Prologue: To Remake the Universe

"Come out and play, my Queen wife," says a laughing mans voice. "I mean you no harm, at this time." The man walks down the hall looking and listening for any noises, which would tell him where his wife is. He carries a rapier and dagger, ready for anything.

Heavy breathing and whimpering is heard ahead. As the man inches closer, the noise gets louder from a broom closet. The King of the Earth, Darien, opens the door quickly, startling the Queen, Serenity, to scream.

"I have found you, Wife it is now time to pay for the sins against the laws of Nature and Man." Grinning evilly, Darien starts to bring down his dagger to plunge it into the heart of the Serenity. However, times seem to slow to a crawl and stops.

From the deep within the deepest dungeon, two supporters of the queen finish their spell. "To save our Great Queen, from the hatred and greed of the King. To send her to the love of her life. We call upon Cronos, to give us your blessings, to stop time. We call upon Saturn, the planet of life and death; to give us your blessings, to give this Universe Death and Remake it in the way of our prayers. Give our Great Queen the True Love she has always wanted and dreamed." The two girls, in sailor uniforms cross their staffs. One of the staffs is a Purple and Silver Glaive and the other looks like an Ice Blue time key with a garnet orb. Together the Princess' of Saturn and Pluto bring their staffs crashing down. Ending that universe and starting anew.