Challenge #1 – SG1/Buffy Cross 'bunny

Author's Note: This is the first in a series of challenges that won't leave me alone. Basically, I have several beginnings to, outlines of, or ideas for a story, but nothing else, and I don't feel I can do them justice on my own. I thought I'd put them out there for other authors to take a look at, and hey, maybe we'll wind up with several versions of each. Needless to say, I wouldn't mind reading them, so if you do pick one up let me know, either through a review, PM, or email, and I'll list it in my profile.

All right, this one is more of a plotbunny than an actual outline-type challenge, but here it is. In the episode "Seth" during Stargate: SG1's first season, there is a character named Jason Levinson, whose son Tommy Levinson has been brainwashed into a cult lead by a Goa'uld. SG1 saves the day, etc, but here's the interesting bit: in Buffy, there is a certain character whose name is also Levinson. What if they were related somehow? Jonathon even looks somewhat like them, although granted, it's mostly a matter of having dark hair. There is something around the nose, though.

So, there it is. I've seen quite a few crossovers where someone in each 'world' turns out to be a relation, several even plausible, but not many where the names actually match, and none I can think of involving minor characters on both sides. Of course that makes it a bit more involved to bring everything together, but the nature and length of the cross is entirely up to you. Are they long-lost twins separated at birth, or fourth cousins once removed? Is it a small exchange of letters about their respective strange experiences ("Yeah, dudes with glowing eyes are just bad news, man.") or does Tommy come to visit and inadvertantly reveal the existance of Goa'uld to the gang ("So, right, you expect me to believe that a race of alien tapeworms want to take over the world and enslave us all?" "Says the girl with a portal to hell under her school…")? It's your choice, as is whatever happens afterward. I just thought it was too good a coincidence to pass up.

Happy writing!