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I'll Always Be There For You

Chapter Two

Fifteen- year-old Riku was running on the track with the other girls on the cross-country team. Not far from the track were a group of runners who were taking a break and watching Riku as she ran her warm-up laps.

'Riku's so fast!' Said one of the girls.

'Yeah. I wish I was that fast.' Sighed another.

'Well you know what they say, 'Practice make perfect.' And Riku practices a lot.' The girl got up with a water bottle and towel and ran towards Riku and handed them to her.

While taking a drink of water, the boy's baseball team came over carrying three softballs.

'Hey. Riku isn't it?' Asked a brown haired boy with blue eyes, looking at Riku.

Riku nodded her head and asked, 'And you are…?'.

'Riku? You don't know who he is? He's the leader and pitcher of the baseball team. Koji Mori.' Said the girl who had given Riku the water bottle and towel. Other members of the cross-country team began to stand behind Riku to see what was going on. (A/N: if you're wondering about the name, don't ask me. It just popped into my head at the moment. Lol)

'Well seeing as you know who I am now, I wanted to ask if you'd be interested in a little game.' Koji said.

'Sure…but what's the game?' Riku asked.

Koji looked behind him and one of the players held out three softballs. 'The game's really simple. We stand about 100 feet apart, and I get three chances of throwing these softballs at you and you have to dodge all three. But you can't run around, you have to stay in one spot. And if I hit you and I win. You dodge all three and you win.'

'You can do that easily Riku.' One of the girls from the group said.

'Yeah but Koji's also a really good pitcher.' Said another.

Smiled Riku, 'I haven't really played this game. But why not? Seems fun.'.

'Alright.' Koji smiled back.

Everyone moved out of the way as Riku and Koji took their positions.

Not far off from the track, Dark and Daisuke had just gotten out of class and were on their way to meet Riku because Risa was still in class and said that she'd meet up with them later. Dark and Daisuke saw the crowd on the track and were wondering what was happening.

After looking closely Daisuke understood what was going to happen.

'What? What's happening?' Dark asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

'Well you see that the baseball team has three softballs right?' Daisuke asked.

'Yeah. So?"

'It's a game they're playing. One person gets three chances to hit the other person with those three softballs. If the one throwing the balls manages to hit the person, the game's over and the thrower wins. If by the time the last ball is thrown and none of them have hit the dodger, then the dodger wins. Sometimes, players make a bet. Just to make things more interesting.' Daisuke tried to explain.

'I see. Phh…sucks to be the one who's going to have those balls thrown at her.' Dark smirked.

'It's Riku.' Daisuke pointed out.

'What?' Dark looked and sure enough, Riku was standing and waiting for Koji to throw the balls. Smiling, Dark said, 'Well looks like that guy's going to lose. Riku's the fastest person I know.'

The first ball was thrown with an amazing speed, but as fast as it was, Riku dodged it easily.

'Not bad.' Koji smiled, as Riku smiled back. "Now try this!'

He threw one of the balls faster than the first one, and Riku dodged that one only to have to dodge the other in the next second. The girls cheered knowing that Riku was the victor.

'Not bad. You really are amazing. Not very many people can dodge all three of the balls. My guess is that you lied. You've played this game before.' Koji smiled.

'Looks like you caught me. Hehe. You're not so bad yourself, you know. Good job.' Riku said extending a hand. Koji shook her hand.

'Guess I'll see you around then. Bye Riku. And the rest of you ladies on the cross-country team.' He put his baseball cap on and began to walk off the field with the rest of his team.

'Way to go Riku!' Cried the other girls as they hugged Riku.

'What did I tell ya! Even though those balls were moving quickly, Riku dodged those balls like it was nothing.' Dark smiled walking down the steps towards the track.

'The game isn't all about speed you know. It also takes some strategizing.' Daisuke smiled.

'Really? Because chucking balls at someone doesn't seem like it needs to be thought over. Hey by the way, did you say that the game could also be used to make bets or requests. Or something like that?'

'Yeah. It's just to make the game more interesting, that's all.'

'Hey, think you could tell me how to beat her?' Dark asked.

'Uh. Why?' Daisuke asked.

'I just want to know.' Dark answered.

'Uh…alright then…'

The sun was setting and most of the girls on the team had gone home for the day. The remaining few were just leaving.

'You're not going home Riku?'

Riku shook her head. 'I want to run a little more. And I'll clean up. So you all just go home.'

'Alright. We'll catch you later then! Bye!'

Riku was getting ready to run her lap when she heard someone say, 'You're really dedicated to running you know that?'

'So what if I am Dark?' Riku looked behind her and was shocked to see three softballs in his hands.

'Wanna play?' Dark asked holding up the balls.

'I guess so. Doesn't mean that I'll go easy on you, you know.' Riku smirked. 'Do you know how to play?'

'I watched you earlier. I think I get the idea.'

'What, are you stalking me?!' Riku glared.

Dark laughed. 'Well before we play, I want to make a little request.'

'And that would be…'

'If I win. You be my girlfriend.' Dark said.

'And if you lose?'

'Then you don't have to be.'

'Wow…I get so much in this request.' Riku said sarcastically.

Dark smiled. 'Well?'

'Alright. I'll take that request. But I'm not going to let you win.' Riku said.

They took their positions and were about to start when Dark said, 'Oh yeah. I forgot one more thing. I bet you anything, that I'll hit you with the first ball.'

'What?' Riku yelled.

'You heard me. The first ball will hit you. So I don't need these other two.' He said dropping the other two balls. 'So shall we?'

Riku nodded. 'Just how is he going to do that? No offense, but I don't think that's even possible for Dark to do that. But wait! I think I know what he's doing. He'll throw the ball…but upwards. He'll expect me to look, and while I'm looking up, he'll quickly grab the other two and throw them at me! But there's no way that I'd fall for something like that. Nice try Dark, but you're not going to win with that strategy. Especially since I've seen this trick before.' Riku smirked.

'What's with the smirk?' Dark asked.

'Just waiting for you.'

'Alright then.' Dark took the first ball in hand and threw it upwards just like Riku thought.

'I see that you didn't look upwards. You're smart, fast, and oh-so pretty.' Dark smiled.

'Ugh. Don't say that again. I'll throw up…and I wasn't going to fall for that trick. Making me look up so that you'd hit me with the other two balls. Nice try, but not good enough. And since you threw the other balls down, even if you threw them at me, I could dodge them easily because it'd take you time to pick them up and throw them.'

'Wow…You really are smart. That's what I really like about you Riku.' Dark smiled, but then his facial appearance changed to something more serious.

'Why so serious all of a sudden?' Riku asked.

'Don't get too cocky Riku. Did you already forget that I would hit you with the first ball?' Dark said wagging his index finger.

'What?' At that second, Riku felt a light tap on her shoulder and heard the fall of a ball hitting the ground. She looked down and sure enough, there was the softball rolling to a stop at her feet. 'No way! How'd you do that!?'

'Riku, Riku.' Dark shook his head. 'Since you want to know that badly. While I threw the ball upwards, I threw it so that-'

'That it was going to curve over and hit me instead of just going straight up…' Riku finished. (A/N: confused? Think of the ball as being thrown to make the shape of a rainbow. If that didn't make sense either, then I have no other way of explaining…it's kind of hard for me to explain…k, back to the story.)

'Bingo!' Dark said picking up the two balls near his feet.

'No way…' Riku was still shocked. 'I lost…to Dark!'

Dark walked over to Riku and put the balls in her arms. 'Looks like you're my girlfriend now. But to be nice, we can be a couple starting tomorrow.'

And with that, Dark walked off. When he was no longer in sight, Riku yelled, 'I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST LOST TO THAT JERK! THAT WAS THE DUMBEST THING I'VE EVER DONE! And other than that, how am I going to tell Risa…she's the one who likes him.' Riku sighed. 'And Daisuke…Ugh! Dark! I HATE YOU SO MUCH!'

So the next day Riku and Dark started going out with one another. Of course Risa and Daisuke were shocked beyond belief. Even though Riku was loathing every minute she spent with Dark, after a while, she became used to it, and even enjoyed being able to see Dark everyday. By the end of the month, the two of them were inseparable. One day as Riku was going to meet up with Dark, she met up with Daisuke who was going in the direction she needed to go and walked with her. When they turned at a corner in the hallway, they happened to see Dark kissing Risa!

Riku throat felt so dry that she couldn't say anything at all, so instead she ran.

'Riku!' Daisuke ran after her.

Dark pushed Risa away from him when he thought he heard something fall. 'What are you doing?'

'Dark, why are you going out with Riku anyway? You don't even like her! You're only going out with her because you forced her to by playing that stupid game.' Risa glared.

'You're wrong Risa. I really like Riku. I love her even. It's not because of that game either. That was just a way of trying to ask her out. Even if it was the dumbest thing I could think at the time. But I really do like Riku. I'm sorry Risa, but I don't like you in any other way than just a friend.' With that he turned around and left Risa by herself. When he turned the corner where Riku was earlier, he saw her book bag. He immediately knew that Riku had been there.

'What if she…' He ran out of the building bumping into anyone who was in his way and asking them if they had seen Riku. It wasn't long before he saw her on the track with Daisuke. Making his way to the track, he knew that she had been there and seen what happened.

'Riku, I-'

'Don't talk to me!' Riku said not looking at him but instead at the ground.

'Riku listen to me. Uh…Daisuke. Could you leave us alone?' Dark asked looking at Daisuke. Daisuke replied with a nod and walked away.

'How could you do that?' Riku asked.

'Riku. I'm sorry that you saw. It's not what it seems like...Risa…she's the one who-'

Cutting Dark off again, she said, 'I don't want to hear any of your lies. Just go away. I really don't want to see you anymore.'


'I hate you Dark, can't you realize that?'

Knowing that he wasn't going to be able to explain, he left.

After the dismissal bell rang, everyone began to go home. Risa saw her sister at the track and ran to meet up with her and explain what happened.

'Riku.' Hugging her sister with tears running down her cheek, Risa kept saying, 'I'm sorry.'

'Risa…' Tears were beginning to form in her eyes as well.

'I'm sorry Riku. It's just I like Dark so much. Please don't hate me…but please don't hate Dark. It's my fault. I'm the one who kissed him. I was jealous Riku…please don't hate Dark. He likes you so much.'

'Risa…I forgive you…and Dark…wasn't lying and yet I…' Breaking their embrace, Riku just stared at the ground.


Looking up, Riku asked, 'Do you know where Dark is?'

Risa shook her head. 'I don't. But I'll help you look.'

'You don't have-'

'Of course I do. This is all my fault to begin with.' (A/N: you bet it is!) I'll help you look.'

So they split up, and Riku happened to see Daisuke who had just gotten out of the art room.

'Daisuke, have you seen Dark? I really need to apologize to him.'

'No I haven't. He didn't show up for art class. Maybe he went home?'

'I don't think that he would…'

'Are you worried about him?' Daisuke asked.

'Of course I am…'

'Then I'll help you look.'

'Are you sure?'

'Yeah…I'd be willing to help you any time you needed it.'

The two of them ran around the school but couldn't find Dark. The next minute, Risa was running to them saying that she had found Dark. They to where Risa saw him and she pointed up at the building where he was standing on the ledge of the building. In a split second, Riku was running up the stairs to the top of the building, with Daisuke and Risa not too far behind. Riku ran through the door that led to the roof and saw Dark. She immediately grabbed Dark around the waist and pulled him back onto the roof.

'Dark! You're such an idiot!' Riku cried with her head buried in his chest.

Dark was just startled and shocked at what was happening. 'Uh…Riku…'

'I'm sorry Dark. I love you so much. That's why I was so mad at you. I don't hate you. I really don't. I just couldn't stand the fact that you might have been cheating on me. I love you so much Dark! Please don't kill yourself.' Riku said quickly that it seemed like she was saying it all in one breath.

'Kill myself?' Dark was totally baffled. 'Why would I do that?'

Riku stopped crying and began sniffling. 'You mean you weren't?'

'Course not! I just came up here to think things through and try to find a way to get you to believe that I wasn't cheating on you.'

Riku was dumbstruck. 'Dark!' She yelled. ' You're such an idiot…don't scare me like that again…' Again she placed her head on his chest.

'Oh yeah. And speaking of the confession of the 'I love you'.' Dark smiled.

'I didn't say anything li-' but she didn't finish because she saw Dark's face inching closer to her and the next thing she knew, he had kissed her.

'I love you too Riku.'

Daisuke and Risa walked out of the building back to the school ground walking in silence towards the school gates.

Risa said, 'Looks like we lose.'

'Are you okay with it?' Daisuke asked.

'It hurts, but I think I'll be okay. But you've been in love with her for a long time now. You should be asking yourself that.'

'I've already dealt with it. I knew from the start...that she didn't like me. I'll see you tomorrow.' Daisuke said as began to walk out of the school gates.

Risa sighed, 'You're wrong Daisuke…'

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