Here is a good review for 1987's hit "Fatal Attraction".

Aroused in mystery and suspense, "Fatal Attraction" is one of the greatest suspense movies ever made. Michael Douglas and Glenn Close star in this three star smash hit that was # 1 in the box office.

Dan Ghallester (Douglas) sends his wife and daughter away to visit relatives. Meanwhile, Dan is out and about and working hard. He runs into a woman named Alex Forest, a psychotic and single person. After their affair over the weekend, Dan leaves Alex's apartment thinking that their affair is over, but Alex doesn't want it to be over. She wants to keep Dan, even if it means destroying his life to get him.

This is a must-see movie. If you like to be on the edge of your seat, this is the movie for you. Michael Douglas and Glenn Close give their best performances in this Dramatic and suspenseful masterpiece.

RATED R FOR: Language, Strong Sexual Content, and some Violence.