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Again, thanks to all those who have enjoyed this story.


For some strange reason, Viola and Duke had held off on having kids during college. Neither of them knew how, especially after the promise they had made each other. Having said that, it wasn't like they hadn't not tried, quite the opposite. But it hadn't happened, and although Viola was so wanting of kids, her studying had seemed to equal out.

But then graduation came, and two great surprises happened. The first came in the morning after Viola felt like fainting. After returning from the drug store, eight tests showed the same result: she was pregnant.

She had waited until the following day to tell Duke, and when she had told him he swung her around with excitement. Then he dropped her to her feet, and she watched in apprehension as he dropped to his knees before her.

The brilliant amethyst colored sapphire sparkling up at her, surrounded by small white diamonds, resting on a thin silver band answered her question. She hadn't even bothered to wait for him to ask, she had flung her arms around his neck, squealing "yes, yes, yes!" He had laughed, asking the question as he slid the ring onto her finger.

Three months later they were married, with Viola just showing, but she didn't care that her stomach looked slightly larger than normal, because she was marrying a wonderful man, and carrying his child.

When their son was born, everything was amazing. Instinctively Olivia and Paul were named god-parents, with little Joshua Sebastian Orsino receiving more attention than he had ever received in his short life.

Now, almost eight years later, Viola had become something she had at one stage been certain she would never become: a soccer mom.

Joshua had taken to soccer like a fish to water, and Viola couldn't be happier. She knew she could never force him to play or train, especially not when little Gracie demanded so much of her mother's time.

"Okay, guys, I have oranges!" Viola called walking out onto the pitch at half time. It was her son's big game, the final in the under 9's competition, and Viola was team manager.

Oranges were a hit, always attracting the kids' attention, and giving a few moments of silence as they all ate and thus allowing the coach to speak.

Duke was standing at the fence, Gracie on his hip, pointing to the group. Viola smiled and waved to him, before turning back to the hoard of children surrounding her.

"Josh, listen to Andrew!" She quietly chided her son who was ignoring his coach's words.

A persistent ankle injury had ended Andrew's career, not that he was too depressed about it. He had taken to little league coaching in a similar way that Joshua had taken to the game his parents loved.

The siren sounded indicating the game to begin again, and Viola waddled to the bench in front of where Duke was standing with Grace. She couldn't help but laughing as she saw three teenage girls approach him awestruck.

Whilst Viola had ended her professional soccer career before it truly began, Duke had continued playing, and seemed to have one of the biggest group of fans, mostly consisting of teenage girls. Viola didn't mind, especially when Duke was paying more attention to his three year old daughter than the game being played.

One of the girls asked for a photograph, and Duke obliged, then signing a couple of photos for the girls who walked away giggling with excitement.

"Stop taking attention away from my game." Andrew mocked Duke, who was still getting used to people recognizing him, even though he'd been in the public eye for over six years.

Duke groaned. "They love me, they don't love me." He chuckled to his daughter he poked him lightly in the arm.

"I love daddy." She smiled, and Duke laughed.

"That's all that matters, munchkin." He placed a kiss on his daughter's forehead.

Viola watched the scene with joy. In three and a half months she was set to bring twins into the world, and after that, she and Duke had agreed to have no more. One kid was hard, two was difficult, and Viola's dad had assured her that having four little Orsino's was going to be a nightmare.

So Viola sat back and watched the game, cheering on the team, and even though they lost, at home that night, everything was wonderful. She had an amazing husband, two wonderful children, and in three months that number would be doubling.

Viola fell asleep that night quite content with her life. She didn't care she wasn't playing soccer anymore, the game didn't matter. She didn't care that her stomach was no longer perfectly flat, or that her thighs were closer together. She was a mother, and a wonderful one at that (going by Duke), and would never swap that for the game that had held her interest since the age of five.

That summer, so many years previously had changed her life dream for the better. Whoever was writing her life story had made a good move with that.