Chronicles of Narnia: Remnants of a darkened mirror.

Shortly before Narnia's destruction in the last battle a few renegade Narnians managed to escape into our world…

They have been here ever since…


Whiplash the wolf alpha male had been at one time long, long ago commanding one the many regiments that were finally on the verge of overthrowing Aslan and the hated human king out of Narnia for good or so they thought…

Instead he barely had time to escape with a few of his best soldiers and other Narnians into the world called Earth where the hated humans came from in the first place.

And a more awful place it could not have been. Not only was it ruled by humans whom he loathed but also the animals in Earth were dumb brutes that possessed no self awareness as those from his long gone homeworld were. His other Narnian companions included a few Minotaurs, Humboldts and an ambitious renegade Faun named Cromwald and as much as he despised most of his kind as well. Had it not been for Cromwald's ability as a faun to enchant humans they probably would have not survived for long. Cromwald using his magic illusion had managed to learn about something called Wall Street and become rich as a result by further investing in Nightclubs all across the outskirts of New York City. Which he controlled in his lavished mansion under the assumed name of Cromwell's Entertainment. Now Whiplash looked on from the observation lounge at the crowd dancing the night away below on the dance floor of one of their main nightclubs "Look at them Cromwald so self absorbed. How is it that such a pathetic species even had a chance to somehow defeat the white witch so long ago is inconceivable"
Cromwald nodded "Indeed but it is something we intend to correct once and for all. Narnia is gone but we will remake it in our own image right in this world, but for that we will need to weaponize the substance that we recovered from Jadis own wand! No doubt Gorgon's blood"
"Makes sense…" Whiplash added "It's the only thing that could turn living beings into stone as that wand of hers did"
"Yes well, we are still missing some components that you are still due to procure"
Whiplash snarled back "Just worry about fulfilling your end and I will fulfill mine Faun"
"Tsk, Tsk... Have you forgotten who is in charge here?" Cromwald asked indignant

Whiplash sighed deeply as he responded "I have not Sire"
"Good, because none of you would even be alive had it not been for my skills. Don't forget that!" Cromwald said confidently.
"Can I go now?" Whiplash asked humbly and against all his instincts.
"You are dismissed see to it that the materials are obtained." Cromwald replied as he went to the window to watch the action on the dance floor below.
Whiplash got out of the room as he simply replied "Aye sir"
One of his subordinates asked him "For how much longer do we have to tolerate that insufferable Faun"
"Don't worry once we get rid of the humans in this planet. I will personally crush all his bones!" Whiplash answered with a cruel look on his eyes.