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Chapter Three

The Club

Alesa walked into the ball and saw that they were being looked at like they were animals in the zoo. They were the outsiders here and had to fit in. It was all very calm and no one made a move to greet them. Roni walked over to a wall and everyone else followed. They looked beautiful yet no one wanted to speak to them, nor dance with them.

"I think that we should just leave." Crys said.

"Oh really and how would that look. I can just see it now, 'The five Americans left their first ball of the season, and have not gotten any other invitations to others. What did we expect they are after all Americans.'" Roni said with an English accent.

"We should do something, like dance but all of these dances are so proper that what we dance to is nothing like this. We'd stick out like a sore thumb." Crys replied.

"Well, maybe we should." Retorted Roni.

As so, their talk went on for almost an hour.

Dee stood there listening to the others talk. She wanted to dance. The ball was completely dull. The twins, Flora and Fiobe, were dancing with someone and the five Americans were just standing there. That was when she saw a handsome man across the room looking right at her. Roni said something to her. When she looked at Roni then back at the man, he was gone. A few minutes later, he walked up to her and asked her to dance. Her mouth was frozen shut. She didn't know what to say. Instead, Crys looked at him and said no for her. She wanted to slap Crys and say yes to his offer. He walked away as if he had been hurt by her inability to speak for herself.

Alesa did not feel like putting up with Beth, this party was lame and she hated being here. She wanted to go to a club and see the nightlife. Since Adams told them that there was a club just down the road, she wanted to go. Roni and Crys were trying to get Beth to come. She was like, it's not right, we should stay. They had been here for at least two hours and not one of them had danced. They were the wallflowers that just stood there. One guy had asked Dee to dance but she couldn't get her mouth to work so Crys said no for her.

"Come on Beth, come with us." Crys said.

"No. We have to stay."

"We made an apperence that was enough. Come on, let's leave this lame party. There's nothing here for us." Roni said.

"We have nothing to wear!" Beth wined. Crys just smiled. They had brought a change of clothes just in case. Beth just looked at them. When she had wined, she had given in. "Let me guess, we have a change of clothes out in the limo?"

"Yep, come on." Beth knew that she couldn't beat them so she went along with them. They walked out to the limo where Adams waited for them.

"I knew you would choose the club. I won't tell the Duchess. I was once your age. Although I am only ten years older than you Alesa. Come ladies your clothes are in bags with your names on them. Like you asked." Adams closed the door and got in. He changed into his own clothes and waited for them to be changed, started the limo and drove just the four blocks it took to the club.

At one time, it had been a townhouse but now the whole house was a club. The basement was a foam party, the first floor was a bar and restrooms, the second floor was a techno club, and the third floor was just a club. The backyard had been turned into parking lot. There was a sign over the front door, it said "THE COURT OF ROUGES".

Alesa wanted to laugh. It was the properly named. For here the men and women could do anything they wanted. According the Adams the attic was nothing but beds where you could have sex in. At the end of the night the beds were changed, the used condoms were thrown away, and the walls were washed down.

They walked into the club. It seemed as if they had just entered the most well known club there was in London. It was crowded, loud, and drinks were everywhere.

"Isn't illegal to drink?" Beth asked.

"It legal," Adams said from behind them. He had changed. He was wearing an earring, tight blue jeans, and a white-wife beater. "If you are over the age of eighteen. And since all of you are over eighteen you can drink to your hearts content. Ed over here!"

A short blonde haired, golden eyed man wearing tight, tight, black leather pants and no shirt came up to Adams, threw himself at his boyfriend and kissed his lips. Adams grabbed his butt and kissed him back.

"So, Roy, do you think that maybe you could come with me up to the attic?" Ed asked as he pulled back.

"In a few, let me introduce you to my new ladies in command. Alesa, Beth, Crys, Dee, and Roni. Ladies, this is my boyfriend, Ed."

"Is this a gay bar?" Roni asked.

"No, it's what ever you want it to be. But trust me, don't go up the attic unless you want to see some of the most obscene sex acts."

"Then why do you two go up there?" Dee asked.

"We know what we're going to see. Trust me on this." Adams said as he and Ed walked off.

"Well, I never thought that Adams would be the type, I usually have great gay-dar but it appears I'm off." Roni said.

Alesa just shook her head, went to the bar, and ordered a water.

"What no wine?" someone whispered into her ear. She turned and looked at the man that had spoken. He had long wavy dark brown hair, a goat-tee that matched and the darkest set of brown eyes she had ever seen. He was dressed in jeans, and a black t-shirt. He was truly sexy. Something about him made her want to kiss him, but she reframed from doing so.

"I don't drink." She said as she walked off and joined her friends. Roni and Dee wanted to go up to the third floor to dance and everyone else just went along. They walked up and saw the people dancing to techno music and twirling glow sticks. On the third floor, dance music blasted and they went in. There were no walls, no rooms, and no doors. It seemed as if some one had went through a lot of time and money to get this place to look like it belonged but yet it didn't.

They walked out onto the dance floor and started to dance to the music. Alesa just stood there looking at the guy that had been down stairs. He looked even more sexy just leaning up against the wall watching her move. Alesa saw the way he looked at her and felt like she was prey instead of the predator that she usually was. For some reason she felt like she knew him.

Dee pulled her back into their circle and started to dance with them. When she looked back at the man he too was gone, just like the one that had asked Dee to dance. She swayed with the music and danced with her friends. Beth closed her eyes and imagined that they were at one of Kari's clubs. That was when Alesa felt someone behind her turning only her head she saw it was the same man from a few minutes ago. Looking closer at him she saw that he had his ear pierced and the ring was a diamond, a full one-kart diamond. In his eyes she saw a smile in the corners. He seemed to know her somehow.

"Alesa, the most silent of the flowers." He whispered into her ear. His voice was deep and rich. For some reason she wasn't scared of him. She wanted to be close to him. Soon she noticed that a hand was on her waist pulling her closer to him. She danced in his arms swaying with him. Feeling his hot breath on her neck. She was drawn to him for some reason and she wasn't going to fight it.

"Blossoming in a room of thorns she sways. Kissing the night as if it were her lover. Welcoming the arms of the dark, to bring her to her desire. Pleasure knows no bounds, as she climbs into the light." He spoke more softly now, so that only she could hear. It was the most beautiful thing anyone had ever said to her. Sharing this moment with him was as if she was the only person in the room with him. Then he was gone. She felt empty and lost.

A few hours later Adams came to take them back to the Duchess's home and so he could go home with his blonde lover. Ed was next to Adams on the drive home. He let the ladies out and told them not to say a word of what they saw to Gina. Roni still couldn't get over the fact that her gay-dar had failed her.

The next morning they all came down for breakfast. When Gina was reading the paper they sat and ate in silence until they heard Gina gasp.

"What were you doing at the 'The Court of Rouges'? That place is so wild. I've heard stories from my son that no proper lady should ever be seen there and there are pictures of you five dancing."

They all exchanged looks and looked down at their plates. "I want answers."

"We snuck out of the ball. We weren't having a very good time and we had heard some of the other people talking about it so we went." Roni said.

"But what you are wearing isn't the ball gowns you left in!"

"We brought a change of clothes just in case." Once again Roni answered.

"Tell me how did you get there dressed like that!" she pointed at the picture. Alesa blinked, the guy was in the picture with them, only he was standing a ways back and looking at her.

Roni looked at the picture and then at Alesa. "Who's that standing in the back ground the guy that looks like he wants to eat you up Alesa?"

"I don't know."

Gina looked at the picture again and saw who it was. "That's the Marques of Riverport. I wonder what he was doing there. The Marques of Riverdale was at the ball with you ladies. He sent an invitation to each of you. I hope that you stay at this one. He is the son of a very dear friend of mine and I would hate to tell her that my charges went to some club instead of her son's ball."

"We understand Gina, it's just that we were the only ones not dancing. We stood in the same spot for two hours. What would you have done?" Roni asked.

"Stayed. It is not proper for five young ladies such as yourselves to be seen in such a club."

"See I told you we should have stayed." Beth hissed.

"Then you should have never given in." Crys hissed back.

"It's not my fault. You four should have never come up with it in the first place."

"Beth, you wined. We all know that when you start to wine you give in. You can never deny us anything. You wanted to leave just as bad as we did. So why not have some fun. London if famous for its nightlife and that was one reason I planned on coming after you went to college." Roni said.

"You would leave me back in Maine to see the nightlife. That's so generous of you."

"No, I knew that you would like to study abode and come to England. So I was going to wait for that."

They stayed in the town house for the rest of the day. Gina went to lunch with her son. He was dressed in jeans and a polo shirt. Sitting down at the table that he had reserved he looked at his mother.

"So, I guess you saw the paper. What was he thinking looking as Alesa like that?" Gina asked.

"Well, he told me that she was the most beautiful woman in the room. Even Riverdale said that he would want to court one of them. He didn't tell me her name but it appeared that one of her friends turned him down for a dance, which he had asked of her. Strange that he should find a woman to love this late in his life." Replied her son.

"Yes, but I should hope that they behave themselves at this next ball."

"Mother, let them have some fun. They are from America and want a little bit of fun. They're young let them run for a bit. They will find the right men for them."

"I hope that you are right. If only you had been there, then maybe you could have asked one to dance."

"Yes, I would have asked the blond. She is very beautiful."

"She is shy."

"And lovely, has a mind of her own and knows her own heart."

"Do you know her?"

"No, but I can tell by the look in her eye."

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