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2. Who are you?


3 long years had passed since Naruto left the Hidden Village Of Leaf, I n that time Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi had had more than enough time to think of what they had done to their blond friend. Sakura had lost count of how many times she had cried herself to sleep thinking of the blond knucklehead. After all, she had been the one to provoke the whole problem, letting her anger out on the one person who always worried about her, who always was there for here, and most importantly, who always wanted to make her happy. Thinking back, she could notthink of 5 good things she had said to him, she had even slapped him after Naruto had showed had showed up wounded with the unconscious Uchiha on his back. She had tried to act as if he never left, which meant ignoring and berating Naruto for every little thing and always complement Sasuke, who still showed little interest in her. She wanted a chance to say sorry, and after Tsunade had told her Naruto would not be returning for anther 3 years she broke down instantly.

She remembered the Sannin´s reaction far too well when they told her why Naruto had left. The look of utter disappointment in her eyes still haunted her. Her relationship with her Sensei had never been the same after that.

Kakashi was no difference; the feeling of guilt had accompanied him for 3 long years. In truth, he had never been a sensei to Naruto, choosing Sasuke instead and teaching him the technique that almost took Naruto´s life. Just like Sakura, he wanted a chance to make amends and apologize to the young demon vessel. To be honest, he was no different from the villagers; he had too ignored and underestimated Naruto. When Jiraira heard about it, it had taken a whole AMBU squad and Tsunade´s abominable strength to stop the perverted hermit from squeezing the life out of him.

Sasuke reacted the only way he knew how; he isolated himself from everyone, in order to think things better. In his time with Orochimaru, he had grown even colder, but when that stupid blond showed up, something clicked inside him. Naruto, his first, only and best friend was willing to take down all sound nins in order to take him back. Their battle had been intense, but when Sasuke accidentally insulted Sakura all hell broke loose. Naruto lost control and attacked him with everything he had, breaking hi left arm in 3 different parts, dislocating his right one and breaking his left leg. He chuckled at that thought. When the battle was over, all sound nins and Orochimaru defeated by the immense power of the Kyuubi and Naruto´s perfected Rasengan, both of them began talking as if nothing had happened


It had been a terrible fight, Naruto was now sitting totally exhausted, and Sasuke was in the ground nearby, too tired and hurt to move or think for that matter. Suddenly, he heard a chuckle, which quickly turned into a laugh. Yes, Uzumaki Naruto was laughing his ass off, why it remained a mystery to Sasuke. When Naruto saw his friend's confused look, he said "ne Sasuke-teme, you really are annoying jajajaja!" Still confused, and now annoyed, Sasuke asked, " I still don't get what's so funny, dobe" " you remember 3 years ago un the Valley of the End, that I told I would bring you back, even if I had to break both of your arms and legs? Look at you now, if I break your other leg I would accomplish what I said, jajajajajaja..." Naruto explained and looked and Sasuke with predatory eyes. "Oi dobe, why are you looking at me like that?" he asked, unconsciously sweating and getting worried. As Naruto was about to hit his other leg, Sasuke closed his eyes and prepared for the impact, which weirdly never came. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw Naruto grinning at him, his well known grin in its entire splendor. Soon enough, he started laughing his ass off again. "I can't believe you…laugh…fell for…laugh…THAT ONE! JAJAJAJA!" he managed to say. Sasuke could only join him, but after a while, he stopped abruptly, looking down in shame, which caused Naruto to stop as well. "I'm …sorry", he said quietly. "For what, running away, breaking a girl's heart, putting a chidori through my chest, almost killing me twice and insulting the person I care about the most?" Asked Naruto innocently. As he saw his friend nod and look down again he smiled as widely as he could, and said happily, "Don't worry, I've forgotten all but the second and last thing!"

Sasuke could only watch in amazement as Naruto said those words. After all he had done to him, hell, after all he had done to everyone, how could he forget about it so simply? What did I do to deserve a friend like that? ´ He asked himself.

"Allright, let's go back home, shall we?" exclaimed the blond happily as put Sasuke on his back. Due to the tiredness, broken bones and such, Sasuke lost conciseness, falling for the first time in years in a quiet, peaceful sleep.

End flashback

The city felt almost empty without the laughs and screams of the number one knucklehead ninja. Those who were close to him counted the days left, for he had promised to come back in 3 years, and he ALWAYS kept his word. And exactly 3 years later, a figure covered in a red coat with black flames and a nine tailed kitsune on his back appeared at the gates of the great Hidden Village of Leaf. "Mm, nothing's changed I see", he said, his voice cold. Long, blond hair covered most of his hitae-ate(?), and a pair of blue eyes scanned the area. Soon enough, the young man's stomach grumbled in protest, asking to be fed. "Allright allright, we're going it Ichikaru!" he said excitedly.

"A miso ramen please!" He said as he entered the small store. "Hey, I know that voice, wait, Naruto!?" Asked the now exited old man. "Hey, it's been a while, and I've really missed your ramen" answered the blond, giving his famous grin. In his training years, he had traveled through all the elemental villages, learning all the techniques he could, getting stronger every time, and of course, with the help of Ero-Sennin. How did that perverted old man found was still a mystery to him. He had long decided that he didn't need to act cold with everyone, after all, there was people out there that cared about him, so why stay sad for what some think? He broke his train of thought when a bowl of miso ramen was put in front of him. Inhaling the sweet scent before digging in, he exclaimed happily "Itadakimasu!".

Sakura was taking some papers to the Hokage when she saw blond hair come out from the ramen stand; she dropped the papers, completely petrified at the sight of the tall blond guy

"No way…" she said quietly "N-Naruto?"


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