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Title: My Violets, for remembrance.

Chapter: My joy

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Characters: JD/OC, Entire cast

Song: Iron and Wine's 'In My Lady's House'


there is light in my lady's house
and there's none but some falling rain
this like a spoken word
she is more than her thousand names

In order for you to understand what this story is about I need to explain some things to you. I need to tell you about the most important person in my life. Even though I have only known her for two months, its vital for you to understand….to know who this woman was.

Her Name was Violette Crane. And she was the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure to know. She wasn't just beautiful, she was perfect. Long curly brunette hair, huge hazel eyes, and large pouty lips. She was the epitome of classic beauty. And she was mine.

Everyone knows about soul mates and most believe that there is 'the one'. I never had believed that before. I did believe in love, don't get me wrong. But I never knew that this kind of love existed.

It was out of a storybook, or a movie. It was cliché. I thought that the kind of magic we shared was a farce. It was something made up to sell sweetest and Valentines Day. Something that only existed in dusty old books or Disney movies.

So when I met her and cupid's proverbial arrow struck, I was to say the least, in shock. She was sitting in the waiting room, where I had scoped out many hotties before. When I saw her, there was something more than just attraction. Turk laughed at me as I approached her looking like a zombie being drawn to brains.

I made a fool of myself in our first two minutes of talking, and she laughed. My heart melted with that laugh.

Now I know what your thinking. 'Well of all the sappy, sorry, lots…' Well its true it was completely sappy, it could have been scripted. She grabbed my hand after I continued to stumble over my words; she raised her eyes to mine and asked if we could get some coffee later.

With her chocolate voice, I was a goner.

no hands are half as gentle
or firm as they like to be
thank God you see me the way you do
strange as you are to me

So I bandaged up her skinned knee she had gotten from a minor wreck on her bike (yes she drove a motorcycle… hawt!) she waited around for the remaining forty minutes of my shift and we made our way to the diner for some coffee. One thing led to another and before I knew it I woke up still holding her in my arms.

I had to take a double take. As if yesterday had been some sort of blessed dream.

I remembered after coffee we had returned to Elliot's and my place to talk… the majority of the night anyway. She was a photographer and was working on getting her work into a gallery a few blocks away from the hospital. I remembered that some how in there she wanted to come to the hospital to take some photos, if Kelso agreed.

I wont bore you with the details of the next few weeks, I had that feeling one gets in the pit of your stomach when you think something really good is going to happen. We were so similar in our beliefs I wondered several times if she were real.

I had rented Xanadu several times to make sure that she wasn't one of the muses. I finally bought it, and she laughed heartily at that.

Our relationship was going rather quickly but we didn't mind. You see, when you're a doctor your life is pretty hectic and it has a tendency to speed up all other aspects of your life.

I remember one time I was having a horrible day. Absolutely horrible. I had lost three patients. One was an old woman who had just run out of time. The other two was a Man and his 13-year-old daughter. I told their last remaining member of the family, the mom of the deaths.

It was the hardest time I've had with telling someone that their loved ones had died. She was completely lost.

Maybe its because I was so in love that had made me more vulnerable to feeling her pain. I sat with her for an hour just comforting her. Even Dr. Cox didn't bother me to get back to work. I couldn't, I needed to be there for this woman. She had no one left.

So when I came home that night, Violette was waiting for me with a big bottle of appletini mix and Vodka. As soon as I set down my backpack she wrapped me in those mile long arms and held me.

"Elliot let me in and told me what happened." She whispered into my ear. We sat there, limbs entwined in comfort for a long time. I finally looked up into those amazing eyes.

"Violette lets move in together." Her eyes started to water and she nodded. I would never let her go. Life was too short.

And just like that we were living together. It was fast, and I was rushing but neither of us cared.

A week later we were packing everything up from her loft apartment and mine and we were moving into a swanky three-bedroom palace above the bookstore next to the hospital. It was perfect.

I don't know why, maybe it was because I had finally learned my lessons from all my other failed relationships, or maybe it was because we were so in love, but I had no problems with committing to this woman completely.

Everyone loved her. We nauseated Dr. Cox however. He kept saying the only thing worse than an annoying little lapdog was an annoying little lapdog that was lovesick.

When we went on a double date with Turk and Carla, Violette had replaced Turk for Karaoke night. And when we sang 'Love is a Battlefield' I swear Turk shed a tear.

Work had changed too; my good mood seemed to be rubbing off. After disimpacting Mr. Farnell, AKA Mr. Mean Face, he had given me a thumbs up and told me to 'keep up the good work' This was odd you see because he was notoriously the meanest regular patient of Sacred Heart.

I skipped through the halls with sweet, fickle, love nipping at my heels. I was ready to break into song at the drop of a hat.

Life was looking the best it had in a long, long while.

it is good in my lady's house
every shape that her body makes
love is a fragile word
in the air on the length we lay

So Two and a half months after I met her I woke up to the smell of paint and eggs. I stretched out in the black sheets we had agreed on, and rose up to greet the day with my new found joy.

I walked into the living/kitchen area. Boxes were still piled around as we had decided, to hell with the six hundred dollar deposit; we were going to paint the place. The walls were currently half Kermit the frog green.

I walked over to the kitchen and saw her standing there cooking breakfast. Scrambled eggs and Bacon. She looked stunning wearing a spare set of scrubs bottoms I had finagled from work for painting, and her beautiful black lacy braw. I just stared at her for a few minutes.

"Do you want me to spoon feed you this morning?" She smirked.

"Wha…?" I asked drowsily.

"Well the way your mouth is hanging open, I thought you wanted me to feed you." She laughed I sheepishly wrapped my arms around her waist as she plated the bacon. She took the two plates and went over to our brand new kitchen table. I followed still clinging to her. We sat and I dove into her wondrous cooking.

What god had given me the gift of this beautiful dream?

"I was going to run down to the resale shop for end tables today. But I wanted to know if you wanted to come with me when you got off?" She raised her eyebrow in that insanely sexy way.

"Nah you can go, unless you want me too. I would rather just come home and paint, get this room finished tonight."

"Ok. Well I'm ordering Thai tonight." Damn I hate Thai. "I was wondering if you wanted a burger or something for yourself."

"Oh my god I love you." She laughed. Leaned over and gave me a sloppy, bacony, kiss.

"You better hurry or you're going to be late." I looked at the clock, damn. I rushed off to get ready. In minutes I was dressed and on my way out.

"I will see you later. Save the ceiling for me ok?"

"Are you saying I'm short?"

"Violette… you're an inch shorter than me."

"Your mom." I laughed and kissed her and walked out the door.

When I got to work, it was like any other day, until I started daydreaming of Violette's sweet curves in front of a patient and, to my chagrin, Dr. Cox.

It was almost lunchtime so I knew I could post pone this rant if I ran. Sure he would have more time to think of biting insults but maybe we would be busy the rest of the day and he would have to put it off indefinitely.

I headed out the door in a hurry but Dr. Cox was too fast, a hand clamped down on my shoulder, we made our way over to the nurse's station and I settled in for the rant.

"Look Bjork, I'm so glad you found that lipstick lesbian of your dreams, and you finally have someone to cling to in excitement, when you go and see Shania Twain. But if you were daydreaming of your new little gal pal in there, you need to snap out of this pink little love funk you've gotten yourself into or I swear-" Just then Elliot rushed up to me and stood in between Dr. Cox and I.

"JD." She looked flustered; I looked over her shoulder to see Dr. Cox fill up with red like a thermometer.

"My god Barbie, you are not interrupting me are you? Because if you are I have a body bag right here for you." His arms crossed, an expression of disbelief on his face.


Elliot is in a clear plastic body bag and standing in a huge pink and clear plastic, cardboard box. She starts banging on the walls confining her.

"JD! Help Me! I cant breath!" I motion to open the box but Dr. Cox steps in front of me.

"Sorry Newbie this is a special edition Histrionic Personality Disorder Barbie. It'll cost you thirty bucks." He crosses his arms. I fish my wallet out of my pocket.

End Flash

"JD! Its Violette!" Elliot yells out trying to snap me out of it. Well it worked my eyes were focused on her.


"It's Violette She is on her way to the ER." Elliot says wringing her hands in worry. That was all I needed to hear. I took off towards the ambulance bay at top speed.

no hands are half as gentle
or firm as they like to be
thank God you see me the way you do
strange as you are to me


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