Disclaimer: This is a non-profit, amateur effort not intended to infringe on the rights of Disney or any other copyright holder.

Author's Note: Disney has become infamous with the path its sequels have taken lately. I thought it would be interesting to see how far I could take it while still remaining more reasonable than some of the official choices. It started as a parody, but I somehow started taking it seriously when I wasn't looking. As with any movie, the first you'll see of it is a trailer:

The screen is black to begin with. Fade in to a shot from the first movie where Snow first discovers the dwarfs' cabin.

VO: For those who loved the original. . .

Cut to: A bluebird swooping across the green landscape toward a castle.

VO: For those who wanted to see what happened next . . .

Cut to: a shot of Snow wielding a sword, hair down, generally looking pretty cool

VO: For those who don't mind a new approach. . .

Rapid cut between shots: Zoltan the raven flying out of the Queen's dungeon, the heart box held in his talons. The dwarfs at their table, glasses raised in some toast and foam splashing over the edges. A scary-looking wolf, half-glimpsed through the trees. A wide shot of the grand hall of the palace, a wedding in progress.

VO: This is a movie for you.

Black screen. Centered text, in Disney-font: SNOW WHITE II: THE DWARFS STRIKE BACK

Black screen. Centered text, etc: WINTER 2007