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6. Why me?

Naruto was angry, to say the least. He had spent the last week doing some C-class missions that included walking an annoying old woman to the Grass Country, and delivering a message all the way to Suna. It had been nice to see Gaara again, though. He seemed a lot different now. People loved and respected him now. He was happy for Gaara, if anyone deserved to be happy and respected, it was him. And he couldn't complain either; he was finally gaining some respect in his home.

´ Hard work does pay off, I think, he he´ he thought happily

But Naruto was in a very difficult predicament. The real reason for his anger was the talk´ he had had with his old sensei. Deep down, he didn't wanted to forgive any of them. What had they ever done to deserve his forgiveness? Those bastards thought they could just come and apologize to him and everything would be ok. He felt his anger rising again.

"Stupid old self…" he muttered quietly. He blamed the wish of having things back to normal to his old happy and stupid personality. Should've followed the foxes advice and never come back´, though the blonde depressingly. He had been putting way too munch mind into this. Just then his stomach grumbled loudly. "Guess thinking too munch makes me hungry…" he said quietly as he walked towards his favorite eating place, Ichiraku´s Ramen stand.

After hearing from Kakashi that Naruto was considering forgiving them, both Sakura and Sasuke had an urge to talk to the blonde, but they were smarter about it. They knew he needed time alone, and that if they talked to him again, he would just get angry again. They decided Sasuke would talk to him first, since Naruto said he wasn't angry at him. And as munch as Sakura wanted to talk to him, she would have to wait. She was the one that had caused most of the damage, after all. And if she tried to talk to him, he would only tell her he would not waste his time with her.

Sasuke was more than a little worried about talking to Naruto, though. Sure, Naruto didn't seem to be angry at him, but he, as well as Sakura and Kakashi, was being eaten away by guilt. The Uchiha felt useless, if he only had been a better friend, if only he had stopped Sakura from hurting Naruto, if only he had seen his suffering. He didn't deserve a friend like him. Naruto had done so munch for him, and yet he was ready to kill the blonde 2 times. 2 TIMES! And the only thing Naruto did was smile that stupid goofy smile of his and tell him he had already forgotten about it

Guess everybody has a breaking point´ thought the Uchiha on his way to Ichiraku, where he would surely find him

The said blonde was currently eating his forth bowl of ramen, and surprisingly, he wasn't devouring it like he usually did. He was eating normally, with no rush, deep in thought. Both Ayame and Teuchi had asked what was wrong, worried at the blonde´s weird behavior, but he had simply smiled and said nothing was wrong. As he was about to pay and leave, he felt the familiar chakra signature behind him. He got up and took a glance at Sasuke, who looked a little surprised that he had found out he was even there.

"Yo", he said in a bored tone. "What do I owe the honor of your presence, Sasuke?"

Sasuke was taken back. He looked at Naruto incredously, eyes wide open. Not that Naruto had said anything special, it was the tone he spoke with what surprised him. Naruto, The stupid knucklehead ninja had always been filled with an apparent endless energy. Even when he was dead tired he spoke in with a confident and strong tone. Now, however, he seemed to have been deprived of his energy. He looked tired, exhausted even, and according with the Hokage he had only been making low ranked missions. Why did he look so tired?

"Hello! Earth to Sasuke! Come in Sasuke!" Said Naruto as he waved a hand in front of the Uchiha. He had been watching him as if he had seen a ghost, with his eyes wide open. Naruto shrugged and walked past him, too tired to deal with anything at the moment. Sasuke seemed to snap out of whatever trance he was in and return to his old cold self. He put a hand on the young Kitsune´s shoulder to stop him. Naruto simply looked back at him, eyes half closed with an expression that screamed just let me go to sleep´.

"Let´s talk", was all Sasuke said as he jumped trough the buildings in direction of training field 7. Naruto snorted loudly as he lazily followed him.

"Mind telling me where we are going?" asked the blonde. "Our old training field", answered Sasuke bluntly as they jumped from building to building. Upon hearing the needed information Naruto stopped, looked around, launched a strangely marked kunai in direction of the field, made some hand seals, muttered a lazy Funno no Hiraishin´ and disappeared from sight. Sasuke stood there dumfounded until he decided to ask him later and ran as fast as he could towards the training field. When he arrived he saw Naruto supporting himself on the very same peace of wood he had once been tied up to.

"Brings back old memories, huh?" whispered the blonde. "Sure does", answered Sasuke. "As for your question, I learned the technique in Suna; some weird guy insisted for a month that I should learn it, so after that time I gave in and learned it. Phe, turns out it's quiet useful" said Naruto in a bored tone, munch to Sasuke´s annoyance. "Now, what did you wanted to talk ab-?"

"Why aren't you angry at me?" asked Sasuke flatly. He had been wanting to ask that question for 2 weeks now, and now that he finally had a chance, he would obtain his answers. Naruto just looked at him strangely. "Huh? What do you mean?" asked the confused fox. Sasuke exploded. He grabbed Naruto by his collar and started yelling at his face.

"Stop acting stupid, dammit! I tried to kill you, I turned my back to this village, I told you your friendship meant nothing, I put a fucking Chidori through your chest, gotdammit, I hurt Sakura´s feelings! Why do you hate them and not me?! What the hell makes me so special?!" He shouted in utter rage. He eyes even turned crimson for a moment. He was now looking down, panting, his grip still strong in Naruto´s shirt. His chest felt lighter the moment he finished, finally he had asked him, well, rather demanded him what he had wanted to know so bad. Now the only thing he needed was the answer.

Naruto sighed and looked at his friend. "Phe, stupid Sasuke-teme" he muttered and he released himself from his grip. Sasuke looked at him questionally. "Whether you wanted to or not, you treated me like a person, besides Iruka-sensei and old man Hokage you were the first person to actually acknowledge my existence" he sighed once again and looked at his raven haired friend, who for the first time looked eager to listen to what he had to say. Told you to always bring a camera with you´ said Kyuubi, who was currently bored out of his mind.

Naruto chuckled softly and continued. "Sakura was always by your side, always supporting you, always complementing you, and Kakashi was always teaching you new stuff while he treated me as nothing more than a bother" he said darkly, anger slowly rising in his voice. "Do you know what it feels like to have the person you care about the most treat you like a plague!? Huh!? Do you know what it feels like to always be seen as burden, as an obstacle, as a pest, huh, do you!? He screamed, his voice and eyes filled with rage. "Sakura was always by your side, no matter how hard I tried to get her attention; she just called me annoying and kept gawking at you, no matter how hard I tried I never was worthy enough to Kakashi, his only concern was you. Everyone loved you and everyone hated me." Said Naruto, his head bowed and his fists clenched. Suddenly, he relaxed, and smiled at Sasuke.

"But then again, you never asked for that attention, you are the last Uchiha after all, is only logical you got all the attention, and I'm the Kyuubi brat, so everyone hated me for it. And as far as your abandonment and all that crap goes, well, I can understand your hunger for power and your hate for your brother, besides, here you are in Konoha, which means you got back to your senses, or better said, I punched you back to your senses!" he smirked as Sasuke sweatdropped. He then looked down, a pained expression in his face. "Sakura was only nice to me so that I would bring you back, and the proof is that when I brought you back she did nothing but berate, scream, hit or simply ignore me" he admitted, still looking away. "He, she even slapped me when I brought you back. She didn´t even come visit me in the hospital, and neither did Kakashi" said the blonde angrily. Finally he looked at Sasuke, who had a blank expression on his face.

"Tell her she can talk to me if she wants, I don't really care right now" he said as he started walking away. "It was nice talking to you, teme, see ya!" said the young Kitsune as he disappeared.

Sasuke stood there, analyzing their conversation, which led to 3 conclusions. 1. he was obviously very angry at Sakura, and frankly, he had all the right to be so angry, 2. The blonde had matured incredibly and 3. He would have to explain their conversation to Sakura, which meant hours and hours of conversation. She would surely want to know every little detail of their talk, and she would not leave him alone until she was satisfied. Sighing in defeat Sasuke looked at the dark sky, with only one thought coming to his head.

Why me…?´


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