Twenty-six Lines, the Span of a Life

Description: Kimimaro's life in 26 lines, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Agony laced fingers clawed at the bars.

Begging for them to let him out.

Confinement made Kimimaro's body and mind ache.

'Don't let him free' the voices nearby whispered.

Everyone turned away and ignored him.

Forgotten in the darkness, the boy claws at the dirt.

Gazing at his blooded hands, he laughed.

Here vivid red met his eyes when all else was the shade of earth.

Inking the ground in his blood, he passed the time.

Just then a commotion broke out and his cell was opened.

Killing was the task at hand, he was necessary.

Long after the child's clan perished, he wandered aimlessly.

Meeting the strange man from before, who spoke even stranger words.

'Never mind that there is no meeting to life.

One can always find something enjoyable while living.

Perhaps you would like to come with me and find something you like.'

Questioning eyes turned to eyes of devotion, as the boy heard all the words.

Running after the man, Kimimaro saw happiness for the first time.

Soon days past blissfully by, as Orochimaru dreamed of immortality and Kimimaro dreamed of Orochimaru.

Too soon the boy fell ill, and the dream was lost.

Underneath the medic's veil, the boy slowly faded away.

Victim of an unknown disease, eating away his body.

Was it the bloodline limit, after him for his overuse?

X-rays showed his bones to be normal, even healthier then a regular person.

Yet he laid wasting away, not a prisoner of a cell, but of his own body.

Zero time, but no regrets for his devotion.