Stand By Your Man


Fuller's office was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Both Fuller and Hanson stood there together staring at Judy as if they where trying to figure out what her reaction was. She could feel their eyes on her.

"Uh I am fine so you two can stop eyeballing me please thank you."

Tom could tell by her sarcasm that she was ok. She flopped down in one of Fuller's chairs.

"Judy are you sure you are ok?"

"Yes Captian I am fine and you know what I am going to do? I am going to look at this in a different light. I am not gonna run out in the middle paperwork, or a miss a days pay, or call out sick and hide at home, no I am just glad this whole Evan shit is really and truly done."

"That's some Bullshit they pulled Jude and we all know it!" Tom paced back and forth and wound up in the corner next to Fuller's file cabnet, one his favorite places to sulk at in Fuller's office.

"Tom listen to me look at it from my point of view. No more phone tapping, no more surveillance, no more babysitting me, or watching my very move. I am just glad it's over. Can't you see the relief that comes with this?"

"Uh if I may interject Hanson. I can see where she is coming from."

Fuller quietly made his opinion known.

"Don't get me wrong in our line of work, we always have to watch our backs, and be cautious. But this is one less stress on her and you, and all of us for that matter."

Fuller waited quietly for a response. Tom knew that they both made perfect sense, but in his mind he could not get past Dennis and his whole demeanor. There was something about him that didn't sit well with Hanson. Hanson was always the jelous overprotective type when it came to Judy. Even before they found each other in the relationship way.

"From this point on no more Evan, Dennis, and Uncle Fucker can we agree on that Tom?"

She waited quietly for his response.

"If that what you want that is what I will try to do for you."

"Thanks Tom all I can do is ask that you try. Why don't you go tell the guys that all is well."

She gave him a look that let him know all was well he could always read her body language, whether they on a tense case & undercover, or making love face to face. With that thought he and she both walked out and returned to the desks to fill everybody else in.

"Hey I tell you what Jude why don't you and Tom let us treat for some drinks tonight you know to celebrate."

"Aww that is so sweet Doug thank you. I don't mind at all do you Hanson?"

She asked him as they all stared and waited for a response.

"Naw it's sounds like a plan to me if you are up for it so am I." He knew she needed a change of hell they all needed one.

Adam, Harry, Doug, Sal, Tom,& Judy spent hours sitting at there favorite bar to most it was just a local bar but really it was the most popular wind down joint in the city for local cops. Everyone knew everyone & trusted everyone. The owner was a retired cop he along with his wife where really good friends with Jenko. So right smack over the bar was a huge picture of Jenko when he and the owner Jeff graduated from the academy together. So the gang always felt welcome and love when they went there. Adam was welcomed with open arms there too.

"To Evan Roberts!" Judy bellowed as she rasied one of her many beer bottles.

"May he forever rot right along with his shitbag uncle! Because I know I damn sure don't want to ever hear his name ever again in life! Oh yea how could I forget may he also enjoy being BIG BRUNO'S BITCH ON CELLBLOCK "E"!"

That last part was enough to make everyone roar in laughter. Poor Doug shot beer out his nose clean into Harry's hair.

Judy knew then that everything was gonna be alright she had the love and support of her partners, friends & family. She had Tom's love to forever keep her warm enticed and enthraled in him. Just then she looked up at the top of the bar and drifted into her thoughts, while Harry blasted Doug for the beer shower and Adam, Sal, & Tom looked on with amusement. She quietly in her own mind cried for him as she stared at his picture. She longed to hear his hipped out voice bellowing through the chapel. She knew he was in a better place but yet and still she knew he was with her and all of them around her table. She stood up quietly which of course caught everyones attiention at the table. She then rasied her bottle. Almost immedeatly they all followed her eyes at once they knew what she was doing. What seemed like immediatly she was joined by all of them in a toast and salute to him.

"To Captian Jenko Without him there would be no us!" she spoke clearly and loudely everyone follwed behind her.