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8-year-old Harry Potter was quietly reading in his 'room'. He knew that his sister, Harmony Potter, was sleeping in her 'room' next door. Their rooms were only plain white with no windows and a mattress. Their brother, Hayden Potter, was hailed The-Boy-Who-Lived. In all reality, it was Harmony and Harry who had stopped Voldemort. Hayden was hailed while the others when shunned. This had made Harry and Harmony bitter. They knew that they had defeated the Dark Lord, but no one else did…

On July 31 1998, Lily Potter gave birth to three healthy babies; two boys and a girl. First came the two boys, then the little girl. They named the first boy Hayden Godric Potter. The next little one they named Harry James Potter. The little girl was named Harmony Lillian Potter. They loved them all the same, never getting one anything without getting the two something. That all changed the night Voldemort attacked. Hayden, Harry, and Harmony were in their cribs upstairs. The triplets were only a year old, and Hayden was asleep. A loud bang awoke him, as Voldemort busted the door in. Hayden started to cry as the snake-like man raised his wand.

"Avada Kedavra," he hissed. A green light shot out of his wand, but it didn't hit anything. A bright green shield was around the Potter triplets. The killing curse bounced off the shield, and hit Voldemort. He screamed in pain, as Harry and Harmony fell unconscious. They forever would have a lightening bolt shaped scar on their foreheads. Hayden had a jagged scar on his from being beside his siblings. James and Lily burst in, and seeing Hayden awake, assumed he was the one that had defeated the Dark Lord. Everyone forgot Harry and Harmony. Except some powerful beings and house elves…

Over in America, three witches were watching their children. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige Halliwell were known as The Charmed Ones. Paige was half witch half whitelighter, and had charges. She was also a teacher/headmistress at Magic School. Phoebe was the advice columnist for The Bay Mirror. She was very popular and was often on radio shows and television interviews. Piper owned P3, the club, and Halliwell Restaurant. The Halliwell's were all married. They all had children too. Piper had Wyatt Matthew, Chris Perry, Melinda Prudence, and was taking care of Prue's daughter, Pamela Angel. Phoebe had Damien Cole and Warren Benjamin from Cole. They are twins. She also has Prudence Alecia, Pandora Caroline, and Patience Brianna with Coop. Paige had Alexander James, Jennifer Nicole, Jessica Hope, and Samuel Brian with a fellow witchlighter named Mark. A jingle sounded in Paige's ears. She looked at her sisters.

"The elders are jingling. I have to go," she said. Piper, Leo, Phoebe, Coop, and Mark nodded as she orbed 'Up There'. There, Sandra met her.

"Why have I been summoned?" she asked.

"You have been given two new charges: Harry and Harmony Potter," she told Paige.

"Where and what are they?" asked Paige.

"They are in England, and have whitelighter in them. They also have powers like yours. Harry is what they call a wizard, and Harmony, a witch. They are being neglected by their parents," Sandra said. She proceeded to explain about the Voldemort situation, and the more she heard, the more Paige got mad. How dare they hurt innocent children like that! She turned to Sandra.

"Can I go to them?" asked the witchlighter. Sandra nodded, and focused on her charges. She orbed out.

Over in England, Harmony had walked into Harry's room upon awakening. They were quietly reading their parents old school books. They looked up at the sound of twinkling. A young woman that looked to be about 30 appeared out of nowhere. Harry stepped in front of his sister, as if protecting her. Paige bent down to their level.

"Its ok. I'm not going to hurt you. My name is Paige, and you are Harry and Harmony right?" she asked gently. Harmony came out from behind her brother and gave a small smile. Harry did too. Now Paige had a chance to look at the two children. They had hair that was very dark black. Their eyes were an emerald green color. Their clothes were torn and ragged. Paige looked at their arms and legs, looking at the cuts and bruises.

"Do you want me to heal those cuts?" she asked the young children. They nodded. She held out her hands, as they began to glow bright white. She passed them over the children, and they felt better instantly. Paige smiled as they looked at their arms and legs in wonder.

"Thanks," they said in unison. They looked alike, even sounded alike. All of a sudden, footsteps were heard. Paige gasped and turned invisible. Harmony and Harry knew she was still there. The door opened and Lily, James, and Hayden walked in. Haden had his mother's dark red hair and his fathers hazel eyes.

"We have to go to an interview with Rita Skeeter," Lily said proudly. Harry and Harmony nodded. Hayden, Lily, and James Potter left. Paige became visible again. She looked up.

"I have to go. If you need me, just shout my name really loudly. I'll see you soon," she said giving each a quick hug, then orbing out. Harry summoned them some food, and they fell asleep.

Piper looked up as Paige orbed in. It was 9:30 p.m., and Piper was worried.

"Where were you?" she asked.

"I was up there, then I went to meet my two new charges," she told Piper, and then Phoebe came down. Paige began to explain about Harry and Harmony. By the time she finished, Phoebe and Piper looked outraged.

"Let me see the kids please. I won't touch them, I just want to see if you are telling the truth," Piper begged. Paige sighed and held out her hands. Piper took her left, and Phoebe took her right. Paige orbed them into Harmony's room, where Harry was sleeping with his sister. Piper gasped at the clothes they were in, and the condition of the room. Phoebe had tears in her eyes. Paige orbed them out. They reappeared in the attic, where they proceeded to unbind the powers within the young children. Each of them had an eight-year-old. They would never have treated Harry and Harmony like that!

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