Summary : this is my take on Judy's rape if she was in a relationship with Tom I love those two together


This is my very first fan fic please be responsive but gentle :)

wow Capt. Look at Judy she is absolutely beaming up on that stage. Tom knows that he can't be too out there about his feelings for the secret love of his life the new Det. Judy Hoffs. Wow I cant wait until we celebrate in my own special way tonight he thinks to himself. Considering he zones out of her Det. ceremony he didn't even realize that everyone else was cheering and applauding the end of the service, so he quickly jumped to his feet along side of Doug and Fuller.

The chapel the next day

Good morning Doug, Judy exclaims as she seems to appear out of nowhere while he and tom are arguing about the amount of time Harry spends in rehab. Tom didn't want to seem to eager to speak considering he just left her place 3hrs before hand. Before Doug even has a chance to respond completely, Fuller bellows through the chapel JUDY & TOM ! GET IN HERE! Judy almost jumps out of skin and Tom is too tense to look her way. Good morning Capt. Judy says as she and Tom sit at his desk. Look I am not in a good mood the one thing I don't want to hear about this early in the a.m is college kids , med students no less blowing there brains away on coke! Wow that's scary I wouldn't want to be there patient jokes Tom as Fuller rolls his eyes in disgust. Look here jokester you are going in as a janitor on campus that way you can have access to all rooms as well as supplies I want to know how they are making it. That's if they are making it points out Judy, good point states Fuller That's why you Judy are the newest med student on campus. Get in tight will this guy Evan Roberts, he is very close friends with the group that we believe is supplying the student body. No problem for the new Det. Tom points out Judy in return winks at her new love while Fuller is rambling on and on her being the apple of his eye. Well That's all for know you two go in tomorrow morning the sooner we crack this the better. Now get going you two.

Judy's apt. that night

I think we need to take a break tonight don't you? Judy asked Tom I don't wanna and you can't make me Tom joked while tickling Judy on her sofa. Stop it I am serious you and I need to get our heads right for this case and the last thing I need is bags under my eyes when I try to get in with Evan Roberts. Hey hold it I am glad that I get to be so close to you on this case but how close do you plan on getting with this Evan guy? Down boy I am going to do what needs to be done to get to center of this drug ring. To a certain extent right Judy? Of course calm down those green eyed monsters of yours, and go home before I change my mind cutie! She walks tom to the door and kisses him goodnight, I will see you on campus in the morning he says to her as he pins her against the wall by her door the sexual tension between them is so intense that she uses all of willpower to kiss him and That's all. GOODNIGHT TOM! GO HOME YOU CAN LIVE ONE NIGHT WITHOUT "IT"! well if That's the way you want it I guess I gotta go he says sexily as he opens the door. Judy blows him one more kiss as she closes the door. He is a nut but he's my nut she says to herself as she climbs in the bed to tries to get a good night sleep her first one since they have been together. My first case as Det . Starts tomorrow and damn I am ready.