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Julius was enjoying a rare day off, flopping around by the pool. It was strange, not having Delilah around. He felt as though he was missing a part of him when they weren't together, not that they were separated all that often. He had been thinking about her a lot lately, thinking things he shouldn't, not about her anyway. As Julius was about to doze off, thinking about Delilah, as usual, Delilah herself appeared at the gate of the pool, wearing a bikini and carrying a towel.

'Ooh no,' Julius said under his breath as he watched her gracefully open the gate and step into the pool area.

'Hey,' she said as she sat on a pool chair next to him, not noticing him staring at her with a dazed look on his face and a small smile playing across his lips.

'Julius? Julius, are you still with us?' she asked, bringing him back to his senses.

'Um, yep, sure, fine. I'm just going to…swim…bye…' he said, tearing his eyes away from her perfect body and jumping into the pool.

'Bye,' Delilah said, confused and slightly hurt by him not wanting to talk to her. She put it down to stresses of work and lay back to enjoy the sun and the view of Julius in his Speedos.


Julius had had enough of distracting himself for now, and stopped at the pool's edge to rest.

'Um, Julius?' Delilah said. 'You've been swimming laps for twenty minutes, don't you think you should take a break?'

Julius looked up at her and reminded himself why he had resorted to swimming in the first place.

Delilah persisted 'C'mon, Julius, I don't bite!'

Julius decided he couldn't put it off any longer and exited the pool to sit on his pool chair next to her again.

'Ooh no', Delilah said under her breath as she had a bit of a perve while he was climbing out of the pool, then realised what she was doing. And what she was thinking.

As Julius sat down on his pool chair, he couldn't resist openly and obviously perving on her. He came to his senses after a minute or so, and realised Delilah was doing the exact same thing.

'Ah, are you alright there?' he asked her.

'Um, yes…' she replied breathlessly, before she too came to her senses enough to try to hide what she was imagining doing to him. 'Yes I'm fine thanks.' As she said this, she realised that he was still having a bit of a perve session. 'Are you?'

Julius replied uncomfortably. 'Yes…' he decided he couldn't contain his feelings any longer, and decided to just bite the bullet.

'Look, there's something I've gotta tell you…'

Delilah almost froze with surprise. Surely he didn't feel the same was about her? 'I… I think I know what you're going to say…'

'Oh do you?' Julius asked, with a very mysterious look on his face, and came to sit next to Delilah on her own pool chair. 'Tell me.'

'Is it that…' she started, but she felt too nervous to continue. Why do I feel so nervous talking to my best mate? She asked herself. The other voice in her head, the truthful one, said because, you want to be more than friends with him, much more…' she decided, in this instance, that the best policy was to just spit it out. 'I love you, Julius. I have for so long.' 'There,' the truthful voice said. 'You did it.'

Julius smiled wider than he ever had before, and gave her a long, sweet kiss on the lips.

'Yes,' he said. 'That's exactly what I was going to say.'

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