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Dear Fanfiction writers,

I have been informed that some of you are changing the story's menu. I don't understand why. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE ORIGINAL?! Stick to the original or face my dinner of DOOM!

Lunch Lady

P.S. Cookie?

Dear Fanfiction writers,

I am the Box Ghost! You will behold my cardboard squares of DOOM! I will prevail against the writers of the Danny Phantom universe! They cannot use the cylindrical device that holds me! Ha!

Box Ghost


Dear Fanfiction writers,

My name is Technus, master of technology! Your hip writings are nothing compared to my superior technology! Hey, maybe some of you should be tutors! You have invented a retro way of taking over the world!


Master of Technology and all things mechanical!

Dear Fanfiction writers,

I am Skulker, the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter! I will someday mount the Ghost-boy's pelt on my wall! And no one will able to stop me!


The Ghost Zone's greatest hunter!

Dear Fanfiction writers,

I am Desiree, and can grant all your wishes save one. NO, YOU CANNOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS UNIVERSE! Period. So, will you people stop bugging me for that? Jeez.


Dear Fanfiction writers,

I am Walker, warden of the ghost zone. And what y'all are doing is against the rules. According to canon law, the halfa known as Danny Fenton/Phantom loves the human Sam Manson. He does not love anyone else. This includes all those slash pairings and stories which do not correspond to the creator's point of view.


Warden of the Ghost Zone
Your judge, executioner, jury, executioner, jailer, and, if necessary, your executioner

Dear Fanfiction writers,

Ooh, I cannot believe the amount of torture stories on this website. Just reading them makes me feel rejuvenated. By all means, continue the "emo" stories, the "angst" stories, and the depressions over what might have been. I'll just keep lapping it up and who knows? Maybe it'll keep me young forever.

Penelope Spectra

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