My Vogon Poem

Here is my horrible Vogon poem:

I flibilize your crimpinfizzle!

Coronate the Frankensteins!

Krill the horga-diza-mibble

And trilobite the dergonblintze!

So if you torbidize the dibble

Kingothon the morgansties,

And horinsate the colga-mibble,

Then coriskate the forgenmisters!

And kralk the gorgomister, see if I don't!

Unless you horbilize your megadonkeys,

I will snoodle you on a cramba Aruraqna-turgle!

So creampithon your smelvs to your tkelvs

And whorimate a roge/kmervs!

I should trilgimize the dribble!

Kingiqate the flotypies.

You better feed the bugblatters

Unless you want a canntrollupation . . .

Do it NOW, you moron!

Vogon poetry is 3rd worst in the galaxy, and they know it.