Hey everyone another Rebecca story and I've got to say this one is my favorite. It gets really good in the second or third chapter depending on how much I type in each. I hope you like it.

Leaving Home

I climbed onto the charter bus at 5:30 a.m. for a vocal trip. Even though it was extremely early, on a Saturday, I was really hyper. The reason for the mysteries hyper-ness is because we were going to HOLLWOOD!

"Hey Becca, back here! I saved you a seat." Madison said

"Ok Madison. Ow… Why did you chose the seat the farthest in the back?" I said.

"Because we can do anything we want." Madison said.

" I see what you mean. Hi Michael." I said finally getting back there.

"Hi Rebecca, are you are ready to go back to Hollywood." Michael said

"I think, thank you Michael, for being considerate." I continued to talk to Madison and Michael until our next stop.

Every time we stopped; we only stopped long enough to eat or go to the restroom. Once we sang for a restaurant and got free ice cream! We were about three hours away and a set of tires blew. So we had to wait for them to get fixed.

Authors Note: The trip is actually like five days, but I didn't want to write that much. They stay for a full week and have the same amount of days coming back. So the trip is actually 17 days, so you can see why I had to shorten it. I wrote this for a heads up. You will learn more about Rebecca. Also if you read the other story this Rebecca is different. In each story I wrote I use the same name and some of the same people, but it is totally different. Any questions, just ask.

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