The Crossroads

Reality and Truth

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Ed awoke and groggily sat up. 'Where's Harry?' he thought. 'Oh, no. Where am I?'


Edward jumped and looked to the right of him. Sitting in a chair next to the bed he was in, was Winry and standing beside her was Alphonse.

"Al! Winry! Where have you guys been? I've been looking for you everywhere." Ed was about to ask about Harry, but then thought that perhaps they didn't know him.

"What do you mean, Ed? We've been here this entire time since you blacked out yesterday. Al had to carry you here." Winry had a look of pity and concern on her face that Ed found rather annoying.

"What do you mean, Winry? I blacked out?" Ed was getting flustered. 'Was it all a dream? No, it can't be. It was too real.'

"Are you okay, Brother?" Even though Al couldn't make a face, Ed could of sworn his helmet held an emotion of concern and worry.

"I'm okay, Al. I must of had a dream..." Ed wearily slumped back onto the pillows and draped his auto-mail arm lazily over his eyes. 'Yep. A dream. My arm will never be normal, nor my leg. Oh, Al..I am so sorry.'

"Are you sure you're okay brother?" Al repeated.

"Yes, Al. I'm fine. Hey, where are we anyway?"

"In 'The Crossroads of the Worlds' inn, just off of Majick Road." Winry answered, biting her lip.

"Stay here. I want to talk to the landlord about this place."

Winry and Alphonse looked at each other, but didn't say a thing when Ed pulled on his shoes and left the room.

Harry woke to sunlight in his face. His eyes not open, he tried to catch the last few strands of happiness that he had felt the night before, with the short, blonde man, not kid. He smiled into the pillow he was clutching to his chest.

"You all right, mate?" Ronald Weasley's blurry face came into view as Harry sat up quickly.

"Ron? Where's Hermione? How did you get here?" Harry was a tad confused and he hated to be confused, if only just a little.

"Relax, Harry." Harry had been breathing heavily and looking around, panic the only expression on his face. "Hermione went to the town just down Alkamee Road."

"Where are we now?"

"Just at this old inn, uncannily called 'The Crossroads of the Worlds'. Weird, huh?"

Harry sat there dumbfounded. Is that what those words had done? Were they an incantation that had sent him into another world he wasn't even aware of? Harry started searching his bed covers for something.

"Looking for these?" Ron held out Harry's glasses and Harry put them on, his fingers trailing down his scar, which was prickling now.

"Hey, Ron?"

"Yeah, Harry?"

"Where did you say Hermione went?"

"Just down the road."

"Well, let's go find her. I need to ask her something." Harry pushed himself out of bed and pulled Ron through the door after pulling his sneakers on hastily. Ron didn't question, he just looked at Harry and allowed himself to be steered through the door.

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Winry and Al followed at a distance as Edward bolted downstairs as fast as he could go without tripping. Winry and Al exchanged a glance and picked up the pace.

"Where is that damn landlord?" Ed yelled as he reached the bar. He pounded on the bar with his auto mail arm and yelled, "Is there anybody in this god forsaken inn? Landlord! Bartender! Hello?" After several minutes of hollering and yammering, a short, dumpy type of man came out of a back room, his hat askew and still in his nightclothes.

"Okay, okay, young feller, what's all this blabbing and shouting about?" The man yawned widely, scratching his chin with one hand and stretching the other.

"What took you so long? Oh, never mind that. Do you know anything about those crossroads that we traveled to? I said something out loud and then I blacked out. What...the...hell..happened?" Ed was fighting the urge to strike this man, who stood with an impassive expression on his face.

"Follow me, young man. This is not for the ears of those who did not experience what you have."

Ed looked at the landlord questioningly, but the man just turned around and led Edward to another room. "I'll be back in a little bit. Just wait for me." Edward looked at Al and Winry, then followed the man. "You may call me Nicholas. Or Nick. But do not tell others my name," the man said in a husky whisper. Once the door was closed, Nick sat down and motioned for Ed to sit opposite him. Edward warily sat down and only then did Nicholas speak again.

"Okay, Edward. Tell me how you came to be at those crossroads, what you said and what happened after you spoke."

How does this...this..Nick, know my name? Thought Ed. Perhaps he heard my name. Ed began his story, of how he had traveled down Majick Road, looking for a place to sleep for a night because Winry, Al and him couldn't find a place to stay for the day. Next he told of looking at the map, then saying what the map read. Here, Nick interrupted and asked, "Do you recall what these words were?" To which Ed answered, "I don't remember, but I think that it said, 'These are the crossroads of Alkamee and Majick.' Something like that."

"I see," said Nick. "I believe that was a incantation of sorts. Some old magic always lingers near crossroads. This Inn itself is old. Very old. Some people can sense the magic in these parts."

"Magic? There is no such thing as magic. There is only science and alchemy."

"Ed, that may be true in this world, but you know yourself that our world is not the only one. Continue your story and do not lie, do not skip anything and do not be embarrassed. I have heard many stories of what has happened at those crossroads." Nicholas leaned back and got comfortable.

"Okay, but it was really strange. You see, I had my arm and leg back. They were actual flesh and bone again." Ed continued his story, pausing here and there, backtracking once in a while when he got ahead of himself. When he got to the part where Harry had jammed him in the back with a long stick, Nick once again interrupted.

"Ed, don't you see?" When Edward continued to have a blank look on his face, Nick explained, "That was his wand. You use transmutation circles and he uses a wand and incantations. That was his weapon."

"Are you kidding me?"

"Not at all." Nick chuckled a little at the stunned look on Ed's face.

Ed continued his story and blushed when he recalled that he cried in front of Harry and how he just gave himself to passion as the boy embraced him and made him feel clean and wanted. Thinking back, Ed realized that he didn't even worry about Alphonse or Winry. He told Nick of this and Nick took a while to answer.

"I told you there was magic in those crossroads. Part of that ancient magic allows people to live in the moment and forget their recent problems. It makes people relive their memories of anguish, then a great feeling of loneliness overtakes the person. It causes them to want to be comforted. Tell me more of what occurred."

Ed continued, not giving too much detail to what happened in the bedroom. But he told of how he didn't think, how he wanted that feeling more than ever. He then finished off, telling Nicholas of how they fell asleep together and how he woke up in this inn.

"Hmm..the magic wore off then. I am sorry my boy, for all the pain you must have had to relive, probably vividly. You now know why you appeared in that place, why you acted like you did and how you came to be back here. Any questions?"

"Of course I have questions old man! What was that place I was in? Why was Harry there, too? And just how did I get back here? And how do you know all of this? Will I ever-"

"Slow down, slow down. One question at a time! For answers, I will tell you that the place you woke up in, was a place that exists in both of your worlds. Harry was there because he must of said the incantation, too. You got back here simply because, as I said, the magic wore off and your friend and your brother brought you here when you collapsed. As for how I know all this, I told you, I have heard many stories in my day." Nick said this slowly, so Ed could comprehend it all. Ed closed his eyes and took all those answers in.

"Now you were going to ask me something else?" Nick inquired.

"What? I was?...Oh, yeah. Um..will I ever, like, you know..see Harry again?" Ed blushed furiously, but Nicholas just smiled.

"Only if you want to. I think I have an idea. Follow me." Ed once again followed Nick, still a bit wary. This time Ed was led through many doors, until at last, they came upon a dusty room with a single object in it. It was a mirror, a large mirror that covered half the wall.

"Forgive me. I haven't been back here for ages." Nick sneezed because of all the dust. -sniff-. "Anyway, this is called the mirror of Erised. If you look with your heart and you wish to see Harry, you will. I will leave you alone for a bit and I shall go to your friends. They are probably worrying." Nick left the room and Ed was now alone.

He went to the mirror and wondered if he should look upon it. Instead his eyes drifted up and he read the inscription above it.

Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on woshi.

"What the hell does that mean?" Ed wondered aloud. His gaze drifted to the mirror itself. And he gasped.

Ron allowed Harry to guide him to the stairs, then both boys ran down them, with Harry in the lead, of course. Ron almost fell, but he just kept on running, wondering why on Earth Harry needed to speak with Hermione. They left the inn at breakneck speed and Harry suddenly stopped. Ron crashed into Harry, causing both of them to fall.

"What's your bloody problem mate?" panted Ron.

"Where is she?" shouted Harry.

"Are you looking for me, Harry?" Both boys whirled around and there was Hermione.

"Hermione, what do you know about this place?"

"Well, nothing, actually. It's not mentioned on any maps in any of my textbooks. Or in the books of that old inn that we came from. But there was this woman there, I believe Dante was her name. She owns that place. When I asked her about it, she said that these crossroads hold magic and that I wasn't the person who should be asking her questions." Hermione put on a proud face. "Like I need to know about this place from the likes of her, anyway. Hey, where are you going?"

Harry was once again, running, leaving his friends to choke on his dust. They hurried to keep up, both thinking that with Harry this is too often an occurrence, leaving them behind like this.

Harry got back to the inn in record time. He went inside and started yelling for this Dante person.

"Dante! Landlord! Anybody? Dante?!"

A young woman with short, shoulder-length black hair emerged from a door behind the bar.

"Hm. I see that you're finally awake. Follow me to have your questions answered."

Breathing heavily, Harry followed this woman, warily casting a look back at his friends. Both had similar looks of puzzlement, though Ron looked more bewildered. Harry shrugged and was led to the back room that this woman had entered through earlier.

"As you know, my name is Dante. I know who you are of course. Before you start to badger me with questions, I warn you, if you lie, I cannot be truthful with you."

So, like Edward Elric, Harry Potter told of the 'journey' his mind had embarked upon. He told of how he uttered some words, then how he blacked out and how he woke in a strange place and met a young man named Edward. They both disregarded their top priorities of finding their companions and both remembered the horrors that they had the misfortune to live.

He told of how he was compelled to comfort this person and he blushed horribly when he told Dante that they ended up sleeping together and he told how he woke up the next day to find himself in this weird place. While he was talking, Dante just listened, not interrupting at all, waiting for Harry to finish.

"Was it all a dream? And did I say an incantation?"

"No, it was very real. And yes, you did. But let me explain something. Edward was an alchemist from another world. It may sound hard to believe, but this inn is a kind of Gateway between many different dimensions. How people get here differs. Some perform rituals, others say certain words. Would you like to see this Ed again?" Dante looked at Harry with soft eyes, yet there was an unnatural gleam in them.

Harry looked away and mumbled a small 'kinda', to which Dante smiled and stood up.

"If you'll just follow me again."

She led Harry through a labyrinth of doors, left, right, right, straight, left, straight, right..Harry lost track. Finally, she stopped in front of a plain door. "I cannot follow you, so just go in and see with your heart."

She turned and left without another word. Harry cautiously opened the door. The room was dimly lit and the dust made him sneeze. In this tiny room was an extremely familiar object, though Harry had not seen it since his first year of Hogwarts.

'No way.' Harry thought. He went to stand in front of it and his gaze drifted upward to the inscription on the mirror.

I show not your face, but your hearts desire.

'What? It changed. The mirror changed. Is that what it's message was all along?' Harry thought of Ed, the feisty little blonde. Grinning, he looked into the mirror and jumped.

They both stood, looking at each other. They pressed their hands against the mirror and they felt each other. Though both young men were strong, seeing each other brought them to tears. Ed's lips formed the word, "Hi," and Harry's answered back. Each saw the flaws of the other and both wanted to hold each other as they had once, which seemed so long ago.

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