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Naruto POV

I stood there looking at Sakura with nothing but contempt and pity, that crush I had a few minutes prior were now long gone. What had I seen in her, I quickly asked himself. She had always stopped my growth and so did everyone else in my team no one cared anything about me, no one ever asked about my day, no one ever spared me a passing gland except the torture my team or village would bestow on me. There was nothing, that kept me in team seven, and nothing would ever change, Kakashi would ignore me for Sasuke or even Sakura who was by far the weakest kunoichi in existence or ever would be. Sakura would just blushed, giggled or scream and made no time for her to improve as a kunoichi…what a pitiful excuse of a ninja, no wonder they look down open kunoichi and now it makes sense why most ANBU are males. Sasuke was anything but social or caring, all he cared about was killing his brother, I mean killing his own brother how twisted can you be, I don't care if he killed your whole family… at least you had one.

Funny how something can start out so well, and up so horrible yet surprising it can be inspiration in disguise…

The cage which had I had previously been imprisoned in, had crumbled down and shown me the true path to a shinobi, it was not caring for your friends as how Kakashi put it a long time ago. It was doing your mission as fast and efficient as possible, you were a tool and nothing else, something I had long ago learned by a genius of a man Zabuza… the perfect killing machine is what is respected in this village, than that's what I'm going to become and there not going to like it.

Nothing was stopping me from turning into the shinobi that the village wanted me for, and was boasted this gift which I rather call a curse. The village weapon, the village pariah… if that's what they wanted, then that's what they would get, time to drop my façade, time to stop caring and time to kill or at least destroy my opponents will to continue.

I had barely beat Kiba in the first match of the chunin exams preliminaries. I had one thanks to a fart, and then I used one of my new moves the Uzamaki Rendan. How stupid was I before, falling for another's persons garbage, KAKASHI I WILL GET REVENGE…

I was matched up against Neji the Hyuuga prodigy. He was in no way a weak adversary, and I would not underestimate him and at my current abilities I could at best only manage to tire him out, through the use of multiple Kage Bunshin's I might beat him if I produce enough of them. The Kage Bunshin no Jutsu was basically the only technique I was proficient with, and one of my most dangerous techniques because unlike most other people they serve more than just an illusion or distraction against only weak opponents, it helps take them down… you know what I think I could probably beat Sakura with one or two clones.

I needed to unlock my kekkei-genkai if I wanted to beat all my opponents, yes as hard it is to believe I have a kekkei-genkai. Deep within my veins lies the power known as Raikou Tenshu, a kekkei-genkai of such a magnitude with a lot of abilities never seen before, the last member of our clan was the Yondaime hokage, but even he, could only control a small fraction of the true power the blood limit possessed.

With the Raikou Tenshu bloodline limit mastered one would be as powerful as gods themselves. The embodiment of thunder is what we were, the jutsu's we are capable of performing are unstoppable. My clan was originally from the Kumogakure no Sato, or other wisely known as the village hidden in the mountains.

I was born a monster being born with the potential to master the full capabilities of my blood limit, I would posses an unfathomable amount of power. How stupid of Kakashi to, think I was not a genius, I unlike him don't rely on my special abilities that make us different, not better like everyone else believes it just gives us shortcuts. He wasn't even born with his kekkei-genkai, yet he believes he is better than everyone else or those who do not posses a kekkei-genkai… that hypocrite he acquired it from Obito Uchiha yet he has the stupidity to believe that they are better, I mean god damn it, Obito died saving him. You would think he would be a little more grateful for being alive, at the cost of a genius life. But no he just forgets everyone else, and pays attention to that Uchiha trash, who will betray the village after someone offers him power.

Now to Sakura, how could I have possible liked her, she has an oversize forehead, now she sports short pink hair, green eyes, the voice of a banshee and the weakest person I had ever seen and she thought she was too good for me huh, well that's to sad, I might as well reveal what was always under my jumpsuit a black battle armor, with golden yellow tint in the frame.

On my shoulder where two golden shoulder bracers, on my legs were golden bracers, and I had golden colored low cut boots, can you believe real gold… I'm rich bitch, thanks my friend Dave Chappel, he really knows what's he's saying . On my thigh was my family's heirloom the real Tamujin not the fake one that Konoha had for a long time now, the real one possessed much more power than that fake copy of it and could not brake, no matter the damage.

Although I had still to unlock my kekkei-genkai, I could control thunder to a certain degree. I had many faults, my taijutsu was horrible, my ninjutsu was very limited, my genjutsu was nonexistent, my stamina and chakra reserve were great but my chakra control was horrible at the best.

I would need to put on weights if I wanted to increase my speed quickly, for chakra control I would require water walking while wearing weights, For my genjutsu, I would require to perfect my chakra control at best and start learning the chakra pulse to disrupt them all, for taijutsu I would require to learn my families taijutsu style Raikou Genkotsu. My ninjutsu would not be needed considering, I could control thunder at will without their weakness to the air element considering I am my own weakness.

So for the month in before the chunin finales, I trained, hard, worked on my kenjutsu until I mastered the Hekireki Yaiba, throughout my training I also perfected my chakra control, pushed my chakra reserves to new levels, which now is in the level of the three legendary sanin Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru.

I mastered the Raikou Genkotsu, and learned how to neutralize any genjutsu, no matter what considering, that I had finally unlocked my kekkei-genkai, its so sweet man, I tell you it's the best controlling the thunder element rocks, and I had mastered it to the point where the Yondaime hokage had, I could pull out the Hirashin no Jutsu without the three pronged kunai unlike my old man, and even perform an attack similar to the Raikiri just more powerful and chakra absorbing. Can you believe it take that Kakashi just wait till you see me in action.

I grew quite a bit during my month of training from the short midget or runt to as tall as Shino Aburame. I wore my Hekireki Clan battle armor, which was the one I wore beneath my orange jumpsuit, and exchanged the blue cloth on my hitia-tae for a longer black silk cloth, which I wore on my forehead, I also had solid gold borders around my hitia-tae.

Normal Layout….

It was the start of the chunin finals, and everyone was there except Naruto and Sasuke, but after a while Sasuke appeared with Kakashi in a gust of leaves. Naruto was yet to be seen, but in the middle of the clearing a swift gust formed and could be clearly felt throughout the stadium before it started to crackle, dark clouds started to slowly form in the horizon, while the clouds all released strikes of thunder in the exact location several times. To everyone's shock, slowly the clouds receded back, like if they had never been formed and in the location of the scorched land stood a new Naruto with golden eyes before they slowly turned back to their usual bright blue eyes.

The crowd stood still before they could recognize what had just happened Naruto had teleported through the lightning bolts, and he wore the royal hekireki battle armor. That really got the crowd bewilder the Uzamaki Naruto was the heir to the most powerful clan in Konoha. Kakashi looked shocked, that meant Naruto was related to his deceased teacher and most likely his son, of all the people to ignore… he chose to ignore his sensei's son, his idols son, the village martyrs son's.

The girls on the stands looked very perplexed there were three very cute guys in the exam, but one of them they couldn't really see all that perfect. One was obviously the Uchiha, the other the Hyuuga but who was the third?

The winds subsided and Naruto looked at the examiner before asking if the matches would be set underway anytime soon.

Sasuke looked as stoic as ever, Neji looked confused on the difference of the cloth Naruto wore, Shino was quiet and collected, Temeri looked hungrily at Naruto, Shikamaru was trying to sleep but failing, Gaara sported a murderous smirk across his face and Kankuro was petting his puppet.

The examiner quickly said " Okay, you've made it this far so you should be proud of yourself, and first match is between Naruto and Neji. So everyone else please go back into the stadium to watch the match unfold."

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