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Souls Reborn

By Emma Iveli

"How troublesome… I have to fight a girl…"

"Oh yes… (chomp) these potato chips... (chomp) are delicious…now to eat the last one..."

"How troublesome… we have a loudmouth Hokage..."

"Well, well… looks like the Nara will perish… it's a shame really"


Zoro woke up in a cold sweat.

"That dream again…" he thought.

"Good boy Akamaru…"

"Gross… I can't believe you farted again… stop doing that!"

"Sorry I ever doubted you ever becoming Hokage"

"Poor little mutt… now you're the one to go..."

"Damn you Orochimaru"

Usopp jumped nearly foot after waking up.

"Why do my dreams always end like that?" he thought.

"Those in the ninja world those who break the rules and regulations are called trash, but those who don't' care about their companions… are even lower then trash"

"A black cat crossed my path, so I had to take the long way"

"Well Naruto… you lived your dream…"

"Well, well Kakashi… looks like you finally met your end"


Sanji jolted up from his sleep.

"That crap dream again…" he thought.

"I have to be strong…"

"Hell Yeah!"

"Oh Naruto, your finally Hokage"

"Looks like the little flower will finally wither"

"No… Orochimaru"

Nami woke up and she wiped her brow.

"Now that dream again…" she thought.

"If you hurt my sensei again I swear… I will kill you!"

"Ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen, ramen!"

"Well I'm finally Hokage… I guess it got too rough for you Granny…"

"What was that!"


"Hey you can't do that to me! I'm Hokage!"

"Well I'm the former Hokage!"

(Pound… pound… pound)

"No… stop… please… I give up… I won't call you granny again!"

"Hmmm… so looks like the 6th Hokage's time is up…"

"Orochimaru… one day I will get you back…"

"I'd like to see you try"

Luffy woke up and looked around.

"Oh man I hate those dreams… why couldn't they involve meat rather than that ramen stuff…" he thought.

Chapter 1: Strange Assassins

A snake like man was looking over papers he scowled at what he found. A young man was delivering the news to him.

"So then that rumor about reincarnations was true…" said the snake like man… he was Orochimaru the bane of the hidden content and a leader of a country that declared an alliance in the World Government… it is because of that all other elemental nations refuse to join the alliance… not only that but he is immortal… over 100 years old…

"Unfortunately out of the 16 some of them have united, two of them joined by the dog are well aware of what's going on…. They have already encountered our assassins while the 2nd group which consists of 5 of them is on the most part completely unaware of their past lives and met by pure chance… but I fear that that they will join up with these 5 in Rouge Town… where unfortunately another of them lives…" said the young man.

"Who are they?" asked Orochimaru.

"Well the one who lives in Rouge Town is said to be the reincarnation of Temari… while the ones in the that appears to be unaware contains the reincarnations of Nara Shikamaru, Inuzuka Kiba…" he took a breath, "Haruno Sakura, Hatake Kakashi and Uzumaki Naruto…"

Orochimaru smirked, "So looks like most of my worst enemies are unaware of their past lives… what about those are aware…"

"I've heard they are traveling with a dog who is said be the reincarnation of the Inuzuka dog… Hyuga Hinata" he took another breath "The Uchiha… is the other who is aware…"

Orochimaru was shocked "I thought he was the first target!"

"He was! But Jiraiya… he helped..." said the young man.

Orochimaru was angry… "Don't you ever say his name again…"

"Yes sir!" said the young man.

"Make sure that that they don't every reunite… especially with those two!" said Orochimaru.

"Yes Lord Orochimaru…" said the young man who diapered in a puff of smoke.

"Jiraiya and Tsunade… I will find that Jutsu one day…" hognut Orochimaru.

In Rogue Town…

"Yay we're finally here yelled Luffy who ran off to find where Gold Rogers was executed.

"Should we fallow him?" asked Usopp.

"Why bother…" said Zoro, after barrowing some money from Nami went to search for a sword shop.

The other three parted ways… little did they know they were being watched by two people…

"I know they would stop here…" said one of them who was man.

"I know… I'm glad… but… I think Sound Assassins will go after them soon…" said the other who was a young woman who eyes were white with veins bugling around her eyes… she was the one really watching them.

"Luffy got lucky… by pure chance his crew… were them…." said the man.

"I know…" said the young woman who closed her eyes, the veins disappeared, when she opened they were brown instead of white.

A small white dog that was with them began to bark a lot.

"I guess one of them is Kiba's reincarnation…" said the man, "I'm going to find Luffy…"

"I'm going to look for Usopp…" said the young woman.

The dog ran off and the two humans parted ways.

Elsewhere in town Zoro sighed… he had helped a woman… that looked like his late rival Kuina… what was even stranger was that he felt that he met her before… he couldn't put his finger where and it definitely wasn't the fact she looked like Kuina.

He sighed and entered a sword shop and began to look around… he noticed the owner at the counter.

"So what would it be?" asked the owner.

Zoro put down the small amount of money Nami gave him.

" Here's 100,000 berries, I need two swords…" said Zoro.

The owner sweatdroped, "A sword for 50,000 berries are dull…" said the owner.

The owner noticed Zoro's sword… he began to twitch… he ask to see Zoro's sword and tried to buy it… bit of course Zoro refused to sell it… that's when the woman he met earlier came into the shop. She saw Zoro's sword.

"No way!" said the woman he ran into on the streets who had navy blue hair and wore glasses, she picked up his sword and took out a book, "That's Wadou Ichimonji… the Strait Path to Harmony… it's one of the 21 Excellent Blades"

"It's no big deal…" said the owner.

"Ni big deal… this is worth 10 million berries!" said the woman.

Zoro stared at the owner…

"Thank a lot lady and here's your Autumn Rain. Why some like you has this is beyond me…" said the owner, he grabbed a sword from underneath the counter and threw towards the woman… he caught it but crashed into a nearby display of swords.

"I'm okay!" said the woman.

"Yeah you have a famous sword now just buy two swords from those barrels and get out." said the owner pointing to the sword barrel.

Zoro walked to said barrel then the woman who was getting up noticed him.

"Hey we met eviler today…" said the woman.

Zoro let out a small growl.

He began to look though the barrel, then he came across something he liked.

"That's Kitetsu III… that's one of the Fine blades…" said the woman, "What is it doing in the 50,000 berry barrel."

The owner seemed scared while Zoro looked at the sword.

"It's cursed isn't it?" asked Zoro.

"It's true… all uses all Kitetsu met with an untimely time… and if you do then you will meet your end soon…" said the owner.

"It's a good sword I'll take it…" said Zoro.

"No don't!" yelled the owner, "You'll die!"

Zoro smirked at the owner, "Then maybe we should test my luck… vs the sword's curse." He said, he tossed the legendary sword into the air, which spun in the air, then held out his arm. "If I fail then I'm not man enough for this sword…"

"Wait if that's a razor sharp blade! It will slice your arm off!" yelled the owner.

The sword spun the air… and by Zoro's luck harmlessly fell to the ground… unless you count the fact that it became imbedded into the floor…

Both the owner and woman were stunned.

"Hey can you look though that barrel to find me another sword…" said Zoro to the woman.

"Sure!" said the woman.

"Wait!" yelled the owner.

He went into the back room and then came back with a sword.

"You can have this, this is called the Yubshiri… Snow Runner… it's worth 1 million berries…" said the owner.

"But I can't afraid that…" said Zoro.

"No it's a gift… Kitetsu too… free of charge… the sword chooses it's owner and these chose you… and sorry I tricked you…" said the owner.

"Thanks…" said Zoro

Zoro left the shop…

"Hey wait!" called the woman fallowing him out the shop.

Meanwhile Usopp looked around town just wandering aimlessly.

"Usopp… is that you?" came a voice.

Usopp knew that voice well… he turned around and saw someone he didn't think he would see for a long time… Kaya.

"Kaya… what are you doing here?" asked Usopp.

"Um… well… shortly after you left I decided to travel the world" said Kaya.

Usopp noticed that she lying for some reason, he knew he should ask again later. Just then a little white dog came running though the street and stopped at Usopp.

"Bark! Bark bark!" barked the dog (Translation: It's you! I've finally found you!)

"I don't know what who you're looking for little dog… but I'm sure I'm not this person…" said Usopp, then realized he somehow fully understand, "I just understood the dog…" He proceed to faint…

"Usopp!" scearemd Kaya.

The dog sweatdroped… and looked towards Kaya.

"I know…" said Kaya.

Elsewhere in town Luffy was searching for the place where Gold Roger died when his hat blew away in the wind.

"Hey!" yelled Luffy chasseing after his hat.

The wind stop and a young man picked it up, Luffy found him, he gave one his trademark smiles when he saw the man.

"I thought you were more careful with thing…" said the man.

"Ace!" said Luffy happily.

The man named Ace who was Luffy's older brother gave back the hat.

"What are you doing here… I thought you would have been in the Grand Line by now!" said Luffy.

"Well um…" said Ace.

"You have a narcoleptic fit and somehow wound up back in the East blue?" asked Luffy.

"Yeah…" sighed Ace with a sweat drop his expression changed to a happy one, "But I heard that you got a bounty and quite a crew…" said Ace.

"I know…" said Luffy, "Hey do you know where Gold Rogers died?"

"Yeah…" said Ace knowing his brother would love to see it.

"Can you please show me where it is…" said Luffy.

"Sure…" said Ace with a sweat drop.

"Yay!" yelled Luffy.

The two headed towards where the famed King of the Pirates died.

Elsewhere Nami had just fined clothes shopping.

"This town is great!" said Nami happily.

That's when she ran into Sanji.

"Oh Nami!" yelled Sanji with a love filled voice… he was also carrying a large elephant tuna.

"Sanji…" said Nami, "Oh do you need help carrying that?" she asked.

"I could…" said Sanji, "We could find Usopp or moss head somewhere after all I could I ask you to help carry this…"

That when out the blue there was a strange song being played on a flute… then several strange identical men appeared from nowhere, there were more than a dozen of them.

"Who are you?" asked Sanji taking out a cigarette and lighting it.

That's when all of them took out kunai… Sanji just smirked.

"Stand back Nami I'll take them out…" said Sanji putting the large tuna on Thwe ground.

Sanji went to kick one of them men but he went though him like he was nothing.

"What just happened!" yelled Nami.

Something clicked in both Sanji and Nami's minds.

"It's the music…" thought both.

"Who's ever playing that music come out now!" yelled Sanji.

The music stopped and a woman appeared in a puff of smoke… she was very beautiful and wore a head band with a metal plate that had a music note on it. Sanji went into love cook mode… until he recognized that head band.

"I recognize those… from my dreams… what do they mean?" he thought.

Nami also recognized the headbands as well.

"Aw… you're not fun… I was hopping to torture you before I kill you… but I guess your smatter than I thought…" said the woman.

"Did you say kill us?" asked Nami.

"That's right… Lord Orochimaru doesn't want you alive…" said the woman taking a ton of shrunken.

"Lord Orochimaru?" they both thought.

Nami began to run away, Sanji picked up the fish and fallowed her.

"Wait Nami!" yelled Sanji.

"Looks like this might be a fun thing after all…" said the woman.

Elsewhere with Usopp and Kaya, Usopp finally woke up.

"Usopp are you alright?" asked Kaya.

"I think… I think I can also talk to dogs now for some reason…" said Usopp.

"Bark bark!" said the little dog that was still there (translation: Nope you can only under stand me!")

Then the dog began to growl and barked rabidly towards a nearby alley.

Kaya looked afraid for a bit then said, "I know you're in there… and I know you're from the Sound Village!"

That's when a man came out the shadows much like the woman he wore the head began wit the music note.

"That's too bad you found me… and that you already know…" said the man

"I do…" said Kaya.

"Kaya… what's going on?" asked Usopp.

"I'll explain later… we need to find your crewmates right now…" said Kaya.

"Why?" asked Usopp.

"I said I'll explain later!" said Kaya she helped Usopp off the ground and lead him away from the man fallowed by the dog.

"So that's the one that knows… I just hope she hasn't awakened the Byakugan…" thought the man.

Elsewhere Zoro waited for the woman to be done admiring the Yubshiri, after what seemed like an eternality she finally handed back his new sword.

"It's an amazing blade…" said the woman.

"I know…" said Zorro with a sweat drop.

"You know I was thinking about how you use three swords… it reminds me of Roronoa Zoro…" said the woman.

"What tare you a fan?" asked Zoro.

"Of course not!" yelled the woman, "He's a bounty hunter who uses swords for evil! That's why I plan to retrieve the 12 supreme grade, the 21 excellent grade and the 40 fine grade from evil doers!" said the woman.

Zoro smirked "So are going to get mine?" he asked playing on her obliviousness.

"Oh no… of course not…" said the woman.

"So swordsmen… er… a swordsman and a swordswoman… interesting…" said a voice.

A man came jumping down with a sword in hand… Zoro was well prepared, he managed to grab Wadou and blocked.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Zoro.

"Just an assassin from the Sound Village who's a swordsman…" said the man who like the other wore the music note headband. He looked towards the woman.

"It's a good thing I prepared by using the Shadow Clones…" said the man.

An identical man jumped out of nowhere and was about to strike the woman but she blocked with her sword Autumn Rain…

"What do you want with us?" asked the woman.

"Oh just that Lord Orochimaru wants you two dead for reasons I can't say why…" said they man fighting the woman.

Meanwhile Luffy got on top of the scaffolding where Gold Rogers died on, Ace watched from below with a sweat drop.

"He's in so much trouble…" said Ace.

"Oh Luffy…" came a voice.

Luffy looked down and Ace turned around and saw a very beautiful woman. Everyone in the nearby crowd marveled at her beauty… except for Luffy and Ace… Luffy because he's well… an idiot and Ace… well it's long story, and it's something that's supposed to be fully explained next chapter but in short, Ace in a way had bad experiences with women in the form of fangirls and currently wasn't interested in girls…

"Do I know you?" asked Luffy.

"Oh how could forget a pretty face like mine?" asked the woman, "After all you were the first man to punch me…"

"I punched her?" asked Luffy.

"You punched her?" asked Ace.

"I don't think so…" said Luffy.

"It's me the beautiful lady Alvida…" said the woman who turned out be Alvida.

"Where is she?" asked Luffy.

"I'm right here…" yelled Alvida.

"Really you look kinda differ…" said Luffy.

"How nice you noticed" said the woman removing a cloak she was wearing, "I was transformed by eating a devil fruit now my body is beautiful can't be marred by any attack… but sadly my beauty was barely enhanced… though my freckles are gone…"

"I don't think that's it…" said Luffy.

"I heard that Lady Alvida was extremely fat… so much that that when she walked down the street people would say "God damn! That's a big fat ass"" said Ace.

"That is not true" said Alvida.


The old fat Alvida was walking down the street, she walked pasted a man who yelled "God damn! That's a big fat ass!"

"Ay!" responded Alvida.

(End of flashback)

"I'm sorry to say this Luffy but before you can be my man there's something you must do first… you see I joined up with someone and you have to beat him…" said Alvida as a group of men in cloaks appeared.

"I'm back!" yelled open of the man as he and the other removed their clacks… he was revealed to be Buggy the Clown… another old enemy of Luffy's.

"Now Luffy…" said Buggy the Clown.

"So let me guess you want to kill him too…" said a teenaged girl who appeared from nowhere and began to pat Buggy's back, she also wore the music note headband.

"Hey you are you?" yelled Buggy.

"Just a sound ninja…" said the girl, "Sorry to say this but Lord Orochimaru already has dibs and this guy's murder."

"Oh yeah well how long has he had dibs?" yelled Buggy.

"Oh I don't know. I definitely know it was more than 50 years. I really should have paid attention in history class …" said the girl.

"Who is she?" asked Luffy.

"Luffy… please get down right now… I'll explain everything later…" said Ace.

"But I don't want to!" said Luffy.

"Just do it!" yelled Ace.

"I don't care if this guy has dibs I'm still going to…" said Buggy but then there was an explosion… he survived somehow.

"Oh my explosion tags aren't strong enough!" yelled the girl.

She turned towards Ace and Luffy.

"So… I know one of you are aware of my mission right…" said the girl taking out a few shierikan.

She threw them towards Ace… but they went though him, when they did small flames came from his body.

"Sorry to tell you but I ate the Flare Flare Fruit…" said Ace.

"You did! Cool!" yelled Luffy.

"but I'm sure that he didn't!" yelled the girl throwing more shrunken but this time towards Luffy… when they hit however there was a puff of smoke and the shrunken hit a tree log.

"Where did he get a log from!" yelled the girl.

"Sorry but I'm going to let you kill my little brother!" said Ace who had somehow got Luffy down from the plat form.

"What's going on… and how did you that?" asked Luffy.

"I'll explain later…" said Ace, "But we should your crew… they're in danger too…" said Ace.

"What!" yelled Luffy.

Both ran away from the girl.

Elsewhere Kaya and Usopp as well as the dog continued to run from the man.

"Kaya do you know who this man is?" asked Usopp.

"I don't but… I do know who he works for…" said Kaya closing her eyes, "Byakugan!"

Veins near her temples bulged when she opened her eyes they were white… well really a pale lavender color…

Usopp didn't know what to say…

"I see Nami!" said Kaya, "Fallow me!"

Usopp and the dog fallowed Kaya around a corner.

Meanwhile Sanji and Nami they were running from the woman.

"Why does she want us dead?" asked Nami.

"Nami! Sanji!" yelled Usopp's voice.

They were joined by Usopp and Kaya as well as that dog.

"Usopp…" said Sanji, "Hey can you help me carry this fish?"

"Sure…" said Usopp picking up the tail end of the fish, "Wait a second! Some guy is chasseing us wanting us dead!"

"A woman wants us dead… now help me carry the fish!" said Usopp.

"Kaya?" asked Nami noticing her in surprise.

"Hi…" said Kaya.

"What's with your eyes?" asked Nami.

"It's a long story…" said Kaya.

The man who was chasseing Usopp and Kaya joined the woman.

"We're now at a disadvantage… if we launch an attack at them at the wrong spot it will be detected…" said the man.

"I know… I noticed that girl has the Byakugan…" said the woman, "should we withdraw?"

"That's good idea right now…" the man.

"Hey!" yelled the woman, "We're withdrawing but we'll be back!"

Both of them diapered in puffs of smoke.

Kaya stopped them, "They're gone…" said Kaya.

She closed her eyes and they returned to normal when the opened them they were normal again.

"Kaya… do you know what's going on?" asked Nami.

"Yes… I do… I think we should get to the ship and hope that Luffy, Zoro and Ace are okay…" said Kaya.

"Who's Ace?" asked Usopp.

"He's someone I met recently… and you won't believe who he is…" said Kaya.

"Before we get back to the ship maybe you should introduce me to her…" said Sanji in love cook mode.

"Maybe later…" said Kaya with a sweat drop. Kaya looked at him and smiled "Looks like were luckier than we thought" she thought.

Meanwhile with Luffy and Ace they were still running from the teenaged girl.

"Stop! If Orochimaru finds out I didn't kill you I'll be in really big trouble…" said the girl.

"She's the first who's not very good at her job…" said Ace, "Must be a Genin…" he thought.

While they were running Luffy spotted Zoro.

"Zoro!" yelled Luffy.

Both Zoro and the woman were still blocking the two men.

"Zoro… your Zoro…" said the woman to Zoro.

"What you didn't figure it out…" smirked Zoro.

"More sound assassins…" said Ace, "Luffy will think it hays to do with my Devil Fruit…" he thought.

Ace began to make hand signs then breathed multiple fireballs out of his mouth.

"Damn it… it's the Uchiha…" thought the swordsman… the swordsman who was fighting Zoro jumped out the way while the one fighting the woman disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"I'll meet you again later but for now I leave!" he yelled.

He ran away and grabbed the teenaged girl chasseing Luffy and Ace.

"Hey!" yelled the teenaged girl.

"He's the reincarnation of Uchiha… do how bad that is…" said the man.

"Yeah… I think" said the teenaged girl.

"How you got this mission is beyond me…" thought the man.

"What the hell is going on…" said Zoro.

"Hey Zoro! So you had some guy try to kill you too? Oh yeah this my brother Ace…" said Luffy.

"Hi…" said Ace with a sweat drop.

The woman stared at Luffy and Ace.

"Your Portgas D. Ace and Monkey D. Luffy…" said the woman.

She fortunately still had her sword out… she was about to fight them… but she tripped, fell flat on her face and somehow became knocked out. Ace began to look her over.

"I know I shouldn't think this but… I hope that's Ino…" he thought.

Ace picked up the unconscious woman and grabbed her sword.

"I can't explain now but she needs to come with us…" said Ace.

"Okay…" said Luffy.

"I think that's a bad idea…" said Zoro.

"Hey I'll show our ship…" said Luffy as a storm swept in unexpectedly.

Luffy, Zoro and Ace headed to the Merry Go or Going Merry… the others waited for them… after deterring Mohji (a member of Buggy's crew) from setting it on fire.

"Hey there they are!" said Usopp.

After a few minutes the three were on boarded with the uncurious woman…

"What with the girl?" asked Usopp.

"What's wit the dog?" asked Luffy.

The dog was still by Usopp's feet.

"He won't leave me alone…" sighed Usopp.

"Oh yeah this is my brother Ace!" yelled Luffy, "Hey what's Kaya doing here?"

"It's a long story…" said Kaya.

Kaya walked over to Ace and asked "Is she?"

"Yeah… she is…" said Ace, "Hey Luff' do you think I can travel with you for a while?"

"Me too…" said Kaya.

"Sure!" yelled Luffy, "Set sail now!"

And so they set sail…

Elsewhere on his ship, Buggy had recovered from his explosion…

"If I know Straw Hat here's going to the Grand Line! So fallow him men!" yelled Buggy.

"I think that's we were already doing…" said Alvida.

"What?" yelled Buggy.

Okay… so he still hadn't fully recovered… he still had some hearing loss.

Back in Rouge Town in the Marine base…

"Captain Smoker sir!" yelled a marine running into the office the captain's office.

"What?" said Smoker, a man with silver hair and smoking two cigars.

"We have just received witness reports that states that Tashigi was kidnapped by Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace…" said the marine.

"They were in town?" asked Smoker.

"Yes sir… and they got away…" said the marine.

Smoker sighed, "Prepare a ship… I will find them myself… " said Smoker.

":But we have report they are headed towards the Grand Line!" yelled the Marine.

"So what!" said Smoker.

In the Village Hidden in the Sound Orochimaru had just gotten word…

"They are half-way reunited…" he thought angrily.

Next Time: Ace and Kaya explain everything, about their past lives... about Orochimaru... about a certain perverted sage... about Ninjas...what will happen? And will they untie Tashigi? Find out next time...