Roukai Tenshu

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Chapter 2: A Fateful Encounter

The crowd was in a state of panic, and uproar had lifted throughout the tumbling arena, their was huge cracks all over the receding wall. Scorch marks could be clearly seen all over the disfigured wall, in the middle of the arena there was a large scorch mark where the lightning stroke.

The crowd could barely stay on their feet through all the excitement that happened to be the previous match. Negi versus Naruto who would of thought, a match they had all planned to go quickly in Neji's favor ended up with a devastating win by the dead last.

What a guy, to use two ninjutsu's the whole time and win like nothing had even happen, he had walked without a care in the world and a wicked smile curled up in that handsome face of his. Kabuto smirked, Naruto-kun sure was a dangerous person before, but now… Orochimaro were you watching, do you still want the Uchiha's body when you can have an elemental lord at you disposure… only time will tell, so bye little Naruto-kun.

Orochimaro watched the fight over and over in his mind, incredulously at the fact that a twelve year old kid just defied reality, those jutsu made his forbidden jutsu into academy crap. Elemental lords are more dangerous than I had previously seen, this will make the conquest harder to accomplish and my eventual rise to world domination. Naruto-kun, what power you have… you would of made the perfect vessel, although you lack the abilities of the sharingan, you are ultimately unbeatable thanks to the Kyuubi's regeneration power's plus your mastery over thunder.

The Sandaime hokage just looked confused, perplexed on the idea that, someone so young could have such power… he could easily be as strong as a sannin with that stunt he produced right now, although his arsenal of jutsu's might be weak, his over all ability made him top-notch. To think that the son of the Yondaime would be this powerful, he really is your son… how sad that such a heavy burden was placed on him, but because of it he has become a being of omnipotence. The other elemental lords will come sooner or later to ask him to join or to ultimately kill him.

Those two jutsu, were demon level kinjutsu's how did he know them, the chief summon know more about those techniques. The Raiton: Chi Ya Bakafuu and the Raiton: Tentou Kanon, ultimately level ninjutsu's. How many more does Naruto-kun know, I wonder.

Ino was in a state of confusion, the dead last, had changed…a lot. No more was he the dead last, or weak and if the way her father looked at him… not normal. What exactly could have brought n this dramatic change in Naruto. I don't know if I like this one better or the happy, cheerful annoying short Naruto, at least he's no so short anymore.

Hiashi looked at Neji, hopefully having been rescued from his imminent death, would lessen his loathsome for the main branch. Should this be the time that I show Neji, his fathers last letter…The question that had bothered Hiashi so long ago had finally been answered, the strongest Hyuga prodigy in over 100 years was totally demolished by Naruto who had not even inherited his power for more than a month… the elemental lords were anything but weak… in a one on one match between Naruto and himself he still would have a hard time winning, if he had the chance of winning against something like that. No that I know the powers of the elemental rulers, I know why they were so feared throughout second shinobi war, a full power elemental master could demolish an army with no problems at all, which no brings me up to bigger problems… I had heard that the elemental lords refused to enter a certain place… why? What could be in there, what could possible scare a elemental lord?

The crowd had finally settled down after about an hour or so, the other matches were yet to begin, although they didn't think it would turn out as the first match, they watched on with high hopes that the matches continuing the first match would at least prove to be entertaining,

A band of girls had formed, it was known as the Naruto Crushing Fan Club, it was rising in popularity and fast… the scourge of the rabid fan girls will wreck havoc upon the life of the new Naruto. Some thoughts that were going through the population of females were, he's so cute that foxy-chan, he's so strong that Naruto-sama, and so sexy, I want my foxy-chan… Naruto-kun will you ever be mine!

Naruto went to the stands sitting right next to the council members, having been found out that remaining heir to the Hekireki clan, made him the clan leader and part of the council… how they would regret this day, no more demon spawn of Konoha… everyone will be forced to wear green spandex except me who goes against my clan, it even says in my clans book… which I made. MWUAHAHAHA!

The next matches finally went underway with, Kankuro versus Shino up next. Shino was greatly angered with the turnout of the match, Kankuro had quit, he was denied a match. At least he would get to fight other matches at full strength although that would be like cheating but at least Shikamaru didn't have to fight two matches which one could hear him say "Thank god two matches would be way to troublesome but I wonder what happened to that Dosu fellow…hmm"

The next match really got a lot of attention, Shikamaru versus Temeri. This match was interesting and disappointing, throughout the match Temeri led all of the attacks while Shikamaru just evaded and formulated a plan of his own. Temeri quickly checking for the measurements of the Kagemane no jutsu, ended falling for Shikamaru's folly. It appeared that Shikamaru had led the whole match from the beginning to the end in an archaic fashion. No one would have presumed that Shikamaru had used the previous fight to his advantage… through the aid of all the rubble he had trapped her in his Kagemane no jutsu but right when it all seemed at a loss for the fallen kunoichi… he quit.

The crowd went crazy Shikamaru had obviously won, yet he quit when he no doubt about it could of won. Leaving behind a very angry sand nin. The crowd boo'd and cursed Shikamaru's lazy attitude. Sakura fumed like their was no tomorrow which Chouji just laughed at, saying I told you so.

To say Temeri was upset with the fact she had won a losed battle would be an understatement, she was shocked, stunned, angered, infuriated, and lastly but not least embarrassed. She could not believe she had won, how lazy could that damn brilliant bastared be. Fucken asshole making me continue these matches when I was bested by a coward. I will get my revenge on the cloud gazing chump…

Chouji just continued to chuckle over and over, to Ino's dismay she had made a bet on how Shikamaru would beat Temeri… they were really high steaks, either Ino paid for all you can eat barbeque for a month or Chouji went on a diet for a year, with Ino being his nutritionist… talk about dire consequences. Chouji almost shit his pants with the steaks on the bet, but now he was more than happy… he gets all you can eat barbeque for a month.

Ino felt bad, real, real bad… she was saving money to buy her self the dress she wanted from Kunoichi's hottest magazine… Kunoichipolitan, she had read an article saying the perfect way to get your dream lover… the dress would snag you any shinobi the kunoichi could ever want. It was blessed by the water maiden, and could acquire any guy to fall head over heals in love… damn Chouji, maybe I can change the price for something else… I know I'll trick him into wanting a mystery bag of chips… no maybe I'll seduce him and ask him a favor… no that will lose my chance of being with Sasuke-kun or someone else… hmm, what to do, I cant take my end of the bargain, I only needed 1000 ryo more to afford the kimono. DAMN YOU SHIKAMARU!

Life was good but, the next match had everyone's attention Sasuke versus Gaara. The sand goliath versus the Uchiha heir. The daimyo's were really involved with this match taken that they had made serious bets on the winner of this match. The crowd was ecstatic about the turn around of the match. The tension was thick as Kakashi watched the match and how it would unfold. Was the training enough, and if its enough to take out Gaara is it enough to beat Naruto. A Chidori wont hurt Naruto, so his best technique is out of the box…

At this exact time Gai, had decided to bless them with their presence, Gai walked alongside of the crippled Lee, who was walking with the aid of some crutches. "Gai-sensei looks its Sasuke versus Gaara…," "Yes my youthful student Lee, It seems so, How will the Uchiha fight a person of his magnitude… So Kakashi my eternal rival, what did you teach your student's." "You said something" came a nonchalantly remark from the genius shinobi. "You and your hip attitude, that's what I would expect from my eternal rival… so did Naruto-kun lose to Neji-san."

Kakashi almost choked, "You didn't hear Gai." "Hear what" said an overly youthful jounin. "Neji losed"…. "WHAT my student Neji losed to Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun's youthfulness far surpasses the already intense flame he had… talking about Naruto-kun where is he?", "You said something Gai?"… "ARGHH, now is not the time to be wasting ones youth time of spring… Kakashi, So where is our little Naruto-kun,?"

Naruto-kun beat Neji. Sasuke is fighting Gaara, the man I couldn't beat and Naruto beat the man I have always wanted to beat… Yosh! My youthfulness will not burn out, with these unyouthfull (Okay is this even a word…I doubt it, but you catch my drift) thoughts. No I must get better to beat Naruto-kun, Sasuke-san, Neji-san and Gaara-teme, (LOL, Lee would never say that) thought a very happy but sad Lee.

will not burn out, with ththought a very happy but sad Lee.

The fight had begun, Sasuke was running around in high speeds, as fast as lee with his weights on. He's fast thought a very surprised Gai. He's as fast as I was with my weights… you really are a genius Sasuke-san pondered a very shocked Lee. Sasuke continued to moved at breakneck speeds surrounding Gaara, No way Sasuke-kun is so fast, he's speeds like Lee-san thought a very happy Sakura. Gaara quickly getting on the offensive sent wave after wave of sand towards the evading Sasuke. Splash, Whoosh…. The sand missed and missed attacking Gaara.

Sasuke quickly sped off and kicked Gaara into the air after entering Gaara's sand shield. His moves, its like I'm fighting that guy all over again… Gaara was in pain, not to much but Sasuke had kicked him in the air, and performed a powerful Shishi Rendan. Gaara slowly stood up, from the assault with nothing but his armor of sand crumpled a bit. "MOTHER WANTS YOUR BLOOD!" screeched a very frightening looking Gaara. The homicidal grin plastered on his face was making everything very dangerous, Sasuke with greater speed started disappearing and reappearing hitting Gaara's shield of sand before with even greater speed brutally roundhouse kicked, jabbed, and uppercut's Gaara into making and protecting himself through a cocoon of sand. Through speeds equal to Lee without any weights he ran back to the wall where he stood up and started charging energy into his right palm.

"Kakashi you didn't teach Sasuke the Chidori…" said a worried Gai. "Chidori, what's the Chidori, Gai-sensei." exclaimed an over zealous Lee. "Yes, Kakashi-sensei what is the Chidori."

After charging chakra to his palm, the cry of 1000 birds was heard throughout the stadium. The chirps of 1000 birds hurt the spectators ears as Sasuke moved with extreme speed towards the metamorphosing Gaara. He's as fast as me, in a month he acquired the speed that took me years to obtained. You are truly a genius Sasuke… but how long can you last at that speed? How high is your stamina, Sasuke-san? Naruto where are you, and how strong are you? thought a very happy, sad and sorrowful Lee…

"The Chidori, is Kakashi's signature attack, his only original jutsu… the reason its called Chidori is because it makes the noise of 1000 birds chirping… its an A class assassination jutsu…" Gai was cut off by Sakura who said "Wow, Sasuke-kun's amazing" So that's why Sasuke trained in his speed because, with his sharingan he can look at Gaara's attacks and change his direction, in mid battle… like I once said, your sharingan might be good but if your body isn't fast enough to react, than the sharingan is useless, by eliminating his weakness he has become much stronger than before… Lee grimaced now his weakness in speed has disappeared except for the fastest of opponents. I will beat you Sasuke-san… I will beat you!

Gaara protruded spikes from his cocoon as he tried to hurt Sasuke who was running around him, in circles at high speeds. The spikes unfortunately where dodged by the quick sharingan user. Right before Sasuke plunged his Chidori into the cocoon of sand. A loud shriek was heard as the cocoon of sand slowly subsided. "IM BLEEDING, MY BLOOD…MY BLOOD" the maniacal, scowl on Gaara's brain was scaring most of the spectators… he was screaming loudly cursing Sasuke.

Temeri was panicking, He wouldn't let it out would he, he wouldn't… Temeri was moving around in circles, with high hopes that Gaara wouldn't enter his perfect form. I do not want to see that thing ever again, the first time I ever saw that transformation.

Kankuro was hitting himself, No Not again, not that, please kami-sama do not let that happen again. Last time that happened I could not eat regularly for a month, and all those nightmares…no again. "Temeri you don't think he will go that far, right?"

Temeri didn't answer, to scared to get out anything that could have possibly gotten Gaara to go into his transformed states.

Sasuke quickly went running back into the wall and charged his final Chidori to finish of the fight… but before he had acquired his the energy charged up into his palm, he was quickly squatted Sasuke with his tail of sand. No longer did Gaara look like a kid but a miniature badger, two powerful sand reinforced arms, his face no longer visible being completely covered up by sand… his eyes no longer, green but a menacing colored yellow. The spectators were shocked… what was Gaara.

Temeri was cursing Sasuke for bringing the first transformation state, out to play, slowly he would enter his perfect form… and then all hell would break loose. What could possible stop the rampage of the one-tailed demon lord Shakaku.

Sasuke stood back up, no more was this a fight but an extermination, and with the highest amount of energy he could muster he set up his strongest Chidori and ran straight into the abominable Gaara. The battle cry was heard as all, the spectators screamed in fear, a monster had been released another jinchuuriki was out in the play… and this one was unstable.

Gaara quickly punched Sasuke fiercely in his temple sending to a one way vacation to Lala land. Gaara continued his rampage, bashing walls with his powerful hits… all was lost when the examiner quickly jumped out of the reach of the angry jinchuuriki. The jounin were about to jump when Naruto decided to start his fray…

"Hey Kakashi, why are you letting Naruto-kun fight that monster… it would take a couple of jounins to handle someone of that power." said a hysteric Gai… So that's how Naruto-kun looks, he looks more like a ninja then he ever did, he's a lot stronger but is it enough…hopefully your not overestimating you genin Kakashi, he might be another jinchuuriki so this is a fight between similar people is it.

Naruto-kun let the power of youth take over… he looks more professional, so Naruto-kun how are you going to handle Gaara, don't get to hurt Naruto-kun… show the power of youth, your power of youth burns brightly so let it explode… thought a very hopeful Lee.

"Its you, Mother wants your blood… I will kill you, my existence will not erased" screeched a very angry jinchurriki. With great force he sent a powerful punch towards Naruto who sidestepped the attack, before running on his arm at great speeds faster than Lee with weights but slower than without his weights his speeds. Quickly charging chakra to his fist, he clobbered Gaara and sent him flying to the arena wall. "I will prove my existence… I will not die!" screeched Gaara vehemently.

Naruto-kun, you are much stronger than we expected, but still is that enough to handle the monster that is Gaara. He is faster than I would of expect, but he's still not faster than my Lee. "Hey Kakashi, did you teach Naruto anything new, I thought you only helped Sasuke." said a very angry Gai.

How dare Kakashi-sensei not teach Naruto-kun anything and then let him take out Gaara who's stronger than a Fucken ANBU… what the fuck… damn you Kakashi-sensei. thought a very disgruntled Lee. "Kakashi-sensei… tell me you helped Naruto-kun, or else he is going to be killed… your favorite pupil was beaten, and now you let Naruto take him.

"Its okay, Gai and Lee… you don't know Naruto very well… if his match with Neji was indicator was this match is barely beginning." said a very smugly Kakashi.

The match continued Gaara swiftly sending a barrage of sand kunai, to Naruto's location. Who just vanished from sight and appeared behind Gaara before saying. "Is this all you have Gaara.. Come on, you can do better… you have yet to get me serious." Gaara quickly slammed his fist into Naruto and sent him packing towards the wall were he somersaulted and rebounded off the wall and gracefully landed at the floor. Gaara quickly getting pissed release his second level transformation where transformed into a miniature Shakaku, being about two meters high.

The crowd nearly fainted after seeing him get bigger and from the aura he was producing a lot stronger. "He's going to kill Naruto, Kakashi-sensei do something about this." worriedly asked Lee. "No" The quick answer, left a startled Gai and Lee…

Gaara continued with his attacks, all which were dodged by Naruto who slowly kept getting faster. Gaara just smirked before he hit Naruto from the back with a super powered sand clone. Naruto hit the ground hard before he slid all the way to the other side of the arena.

Naruto slowly stood back up before he dropped the weights he was holding… with a large thump the ground shook and an aftershock went through the stadium as the weights hit. The crowd stood astonished that was a lot of weight, meaning one thing he was fast, faster than anyone they had previously seen.

With a flash of speed Naruto appeared and reappeared all over the stadium walls, grounds everywhere, he was moving so fast he was leaving after images all of the place. Gai, Lee and the rest of the shinobi looked at Naruto with awe, that speed was unreal, it was if he was using the inner lotus. Naruto quickly appeared and reappeared hitting Gaara through a spinning kick, roundhouse kick, another roundhouse kick, uppercut then a swift final drop kick. Which launched Gaara hitting the ground hard, the earth shook with the landing of the transforming Gaara. Once more he transformed into a his third transformation and almost perfect form… one form before he entered his perfect.

With masterful, use of his sand… he launched and hit Naruto over and over again, With a massive battle hungry cry he launched a large chakra reinforced punched towards Naruto that's was caught, by the unstoppable Naruto. His eyes no longer blue but a radiant yellow, his sleek black battle gear changed for a solid gold chakra reinforced armor. The crackle of thunder, the yellow aura surrounding Naruto with his two blue bangs on his forehead caught a lot of attention.

"Kakashi-sensei you never told me Naruto-kun had a bloodline ability… and by the look of it… he's an elemental lord." asked a very surprised Gai. Naruto-kun has a bloodline ability, so he's a natural genius, not a genius of hard work… no Naruto-kun always worked hard for his strength, thought a perplexed Lee. "I didn't know myself" was Kakashi's coolly response.

The match continued, Naruto was moving at speeds unheard of as a yellow flash was all that could be seen… Hit after hit landed on Gaara's stomach. Naruto quickly summoned a storm as he recharged his energy, Gaara stood there waiting for the attack. Quickly gathering chakra into his lungs before he slammed his fist into chest and released a highly concentrated ball of chakra towards Naruto, who countered with his own, Raiton Fuuton: Urutora Su-Pa-Sonikku Shougekishuuha as the attacks connected, a huge explosion was heard as debris started falling all over the frightened spectators.

Gaara getting restless quickly went through his final metamorphosis, which got all the people including the kage's frightened. Orochimaru stood their, he didn't expect for his trump cared to be revealed so early, he could not get to the Sandaime like this, Shakaku would be to much trouble once he was set free. He would need to summon Manda, and if he did, the Sandaime would know who it was, messing up with the master plan. What to do? Damn Gaara, damn you Naruto… you will be mine.

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Lighting and Air release: Ultra Supersonic Shockwave