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Italic Mizuki's writing.

Normal Sano remembering what he and Mizuki said.

Bold Sano now days (present)

Mizuki's Diary

Entry 5

Dear Diary,

It has been two years since I wrote to you. Today I'm writing to told you that I'm getting marry next week. Sano came 3 months ago and asked for my hand old style and that made my parents look at him as if he was ok. They look at me asked me if that's what I wanted and I nod. I'm so HAPPY! I wanted to stay with Sano…but my parents said no.

Also, when I told my mom I wanted to have children she got sad. I wondered why…so I decided to go see a doctor. Sano went with me and what we found out was not good. The doctor said that I had a disease and that if I had kids I might die once I give birth to them. Sano got worry, but try not to show it.

After a week from our visit to the doctor Sano set the date for our weeding. A sad thing is that when I asked him how many kids he wanted he avoids the question by saying something else.

- Well I need to go

I'll come later!

-A week later-

"Mizuki, please get ready" her mother said.

"Yes…mother what time is it?" Mizuki asked. She was getting ready for her wedding. She had her hair long and pretty. She was wearing a white dress with light blue roses around her waist.

"It's time to go" her mother said. Mizuki got on the car and they drove to the church where the ceremony was going to take place. When she entered she was surprise to see all her friends from her old school. After the ceremony there was a party, and after the party she and Sano went to their house.

Dear Diary,

It has pass six months since I marry Sano. A month later I found out I was pregnant. I'm five months pregnant now…Sano sometimes looks sad and I understand why. He is afraid to loss me…he is afraid that I die. I have asked him but he avoids the question. He takes me every where. I'm happy…if we are together I don't care about anything, and let god choose whether I die or live.

"Mizuki let's go" Sano said as he enter his and Mizuki's house.

"Going!" Mizuki said.

Well better get going. Bye…maybe I'll write in you soon.

Sano close the diary and before he said a word the two kids said, "That was a wonderful story daddy!" Sano smiled at them. His daughter looked like Mizuki but had his hair color. His son looked like him but had Mizuki's hair color.

"Daddy was mom pretty?" is daughter asked.

"Yes, Mizuki she looked just like you" Sano said still smiling.

"Do you have a picture of her?" His son asked.

"Yes Izumi" Sano said as he took out a picture of Mizuki and show it to his kids.

"She really is PRETTY!" Both of Sano's kids exclaim as they grab their mother's picture.

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