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Drake Parker pulled himself up from the corner he'd been shoved into. So much for this club being safe… His band had promised that it'd be a great place to make connections and he'd figured why not. His parents were out of town, Megan was with Grammy and Josh had said he had something really important to do with Mindy, which was the main reason he'd agreed to this night.

He looked over at where his band-mates were. They were all wasted in some varying degree on whatever their choice was. He wiped at his bloody nose and lip while watching them sadly. His head throbbed and he was sure that he'd hurt his ankle in the scuffle but knew he needed to get home. He walked out and decided on the bus to get him closer to the house than walking all the way on his protesting ankle.

He silently opened the back door and headed for the staircase, wondering why the house was so quite. He heard something in the main bathroom as he grabbed the first aid kit from the hall closet and shuddered to think of what Josh taking a shower after spending time with the Creature brought to mind. He got into their room and then carefully climbed on his bed, which took some doing since he was trying not to put too much pressure on his ankle.

Pulling out a mirror he started to take care of himself when the door opened and he heard Josh's sound of worry. "I think it won't look near as bad after I get cleaned up…" he muttered, wincing as he used the alcohol to clean and disinfect his wounds.

"Get down from there!" Josh said, walking over and picking his brother up with a sigh. "Let's get you in the bathroom where I can take care of you properly. I've taken first aid before, remember?"

"Yeah, yeah, just put me down…"

"What happened, Drake?" Josh took a sniff. "You smell awful!"

"Thanks… My ex-band-mates decided on the club, remember?" he asked humorlessly.

"Ex?" he asked while helping the slighter boy into the bathroom and getting him to sit on the toilet.

"Yeah… I mean, I don't mind a sort of bad boy/play boy look, but that doesn't mean I want to get drunk or do whatever all that they were doing… I got into a fight for trying to get them to go," Drake said with a hiss as Josh started in on him. "After the yelling fight with one of the girls we went with… She's 'dating' my bassist, but she was between these two guys who were," Drake swallowed and closed his eyes with a sigh. "All over her. I got them off, she slugged me for breaking up her fun, then I got into a fight with him, just a bit… Then this guy… He," Drake trailed off and Josh made a soft noise of understanding, helping to get him undressed.

"Let's get these off so that you can get cleaned up better," Josh said softly helping Drake to the tub. "Better to soak for your ankle."

"I just want to get into bed…"

"Then sit and get cleaned up, I'll get you some jammies, kay?"

Drake watched as Josh left and he got cleaned up, shuddered a bit when he found some bruises on his body from the rough treatment he'd gotten at the club. He looked up at Josh came back in and other boy winced.

"Those don't look too good, Drake… Maybe we should take you to the emergency room…"

"And tell them what? I went to an illegal bar, without prior knowledge, witnessed who knows what, was assaulted by people I can't really identify and then came home to wash off evidence before going to see them? We've seen enough cop shows and movies to know that's not going to go over well…" Drake snapped at him, looking away.

Josh rolled his eyes and got out one of the fluffier towels and holds it up looking away with a blush. "Get out or you'll get pruney…" he muttered as Drake sighed and moved to follow his directions. "Now," he said as he wrapped the towel around him before getting him sitting again. "Let's get you bandaged up…" he said as he got to work.

Drake blushed and let him do what was needed.

"How come you didn't know where you were going…?"

"Well… I trusted them… They said we could make connections…" he said softly. "I wanted to give you a bit of a break, with the manager thing… Besides, you were meeting with, the Creature…" Drake muttered, scowling and then giving a gasp as Josh put a bit of pressure on a cut to try and bandage it so it would heal better.

"I wanted to be alone with Mindy to break up with her…" Josh responded.


"She and I are okay as friends but… She's… just not… not what, not what I'm looking for… She, didn't take it very well and I didn't think she would… but on the plus side, the thing she grabbed to throw at me as only a pillow! And then she stormed out, still screaming at me."

"Stupid Creature."

"I thought you'd also like that I'm not going to try and force you to be civil with her…"

"So much better," he muttered and winced when Josh patched up his last wound.

"Want something to eat?" Josh asked, helping Drake to stand. "Since I'm going to get you ice anyway?"

"Nah... I'm good... thanks man..." he murmured, shuffling towards their room.
Josh sighed and watched him before heading downstairs.