King of Magic

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It was now a month after the accident with Hayden. Hermione had been taking it easy ever since it had happened. The students in Ravenclaw and Slytherin had been very supportive of the Halliwell family and a group of them could often be seen hovering around, much to her annoyance at times. Harry was helping her through everything and making sure she took all her medication on time. Currently, the Halliwell family was sitting in the quad, milling about and chattering lightly with each other. Hayden was glaring at Hermione, Harry, and Harmony from the other side of the courtyard, and yet they paid him no mind. Harry and Harmony had their sketch pads open on the table and were drawing their friends. Harry, currently lost in thought, was randomly sketching out a picture of his younger brother, Sammy, at Christmas last year when he got his first pet, a Jack Russel puppy that he named Diego. Just as he was thinking this, his head started to hurt badly. He didn't even notice that Harmony, Hermione, Wyatt, Chris, Damien, Warren, Pansy, Alex, Melinda, Draco, and Blaise were having the same thing happen to them.

"What's happening?" Alex asked, falling to the ground and curling into a ball. Wyatt shook his head. The whole courtyard was staring at them. Professor Snape was trying to get around the white force field. Yea, it was not going to happen. All at once, screams tore out of all their throats. They rung out across the courtyard. Blue and purple lights deposited 4 other teens in the courtyard, all in the same condition that the Halliwell gang were in. The screams cut off and time stood still as the Halliwell children and their friends disappeared in a bright white flash. The courtyard was left staring at the space where they had been.

Chris was the first to wake up. He looked around the drab room. He saw the other 15 teens on the ground, and scrambled to his feet.

"Bianca," he breathed out, falling to his knees at her side. He shook her shoulder. Her dark brown eyes opened, prompting him to smile.

"Chris? What happened? The last thing I remember, I was sitting with your mother in the den. My head started hurting really bad and I ended up here," she said, sitting up and rubbing her head. By now, everyone else had woken up and were pairing off to do some recon. Hermione and Harry were looking for doors; Wyatt and Charlotte were trying to orb/teleport out; Damien and Pansy were running their hands along the wall; Warren and Lisa were meditating, trying to communicate with the outside; Alex and Ally had their phones out and were looking for signal; Harry and Hermione along with Harmony and Blaise were healing everyone's injuries; Melinda and Draco were sitting were they had awoken, dazed and confused like they usually were after just waking up.

"Where in the hell are we?" Damien asked. He and Pansy had been unable to find any cracks in the wall. Pansy placed a calming hand on his shoulder, allowing her calm energy to flow into him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Everyone gathered together in the center.

"Welcome to Camelot," a deep voice said. They all shot around in the direction of the voice, their hands lit up as various powers came into play. The man, clad in dark blue robes, came forward. Wyatt, Harry, and Harmony stared at him with confusion in their eyes. They kneeled before him.

"Sorceror Whitecrest," the muttered instinctively. His hood was thrown off, revealing a man with graying black hair and wise gray eyes. The others looked on in confusion, and yet they followed their example by bowing to the tall, powerfull looking man. He smiled at them.

"Rise young ones. I have much to say and a short time to say it," he said. They followed his orders and got up. They followed him to a table where everyone sat down.

"First of all, I must welcome you all to Camelot. It has been a long while since beings like you have graced these hallowed halls. I must congratulate you though. You have met every challenge thrown at you head on," he said, sipping water out of a goblet. The group blinked at him owlishly. He sighed and began to mutter under his breath. It sounded like flowing water.

"Ok. You all know about the Prophecy of Excaliber right?" he said, smiling when they all nodded.

"It talks about the true heir of King Arthur. But, it also has a section on his magical court. It includes seven other couples; your closest friends and family. They sit in the inner ring of the table, while the nobles and elected leaders sit on the outside. Your position is determined by the animal spirit which resides within yourselves," he explained, finally getting some nods out of the very confused group of teens. He shook his head and muttered a spell causing all the children to fall asleep in their seats. He sat back to relax.

Several hours later, the children began to wake up. Their eyes glowed in the dim light.

"Well... What are you?" he asked. Wyatt stood up, moving to the head of the table.

"Lion," he said. Charlotte, Chris, and Bianca stood up and moved to the left side.

"Cheetah," the redhead girl said.

"Serpent," his brother told them.

"Phoenix," that one was obvious. Harry, Hermione, Harmony, and Blaise got up and moved to the right.

"Winged Panther," the older male said.

"Owl," his mate said.

"Tigress," the female said.

"Tiger," the Italian replied. Damien and Pansy went to the left while Warren and Lisa went to the right.

"Fox," Pansy replied.

"Black wolf," Damien said.

"Gray wolf," Warren told them.

"Lioness," Lisa told them. Alex and Ally went to the right while Melinda and Draco moved to the left.

"Dragon," Draco said.

"Dolphin," his girlfriend said.

"Panther," Alex said quietly.

"Fox," Ally said. Whitecrest smiled at them as they sat in order of rank. Everything would be changed.

"Welcome King of Magic and the Royal Court," he said.

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