Okay, so this is my first attempt at a She's the Man fanfic. I hope you guys like it. And just a note, in this Chapter, the lines in Italics are flashbacks, whilst normal text is what's happening now. Just to avoid confusion.

Title: A Summer of Changing Dreams
Rating: MA, for explicit content in some chapters
Disclaimer: I don't own She's the Man, the story, characters or anything else.

Summary: During the summer between the completion of Senior Year, and the beginning of College, Viola is forced to re-evaluate her wants and dreams, as an unplanned even changes everything she ever thought she wanted.


Viola was dribbling the ball between herself and Duke, maintaining her focus on keeping it away from the Cornwall team. She spotted Duke moving sideways away from her and passed it hard out in front of him. He continued running with the ball at his feet, sliding to avoid the tackle from an opponent, passing the ball to Lyle, one of the other forwards, who, after a few quick steps booted the ball under Justin's falling body, past him and into the net. The entire team jumped up and down excitedly, fully aware that their 2 – nil lead could not be changed with only two and a half minutes left on the clock.

Viola screamed as she and Toby hit Lyle, who was taking a bow in front of the stands. Then she felt Duke's arms around her waist, nuzzling her neck, before completing the traditional team celebrations by congratulating Lyle.

Viola was shocked. It was too soon for this to be happening.

As the final whistle sounded the entire red Illyrian team raced onto the field celebrating their grand final win.

The sound from the stands was deafening, and it didn't take long for Viola to notice Sebastian and Olivia amongst the celebrating team. As Sebastian hugged her, she watched as Olivia passed on her congratulations to Duke, Toby and Andrew, before beginning to dance and generally 'party' with a couple of other girls as music began playing.

Viola felt her feet leave the soft grass as Duke picked her up and swung her around a couple of times, lowering her and kissing her hard.

"WOOO!" She screamed in his face when they parted. He laughed at her enthusiasm.

Viola looked over at the box on the bench, double checking her results, and then saw black.

"I love you so much." He whispered in her ear, his fingers teasing her skin.

She smiled, kissing him hard, her own fingers tracing the line of his track pants, sliding up underneath his tight shirt and pulling it off. He mimicked her, feeling her hair fall against his arm, tight around her now naked back.

She separated their lips, stepping away from him, but taking his hands and leading him to the bed which was behind her, falling against it, and feeling him land on top of her.

Olivia's concerned face was what Viola opened her eyes too. "Do you want me to take you to the doctor, about this and the, um?" She asked indicating Viola on the floor, and the stick that was still in Viola's hand.

"Are you sure?" He breathed against her, watching her stand in front of him, unable to make out her expression because of the darkness.

She leaned down and kissed him hard. "I've never been more sure of anything." She breathed, lowering her panties, stepping out of them and rejoining him on the bed.

"You have to tell him!" Olivia exclaimed.

"No, I don't. Not when he'll never know." She mumbled turning away and getting a bottle of water from the fridge.

Olivia was shocked. "He's the father isn't he? The least you can do is talk about this all with him."

Viola looked up at her friend. "I'm sorry Olivia, but my dream is to play soccer, not to be a soccer mom."

Olivia could see the tears in her eyes. She shook her head. "I'm sorry, but Vi, I know you too well to know that you want this."

"No I," she paused. "No I don't." She looked away, wiping her face of the tears.

She moaned, feeling what his touches and kisses were doing to her. "Please!" she breathed against him, wanting to feel just how intense he could make her body feel.

He smiled kissing her, entering her, causing them both to gasp.

"Oh my God!" She moaned, pulling his face to hers kissing him hard.

She stared at her phone, opening it and dialing the number, taking a deep, calming breath before hitting the send button. Before she even had a chance to hear the ring tone, she slammed the phone closed, leaning her head on her hand, feeling more tears come.

"It's the summer time, Olivia." She moaned to herself. "I'm here; he's at his home a couple of hours away. He doesn't need this."

Ever thrust their coupled selves made together felt like pure harmony. This was how she had always expected sex to be. Initially with Justin it had been, but then he started getting lazy, satisfying himself then rolling over and falling asleep.

So far, she was excited about hers and Duke's futures together, and was glad that they had made the unconscious decision to wait before succumbing to temptation.

She knew this may have been one of his first times with a woman, but how he was treating her, listening to the sounds she made, what she said, and how her body reacted to his, it was like he had been with many more.

Initially her arms had been above her head laying against the bed head, but as she felt the fire within her body gain in heat and intensity, they were moved to Duke's back, her nails digging into his skin and removing small buds.

Sebastian could sense something was up with Viola, just by the way her eyes were gaunt and had lost the spark that he had found himself accustomed to seeing whilst school was on and she was with Duke. Although he knew they hadn't broken up, he also knew that they hadn't spoken a great deal since school finished for the summer.

He watched her from his position on the steps leading to the front door as she lazily kicked her soccer ball into the net. He wasn't used to that. Usually she would be running, skipping, running a mock commentary of herself scoring a goal against anyone.

Something was up, and he needed to know what it was.

After both finding their release together, they lay content in the other's arms, just breathing. Neither could really believe that after 8 or so months of dating as Seniors, they'd finally actually slept together.

Viola smiled kissing him lightly. "Wow." She mumbled.

"Yeah." He agreed.

After a few more moments, he rolled off of her, still watching her. She smiled, snuggling into him, feeling him wrap his arms around her, moments later they were both asleep.

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