Okay, 3 is my lucky number so I decided that I shall write a Guardians of Ga' Hoole poem. This actually something I read aloud for my L.A. class. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters that may be mention, nor practicly anything though I do own Solar Snuggles Solar who gasps trying to shake the crazy Author off Sorry.

An Owl's Heart
By: Lila Proudfoot or to Julia.. (Queen of Hoole)

An owl's heart is a complicated thing
Though they may take wing
Our gizzards tell us truths
While others may tell us lies
A soaring Digger
A golden Twilight
Though none may know of our experiences
A blinding Soren
A brave Gylfie
I was not part of the band
But I do know one thing
My husband was
Brave and wise,
He walked and flew
When his brothers were slew
By the cruel St. Aggies
From where I was once from
And now, I shall for ever be scared of one thing
The fill my heart with evilness
And I know that
In my owl's heart I shall always be
Number 45-17

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