wet sidewalks and cursed the crazy Puerto Rican taxi drivers who sprayed them with water while breaking the speed limit for their fares. Some poor puke was being mugged in Central Park– before New York's favorite friendly neighborhood superhero citizen dropped by for some web-slinging, ass-kicking action.

Just another day in New York City.

At the docks, a fisherman tried for the millionth time to catch something remotely alive in the polluted waters of New York Harbor.

He got his wish. It was almost the last thing he did.

The waters heaved. Something monstrous rose out of the gray depths. Something scaled and fanged and reptilian, two hundred feet in height and thrice as long as it was tall, it was a monster straight out of a comic book or movie.

It roared.

"A monster has just appeared in New York City…"


"Gojira, you moron!"

"Just like in the movies…"

"This is that criminal Spiderman's fault, I say!"

"Nothing can stop that thing. Nothing!"

Days later…

The gigantic creature dubbed "Godzilla" hauled its massive bulk up the Empire State Building and roared to declare its dominance over the city and the world.

Lightning flashed.

Standing on top of the spire sixty-two meters above its head was a man.

Red hair burned out of his scalp like a fierce fire. His face was set in a permanent's death's head grin. He regarded the creature with contempt.

"An animal taking on the title of a 'god'?" He laughed. "You are no more a god than I am a mere man!"

The creature roared. Sensing the man as a threatm it belched fire at him. The flames melted the broadcast antenna and cut off thirty-five TV and FM stations' broadcasts.

But it had missed.

The man hovered a hundred meters above the creature's head.


Again lightning struck– save that no one had ever seen a straight red lightning bolt before. It hit the creature smack on the forehead– and exited through its throat.

The creature's bellow of rage instantly turned into a dying gurgle. Blood sprayed out of the hole in the back of its head in a crimson geyser. Claws screeched off concrete and steel, lost their grip as the muscles that powered them went slack.

The creature fell off the Empire State Building, hit the ground and lay quite still.

Examiners found that its skull was made of thickly armored bone that could stop anti-ship missiles. They also found a ten meter wide hole in it.

The red-and-blue Spandex costumed man sitting on the windowpane of the fiftieth floor of the nearby Chrysler Building whistled in appreciation and awe as the giant lizard lay dead upon the foot of the Empire State Building.

"Holy shit. Godzilla's just been KO'd big time. Who the heck did that?"

Suddenly, a familiar eldritch sensation seized him.

Uh, oh! Spidey Sense! Tingling!

"I killed it."

Directly ahead of him, bare feet adhering to the glass pane through the magical "can-do" properties of qi, Gouki glared.

"You are a worthy opponent… Come, then… let us fight and see how strong you are…"

Spiderman gulped.