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Time Warp

Chapter Six

It took them three days until they realized that she would not wake up any ordinary way. They were now talking to the Knights in Sarmatian. Alesa drug Gawain into Roni's room and was telling him to kiss Roni and see if that would wake her up. He had become friends with the girls over the past four days and knew that they would not ask him this if they did not think that it would not help.

So leaning over the sleeping girl he kissed her large, full, pink lips. There was this odd sensation that raced through his body. He did not pull back. His lips deepened the kiss. All of a sudden, he felt someone hit him square in the jaw. He looked at the no longer sleeping woman. Anger filled her eyes. She slapped him hard and looked at her friends. They were all laughing. Gawain left the room and walked strait to the tavern where Lance was.

"You won't believe what just happened." Gawain said as he sat down and drank some ale.

"What is it?" Lance asked.

"Alesa asked me to kiss Roni to see if that would wake her. I did and while I was kissing her she hit me, then slapped me, hard."

"Haven't you learned anything, never kiss a sleeping woman unless you have her word that you can."

"Funny that never stopped you."

"Yes, but I'm different."

Back in the room, Roni looked her friends over. They all had this smile on their faces.

"What's going on here?"

"Oh, Roni you won't believe it. We're at King Arthur's court although he's not king yet he will be. The men, Knights, have a little more than a year left then they go back home. I can't believe that we came to this time. At first they thought us to be Woad, then we told them that we speak Woad but we're not, then they asked if we're Roman, and we said no but our clothes were styled after Roman design. Then we couldn't wake you so we asked Gawain…"

"Gawain that was Gawain?" Roni blushed so bright that her whole face was red, and hot. Alesa smiled.

"I know how much you fell in love with him from the stories we told so I asked him to kiss you to see if that would wake you. And it worked." Alesa said smiling.

"This isn't funny. I thought that we were still at the duchess's house."

"It's weird you know, so did we until they started speaking in Woad, Roman, and Sarmatian. Who would have thought that what your foster mom taught us when we were younger would be of use." Dee said.

"Weird that she knew them you mean." Roni said laughing.

"Yeah. They are nice. Even Tristan is nice." Alesa said smiling a secret smile.

"The man hardly speaks!" yelled Crys.

"Maybe not to you but to me he says a lot."

The next few days they spent with the Knights turned out to be pleasant. Even Arthur was nice. They would talk, drink, all but Beth, gamble with the guards, even taught how to defend themselves although Gawain said that Roni didn't need to learn anything. They all laughed and hung around.

Then one night Roni sat there looking the men over and knew that she had wanted to do this since the first night she had learned they were here. Looking at her friends and nodded.

"You guys are talked about where we are from. It's more like legends. You are all talked about, but it is mostly about Arthur and Lancelot." Roni said, as she looked them over.

"Well do tell us some of these stories." Arthur said.

Sitting down the girls talked about which one should tell which story. "Alright, here we go. One story says that Lady Engrain helped Uther into killing her husband. Merlin changed Uther to look like her husband and she became pregnant with his son Arthur. Soon Morgan, Arthur's sister, left him to become a priestess of Avalon. Later she meets Lancelot and becomes smitten with him. But he is not ment for her. The one that kills the king stag on Beltane is her husband for the night. That night she becomes with child and it turns out to be her little brother's. She hids the fact from Arthur and has their son. Mortred grows up and comes to Camelot, tells Arthur that he is Morgan and Arthur's son. Arthur being married and with no child takes Mortred as his heir. Soon Lancelot and the queen have an affair. Mortred sees them and tells the whole court. Lancelot runs off and the queen is about to be killed when Lancelot comes back and safes her. Morted starts a war against Arthur and they kill each other." Roni looked at all the faces.

"So we know that is not true. I have no sister and know no one with the name Morgan. What was my wife's name?"

"Guinevere, in every story her name is Guinevere." Roni said.

"My turn." Dee said. "This one is about your childhood Arthur. When you were born, Merlin took you and placed you in the care of another family. They called you Wart. And at the age of eleven you pulled the sword from the stone and became king."

"Well I did pull my father's sword from the ground."

"Alright now it's me." Crys sighed. "I hate this story."

"Crys you drew the short straw." Beth said.

"Yeah, yeah. This is about Merlin. Merlin was not born but made by Queen Mab. When he was young, he was sent to her to become a great sorcerer. However, he was in love and he missed the woman that had helped raise him and did not do as Mab asked. Therefore, Mab sent him to her. He found out that Mab had let his mother die and was killing the woman who raised him. He never returned to Mab but went out looking to help people. When he found the king, he told him of the two dragons doing battle. The red dragon won and the king's dragon lost. Soon Uther and Merlin became confidants and told Merlin to make him Lady Egrain's husband so that he may sleep with him. Egrain's daughter Morgan noticed that this man was not her father and hated him. She was ugly. When Arhtur was born, she was forgotten. Mab and her minion find Morgan later and make her beautiful, Arthur sleeps with her and she becomes pregnant. She bore her son Mortred, who aged quickly because Mab made him so. Mortred reveals that Lancelot has stollen the Queen and kills Arthur. Same as always, Mortred kills Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere have an affair. But in every story Arthur is a blond."

"Why is it that you hate that story?" Lance asked.

"Merlin never really gets the girl until he is too old and he ages them back to to the time when they were like thirty and losses all his magic."

"Yay my TURN!" Beth shouted. "Alrightty people, here's this one. Sarmatian Knights forced into servce for Rome come to England and fight for fifteen years. One the day they are to be released from their hell, the bishop sends them on a final mission, to save a Roman boy from invading Saxons. They get there save a Woad woman and boy. On the way, back The One That is Silent dies. When they get to the wall, they see the Saxons outside the gates and fight them the next day. Lancelot and the Scout die. Arthur marries the Woad woman and becomes King of England."

"Gees, you really know how to tell a story Beth." Dee said as she crossed her arms.

"Alright so this one is about Tristan. He is the Prince of Lyoness, both of his parents are dead and he is the father to a bastard daughter. He goes and gets his uncle's bride from Percival. On the way, back Tristan and Isolde sleep together and she becomes pregnant. She marries King Mark and her half sister sleeps with him and becomes pregnant. Isolde gives birth to a boy. Brawen gives birth to a girl. After a year, Isolde and Tristan are found out and she is pregnant again with another son. Brawen dies, Tristan goes to Gaul and meets Galahad who is Lancelot's son, marries his daughter. Isolde hears of it and sends Tristan a note saying that she no longer loves them. He goes back to England, when he sees her again she tells him that she had to abort two babies that Mark put in her. While they make love Mark caughts them and kills Tristan. Isolde kills herself. His daughter becomes a whore, their first son becomes thief and their second becomes a murder. I like this one though for it shows that love is eternal. When they were buried, the hazel and ivy are so interwined that no one knows where one starts and the other ends." Alesa said as she looks at the silent knight.

"Those are just some of the stories." Roni said. "There are much more and in more detail but we haven't read them all."

"Well, those are just fine. It says a lot about your people."

"No it doesn't. It just says that they are idiots." Roni murmered under her breath.

"Well, I'm headed to bed." Beth said. Dee stood up and joined her.

Crys looked at Lance and then back at the two that walked away. She stood up and joined them. Roni looked at her friends and knew that they were having problems adjusting, so why was she different? Walking over to Gawain she looked at the floor.

"Gawain. I'm sorry I hit you. I thought that I was at home and that some one was forcing themselves on me."

"It's alright. I swear. I'll let you go to sleep." He walked away without looking back.

Roni and Alesa walked up to their rooms and said good night.

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