I do not own Starless Night, any of the characters, or Vincent, Starless Night belongs to Robert Salvatore and Vincent belongs to Josh Groban...

Starless Night

Starless, starless night
City so devoid of light
Home of the Do'Urden knight
The darkness could not hold back a soul so bright

You will understand, what you've come to mean, to me
And how you saved me from insanity
When from Tarterus you saved me

We did not listen, but I do now
And I will bring you back, somehow
Through battle, and bitter row
And on out of the city of the drow

They don't understand, and I do not care, at all
Friends like you are very rare
My love for you, they do not share
And so, my grief for them I will not spare

They did not listen, and so I fought
And in the end twas all for not
For by Jarlaxle, I was caught
And to Bregan Daerthe, I was then brought

Starless, starless night
City of eternal fright
Land of deadly strength and might
Where my dear friend is in a dire plight

I don't understand, what is going on, down here
Jarlaxle is a man of fear
And yet is the only kind voice that I hear

Entreri listened and now we flee
Off to set Do'Urden free
Facing the Baenre army
And I will bring my Drizzt right back to me

Starless, starless night
Our escape was very tight
Covered by a stalactite
And now we have escaped into the light

Oh Drizzt Do'Urden
Never was there another meant to live up here, more then you...