My first story in the SSB section. Anyway, it's pretty short, but it's just the first chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Start Playing

"Stop, no!"

"It's for your own good, now shut up!"

"Get that away-"

"Hold it! Enough!"

"Stop or I'll fire, you worthless imbeciles!"

"Assuming you're the one who did this to us, you should stop!"

"Mister, don't, please! Don't do it!"

"Us two will have no witnesses alive by the time we reach public!"

"Stop! Stop!"

"Tell me! Tell me now, where is it?"


"Stop it!"

"I said to get away!"

"Let go of it!"



The advertisement was known vastly throughout the different places of the world. Television, radio, computer, billboards, and even posters being hung all over the towns in each different division. Asking someone if they knew or had head about such would always have a reply of: yes.

But the advertisement for the game was shown worldwide for only a week, and had suddenly disappeared in all places, leaving no trace of it behind. People visited the places where they knew there were advertising of the game, but even when they went to visit a large wall where the advertisement was written in colorful graffiti, or to expect to still see the advertisement on a certain billboard, they always found something else. Many had their advertisement flier on their dinner table or bedroom, only to discover that for some, very strange and disturbing reason, it wasn't there.

It was a mystery to people. Many assumed it was cancelled. Most forgot about it. But not those certain people in the Super Smash Brothers Manor. They still had one of the rare, advertisement fliers which was photocopied three times by a special person. They still had the phone number to apply, and read the rules of only nine people able to enter. Only nine people filled out the form and sent it by mail, promising a secret that they wouldn't tell the others who were unaware of such a game. The prize, the flier said, was 300,000 coins.

They each got a letter back, saying to go to Rogueport at five o'clock straight in the morning, no earlier or later ten minutes. Each letter was exactly the same, and each had a message at the end:

First person to arrive gets the point. I'll be waiting.

They fought through their fears and minds, and needed every second to win as only three people had reached the final goal. The others had fallen prey to the sick mind of the host. But they all had in a way, even those who managed to survive the torturous frenzy of violence and determination. Determination to live. But it all began with these sentences:



"Well, I guess the game starts in that building, since there is a sign pointed to it." Samus sighed heavily, feeling her aching back. She had worn her Power Suit for much too long the previous night.

"What time is it?" Pit asked. "I took the train to come here."

"The last time I checked," Samus replied, "It was almost five in the morning." They both simutaneously looked at the door, with the sign "Game Starts Here" pointed directly at it. Rogueport was completely empty. The waves splashed against the docks nearby.

"Everyone is asleep now."

"Should we enter...?"

"Let's go."

They went to the door, and nervously turned the knob open the wooden door. Then, Pit pushed it open to reveal a dull, small room, as Samus entered immediately. On the table were maps, papers, and remotes. There were harnesses piled all over in the corner of the room, and on a seperate desk, there was a transparent control pad full of buttons and levers with lights flashing off and on. Before any of them could examine any of the unusual devices, a sneeze shot out from behind the wall across from them, making the two players jump in surprise. Pit took out an arrow from his pocket and faced it towards the wall, but Samus held his arm down.

"Wait," she told him.

"We shouldn't wait," came the voice from behind the wall. "The Skilling Game has already begun."

I'll try to udate when I'm actually able get my hands on my father's laptop. Anyway, hope you liked it!