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Choices May Change

Kate must chose between Sawyer and Jack before leaving the island.

Chapter 1

"Kate Austen, after years of searching for you, you were right here on this island."

"What are you talking about?"

Kate rubbed her eyes hoping that this was fake. When she brought her hands down from her eyes the marshal looked like he did the moment he died.

"Kate you must chose now!" spoke the marshal.

"Chose what?"

Kate stumbled out of her sleep, her face sweating, coming to realize that it was all a dream; she sat up and walked out of her makeshift tent. She started thinking, what the dream could have meant. Not paying attention, she walked right into Sawyer's tent.

"Well hello, Freckles." Said a surprised Sawyer.

Realizing the known southern voice stopped Kate's thoughts.

"Oh. Hi." Blushed Kate.

"So what brings you to my tent? Did the doc ask you to come get someth'n from me?"

"Not really."

"Did you come here to see me?"

"Well…I…um…" stuttered Kate.

"Yes?" Questioned Sawyer.

"Well… I had a weird dream last night and I was trying to figure it out and I stumbled into here." Uttered Kate.

"Oh. Well what was your dream about?"

"Oh nothing you would understand."

Sawyer stared at Kate trying to find out why she wasn't telling him this. In his own mind he stated, 'Maybe Kate had a dream about me that she is not willing to share or maybe someth'n stupid and she thinks I'll laugh at her.' So he blurted,

"If you tell me then I'll be able to tell if I understand it or not."

Kate shook her head, and turned to leave.

"Hey Freckles, wait up."

With that Sawyer got up and chased Kate out the tent. Waiting until she was ready to talk Sawyer walked along Kate down and up the beach.

From when Kate was with Sawyer in his tent, Jack was looking for her. From the caves to the spot where Kate's tent lays, Jack noticed Kate down the beach walking with Sawyer.

"Sawyer stop asking me to tell you. If I figure it out and it is something you can know I will come and tell you, ok?" smiled Kate.

"Fi…" Started Sawyer, but was interrupted by Jack.

"Kate is he bothering you?" questioned Jack.

"Actually he is, but it's fine." Smirked Kate.

Jack ignored the last part and turned to Sawyer with a wrathful look on his face.

"I thought we told you to leave her alone!" Yelled Jack.

"Jack it is fine he isn't a problem right now." Said Kate using only a loud enough voice for Sawyer and Jack to hear.

"Then why do you look confused slash mad?" queried Jack.

Kate just stared at Jack then at Sawyer then shacking her head she took a deep breath and said,

"Guys ask all the same questions or a question that has the same subject as another question."

"What do you mean by that?" questioned jack searching for a helpful answer.

"Ask Sawyer." Stated Kate.

"She had some dream and doesn't know the meaning of it and that is why she looks that way. And don't ask what the dream is because she won't tell anyone." Hinted Sawyer.

Kate had already walked away before Sawyer even said this. She walked right over to Claire who was now watching Jack and Sawyer argue about something.

"Hey Claire."

"Hey Kate. Kate why are they fighting?"

"I really don't know."

"Oh. Um… I was talking to Sun and we wanted to do a couples night with us two and you but,"

"I don't have someone yeah I know. It is hard to chose between Jack and Sawyer."

"What are their qualities?"

"Well Jack is hot, and is nice, a good guy; but he would be can overprotect someone too much; now Sawyer he is hot too, he is a bad boy but he acts nice to me, and he wouldn't overprotect me unless I need it." Stated a confused Kate.

"Well you have those choices."

Kate thought to herself wondering who to chose when it clicked that is what her dream meant. The answer was in front of her the whole time. Now that, that is off her shoulders she just has to pick between Sawyer and Jack.