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It had been a while since it happened, if Naruto remembered well, HE had been the one to bring the bastard back to Konoha, He had been the one that had killed Orochimaru, hell, he had been the one to bleed and suffer so that Konoha had its precious Uchiha prodigy back. But had anyone aside from Iruka-sensei congratulated him for his hard work? Of course not, after all, he was the Demon boy, who would even consider congratulating him? Not even Tsunade-no-baachan had thanked him for eliminating Konoha´s greatest enemy. Hell, Sakura-chan even slapped him for hurting Sasuke-kun too munch. Those damm villagers had even blamed him for the fact that the Uchiha left. Ohh how he hated them all right now. Things had been a little normal 2 weeks later, they even met with Kakashi-sensei to train, but of course, he always took Sasuke with him to teach him a new jutsu or spar with him, gave Sakura some training to increase her stamina and sent him to walk on water or climb a few trees. CLIMB A FEW TREES, NEVERMIND THE FACT TAH HE HAD DEFEATED OROCHIMARU, NNOOOOO, HE HAD BAD CHAKRA CONTROL AND HAD TO CLIM SOME TREES! Oh and the fact that Sakura treated him like nothing more than bother yet again was incredible as well. Come to think of it, she has been a little nicer to him ever since Sasuke left, and since he came back with the damm bastard, he was nothing more than an annoying little pest´, like she liked to call him. He remembered the day he snapped all too well, again he had tried to gain Sakura´s attention, and some attention he received…


He had seen Sasuke and Sakura-chan waiting for Kakashi-sensei at the bridge, so he decided to say hello, like any other day.

"Hi Sasuke, Sakura-chan!" he said with his usual happy tone and his usual foxy grin.

He received the normal Hn´ from Sasuke, Sakura, however, acted in a more violent way

"what the hell do you want, Naruto!?" she asked with disdain dripping form her voice

"I just wanted to…" " You just wanted to get in the way of my love again, didn´t you, you annoying little pest!" she interrupted him. "Sorry Sakura-chan, I was just saying hello…" He said quietly, his grin disappearing and looking at the floor. "Whatever Naruto, just get away from me for a while", she said, again with disdain in her voice. Sakura had woken up earlier today thanks to a broken alarm clock that had to suffer a punch form the distressed kunoichi for waking her up earlier than predicted. She had to release her anger somehow, and Naruto was the closest thing to a punching bag around, so she took her anger on him, unaware of the pain she was causing him. As for Naruto, with his childhood, was used to being berated and pushed, but to have to suffer it from one of his precious people was more painful than the whole village ignoring him.

Still, Naruto tried to make her smile, her happiness was still his priority, so with a renewed grin he said" Ne, Sakura-chan, how ´bout we play a little joke on kakashi-sensei for being late?" " Gottdammit Naruto, will you grow up?!" was her answer. He tried to ask her how her morning was and received a punch in the back of the head and a cold none of your buisness´. He again tried talking to her to cheer her up, which made her blow up, " listen Naruto, I don´t care why you are trying to talk to me, but stop it, I don´t really give a damm about anything you have to say so for once, just BE QUIET!"


"Damm it, why can´t you be like Sasuke-kun and behave! No wonder the villagers ignore yo, you are far too annoying for anyone to really give a damm about you!"


And that was it, the person he cared about the most had broken his already fragile mask, that mask of happiness he always wore, that had become attached to his real personality, and she, Sakura-chan had managed to destroy it. Ironic, huh?

As for Sakura, as soon as she realized what she had said she covered hes mouth with her hands, ashamed of herself. Even Sasuke was shocked at her sudden outburst, true, the dobe had to break both of his arms and a leg to bring him back home, but thanks to Naruto he had found the true meaning of strength.

When Sakura looked in Naruto´s eyes, she almost screamed in shock, Naruto´s blue orbs were devoid of any emotion whatsoever, no happiness, no childish innocence, not even anger, absolutely nothing. His expression blank, he turned to her and said in an emotionless and cold tone than supered even Itachi´s, " I see, so that´s how it is, then I guess I won´t talk to you anymore, Sakura" She flinched at his tone and at he fact that there was no chan at the end of her name. As on cue, Kakashi FINALLY showed up. "Yo, sorry about being late, I got lost on my way here, jeje", he said, but when he heard no comment he looked at his students. Sakura looked as if she was about to cry, Sasuke looked as if he had seen a ghost, and to his surprise and horror, Naruto´s face was expressionless. " Hey, is everything alright?" he asked, getting worried. " No sensei, absolutely nothing is wrong" said Naruto coldly, which made them all flinch. " If you ignore the fact that my best friends think of me as nothing more than a pest, if you ignore the fact that nobody was decent enough to complement me even just a little for my hard work, if you ignore the fact that you always choose Sasuke over me, if you ignore the fact that my efforts to help get unnoticed, if you ignore the fact that everything I work so hard for that bastard gets it without even lifting a finger (talking about Sasuke) , if you ignore the fact that no one gives a crap about my well being, if you ignore that, Kakashi, nothing is wrong", answered Naruto icely. They all flinched at different parts of his small speech, Kakashi feeling guilty and hurt that there was no sensei at the end of his name.

" Now if you will excuse me, I must speak to the Hokage", those were the last words they would hear form him until he came back 3 years later, leaving 3 very hurt people behind, running to the Hokage´s office.

Tsunade had been very busy lately, ever since Naruto defeated Orochimaru, the Elders had been constantly on her ass, talking about how munch of a menace he was to the village, she didn´t even had had a chance to congratulate him yet. Suddenly, there was a knock at her door. "Come in", she said tiredly. As she saw who it was, a smile instantly crept her lips. "Oi brat, what do you want?" She asked playfully. "Tsunade-sama, I have come here to receive permission to go in a 3 year training trip" Answered Naruto coldly, his face lacking his usual smirk. "What!? You just came back from a 2 and a half year training Naruto! Is something wrong?" She asked, now worried about him. " Please, Tsunade- sama, I need to get away for a while, I'm sure my team will explain". He said, spitting the word team like it was poison. Seeing him so distressed and cold, she knew he indeed needed some time alone, and he would surely tell her about it when he came back, so she decided it would be better to let him go. "Alright, Uzumaki Naruto, you have my persmission to leave the village for 3 years to train, I espect to see you stronger when you return, is that clear?" he nodded and left, but before, he gave her his usual grin and said, " thanks, Tsunade-no-baachan!" and then left.

End flashback

It had been 2 years already, and he HAD become sronger, he had only said goobye to the ramen old man, his dauther, Iruka-sensei and Tsunade-no-baachan, no one else even knew why he left. Heh, they probably forgot all about me already´he thought bitterly. He frankly didn´t care anymore if anyone remembered him. He had become bitter and cold in those years, and in a year he would return to the place that had made him suffer so munch, that hell hole where all of his bad memories were.

Soon he would return, he still had a dream to accomplish, he would prove everybody he could and WOULD become Hokage. Soon…


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