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'I was an idiot to think I would always stay by his side. Now I'm sitting on a bed waiting for the moment to come. I wonder how he is going to react when they tell him the news. I can only imagine it, because I won't be able to see it. I sometimes wonder why go has to punish me like this. Its five till four time is going fast. He is sitting by me as he had promised; he is tired I know that for sure. I smiled at him and he smiles back while looking at me with those eyes of his. He is happy but would he be smiling after…after I'm gone. Its two till four time is going faster then I thought. I wonder how much longer I have to wait. Finally is four time has come, by my love. I smiled at him as he smiled back at me.' She thought as the nurse took her away.

(After a while…)

"Sorry we couldn't do anything."

"What are you talking about? Where is she? Where are my babies?"

"Sorry sir her last wish was for you to keep this. Don't worry your babies are ok."

Sorry it's to short. I really hope you enjoy it.