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Chapter 37: A Windy Day

The two looked at each other, ready for a fight. Tashigi looked at her opponent which was one of the current sound 4 after all.

She looked at his massive sword.

"So… how are we going to fight…" said Kenta.

Tashigi didn't answer.

"Because it really doesn't matter!" yelled Kenta swiping his sword at her.

Thanks to how massive the sword it there was a lot of force in the swing.

Thankfully Tashigi managed to dodge.

"This fight is only just getting started." Mocked Kenta.

Tashigi sighed.

"I hate when opponent says stuff like that…" she thought with a sweat drop.

Before she could react he did another swing.

Thankfully the attack barely hit.

But it still did hit… but she was able to recover.

"I've heard stories about the legendary Temari." Said Kenta, "And you're clearly nowhere near her level."

Tashigi laughed at him.

"She was known for being graceful." Said Kenta.

Tashigi glared at him even more.

"I can tell you're a klutz." Said Kenta.

Tashigi knew she had to go after him and she ran towards him with her sword drawn.

However Kenta just slammed his sword into the ground causing a huge explosion.

"What did you just do?" asked Tashigi recovering from the attack.

"Oh come on… why should I tell my opponent my secrets." Mocked Kenta.

Tashigi gritted her teeth.

"He unsung his chakra… but I don't know how." Thought Tashigi she realized.

Tashigi knew she had to be careful the fight .

She ran towards him with her sword drawn.

However he once again crashed his sword into the ground causing another explosion causing the sand to fly everywhere.

"It's not sand charka because I don't think he has a proper mix…" thought Tashigi.

That was when Kenta started to run towards her with his sword.

Tashigi block with her own sword as he tried to attack her head on.

Thankfully she was able to hold him off.

"Huh… interesting. I guess you do have some skill after all." ,mocked Kenta.

Tashigi glared at him.

Kenta then pushed her back .

She did quickly recovered.

"You should have a fan shouldn't you?" mocked Kenta.

Tashigi froze.

"Where is it?" asked Kenta.

Tashigi didn't want to answer… she hadn't brought it with to the island.

She wasn't sure if she could even use it.

A combination of her not training with it since childhood.

And the fact she was so used to using swords in this life…

"Because of that I don't think you can ever beat me"! yelled Kenta using his chakra to push her away.

Then he slammed his sword into the ground again. Causing yet another explosion.

"You can't win…" mocked Kenta.

Tashigi glared at him.

"I have to figure something out." She thought.

She looked at her sword and realized something.

"Wind… it's used for cutting… I can't believe I realizes that before…" said Tashigi.

She sighed.

"Then again this whole situation is weird." Though Tashigi with a sweat drop.

She took a breath as she realized.

"Should I try…" thought Tashigi.

She wasn't sure if she should.

"No… I do have to try." Said Tashigi.

She stood tall and glared at her opponent.

"So you think you can finally fight back." Said Kenta.

"I don't know how well my sword would be able to channel chakra." Thought Tashigi, "But I do have to try…"

"What is she planning." Thought Kenta.

Tashigi took a breath and channeled her chakacha into her sword.

"I will never forgive myself if I break it… but I'm sure I can do this without doing that." Thought Tashigi.

Kenta saw what she was doing.

"Are you freaking serious!" yelled Kenta, "You're doing that!"

Tashigi said nothing as she channel a cutting gust of wind into her sword sipe.

Kenta used his sword as a shield. It did protect him but there were several cuts made in the sand thanks to Tashigi's attack.

She saw that her sword was just fine.

Kenta glared at her.

"I can beat him." Thought Tashigi.

"You bitch!" yelled Kenta getting angry.

"Seriously?" asked Tashigi.

"What I can't be angry about things!" yelled Kenta.

Tashigi took a breath and used her chakra again.

"I have to beat him! No matter what!" thought Tashigi, "I can never fight like I did in my past life… so this how I will fight in this one."

She sent out another powerful cut thanks to the wind.

And another… and another.

Kenta gritted his teeth.

"Great…" he muttered.

He wanted to use his cursed seal, but knew that this fight wasn't one he should use it in…

Due to many reasons…

But he knew this fight he couldn't use it.

She once again used more and more cuts towards him.

He used his sword as a shield once again protect himself.

"You know… you have a small sword! There's no way you can never beat mine!" yelled Kenta, "And I have one of the biggest swords imaginable!"

"You know…" said Tashigi.

Kenta started to blush.

"I know! IT sounded a lot less dirty in my head!" said Kenta blushing.

However getting over that this allowed Kenta to channeled a lot of his chakra into his sword swing.

The force of the blast knocked Tashigi down.

Once the blast died down she heard Kenta's voice.

"I have certain orders at the moment… I had to go easy despite things… but next time we meet I'm sure I won't go easy… I will defeat you…" said Kenta's voice from somewhere .

Tashigi sighed when she heard this .

She took a breath and looked at her sword.

"I can fright my own way she tried not to squee… I don't need that fan!" giggled Tashigi.

She started blushing and looked around hoping no one saw that.

And thankfully no one did.

She then realized something.

"I should fine the others." She said .

She then tripped on a small hill of sand .

She got and up looked around and saw that none had seen that and so she once again left to find the others.

Meanwhile Khoza was looking at Satoshi who smugly looked back.

The two of them were ready fight.

And so Tashigi figure out a way for her to fight without exactly copying Temari… after all she was something of. Klutz and it would be have been somewhat difficult for her to use the fan…

She found her own way and that's what really mattered…

Next Time: Khoza must fight off against the mind reader of the group. Will he be able to win when he knows all of Kohza's tactics before they hit? Find out next time!