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Sasuke: just turned 17, Naruto draged his ass back to Konoha. Hinata:16:the same why she looks after the time skip just like Sasuke! Little Sasuke:5 the way he looks right before Itachi killed the clan.

chapter: one

"Step right there Sasuke"

Tsunade pointed to a spot in the room, he went. It had only been one week here in konoha and he already wanted to leave, but Sasuke couldn't. He didn't feel very good standing infront of a little hole in the wall that showed the girls bathroom.

"You might want to close your eyes" Just then a bright light appeard under Tsunades hand, to late, Sasuke's eyes wonderd over the bright light. Big mistake.

"Carp! Thats-"

"Sasuke I told you not to look!"

"... so? Nobody listens to old people anyway" They glared at each other, not noticing the little blushing figure that came out of the bright light.

"U-um, what h-happend?"Both Tsunade's and Sasuke's eyes shot at the little blue haired boy who stared at them.

"... is that-!?" Sasuke's eyes widend as the figure ran to him. Tsunade knew axactly what was going on... since Sasuke looked at the bright light it didn't turn him into a little kid, it brought the little Sasuke here!

"Whats going on..?"

"DADDY!" Little Sasuke ran to him and hugged him, leaving the real one confused as he stared down at 'it'.

"Aw, how cute, he thinks your his dwady"Tsunade mocked him. Sasuke just glared at her.

"Shut-up"Just when he was going to say somthing, the door bursted open , Hinata came in .

"Ts-tsunade-s-sama! A-a-are y-you ok?"


Can somone think of a jappanies name at the end of little Sasukes name? Like Hinata-chan, but thats for girls. And please reveiw!