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Nariko was the first to wake. She carefully slipped out of bed and went out on the balcony. The sun had yet to rise and she decided to wait for the approaching dawn, perhaps the last dawn she may ever see.

'Why the hell did I end up getting dragged into this? I must be crazy. Changing guardians of death… working with Kisho… giving away my power of light… I really must be crazy…'

The first glimpses of the sun appear on the horizon.

'If this goes badly then we are all doomed. Not just the vampire race but also the human race. The balance will be destroyed and chaos will reign under Kiyoshi's hand. I cannot let that happen. I did not intend to get involved but if I don't then who will. I just hope that this will work, that things will work out, but honestly when do things?

"You're thinking too much"

Nariko was brought out of her thoughts as arms slipped around her waist. She leaned back into Damian's embrace.

"Maybe…" she replied, and felt a warm rumble in the man's chest behind


"We have a visitor." He said.

"Bring Tsuzuki out here then."

"How did you…?"

"Who else would it be?"

"Very true." Damian responded before he kissed her and went to get the door. Tsuzuki entered and followed Damian out onto the balcony.

"Tsuzuki. What are you doing up this early?" Nariko asked.

"Just worried I suppose." he replied, watching the sun fully rise.

"There's no reason to be worried, I think we have a good chance against

Kiyoshi. And…"

"Do you honestly think that?" he interrupted.

"What do you mean?" Nariko asked, not at all surprised that Tsuzuki picked up on the doubt she was feeling.

"I know that you are worried, we all are. I know that this is not going to be easy…"

"That's where you are wrong Tsuzuki, this is going to be hell." Nariko interrupted.

Tsuzuki looked at Nariko comma here the worry, desperation, and fear evident in his eyes.

"Tsuzuki… This going to be one of the hardest things we will ever have to do, if not the hardest. I don't know if any of us will even survive to see tomorrow, The battle begins at night fall, and when the sun rises we stop. It's part of the rules of the battle. We fight only at night and on the sacred ground, nowhere else. No weapons, only hand to hand combat."

"And where is that?" Tsuzuki asked.

"It's an island that no man can see in the Atlantic Period here" she replied.

"You have to be kidding me. That sounds crazy!" Tsuzuki said.

"As crazy as the fact that there are vampires and you are in the middle of a their war?" Damian asked.

"No… I guess not…" Tsuzuki conceded.

"You should go and get ready Tsuzuki. Begin waking the others up, we must travel to the island ."

The sun was just rising, the day was beginning, but it was the night they should fear.

The day had been hectic and tense; even the normal arguing was less today. Everyone was too lost in thought over what was about to happen, to think about anything else. Tatsumi, who was having so much trouble with everyone the day before, was more nervous that everyone was abnormally calm now. The atmosphere was almost tangible and he was worried. More and more vampires were arriving, so he was kept occupied though out the day.

Watari was busy checking over the vampires, to make sure they were in top physical condition. The task was long and arborous, but it had to be done, and it was his way to contribute.

Tsuzuki went out for one last training session with Nariko, then came back to rest up before everyone headed out. He had never been so nervous. He was currently sitting in on the balcony, Nariko let him go out there to relax and think. And he did have a lot to think about. Hisoka… That was his primary focus. What was happening to him? What was going to happen? Would he really have to fight the person who is his world? How was he going to do this ? He had no idea but he had to think of something soon…

"It's time to go." Nariko said, as she emerged from her room.

Everyone exchanged looks.

"You know where we are going. Every vampire does and I expect all of you to be able to teleport there without incident. If you are not sure as to where the battle is held, or are not yet able to teleport, find someone who does and go with them. The guardians have been told where the battle will be held and they will be coming back and forth to bring more people. Now I will see you all there." She said as she went to change into her battle attire and teleport herself.

And so everyone began to teleport out to the battlefield. There were only a few hours left until nightfall.

Tsuzuki, Tatsumi, and Watari had finally finished teleporting everyone, with the help of some of the older vampires, of course, but it was still a difficult job. They now had a chance to see where this battle would be taking place. They looked around and noticed it was a mostly empty field; but there were scattered clumps of trees in the field period here The field wasn't flat either, there were four small hills, leading down to the center

"You all are getting familiar with the field, taking in the field, that's good." Nariko said.

The three turned around and noticed that Nariko was now riding a horse.

"Um… What's with the horse?" Watari asked.

"Oh, this? It's part of the rules of engagement. Each master must ride a horse to the center clump of trees." Nariko said and pointed at the clump in the direct center of the small valley. "There, each master must present themselves so that it is known how many are participating in the battle. From there, the rules, and what must be done to win the battle are explained After that is over, there is normally discussion. Then we are dismissed and have an hour before the fighting starts."

"Wow. This is really complicated…" Tsuzuki said.

"You don't know the half of it." Nariko said with a small smile. She looked up from them and out onto the field with an almost wistful look in her eyes.

"You've fought here before, haven't you?" Watari asked, noticing the way she was looking at the field.

"Yes. I once fought here, but that was a long time ago…" She said, trailing off.

Everyone just took a moment to look out at the place where so much death and destruction was about to occur. The once green grass and gentle slopes would soon be coated in blood and bodies as the battle continued on. It was then that they noticed the others gathering on the tops of each hill.

"So we aren't the only ones going against Kiyoshi." Tatsumi said.

"No, but he's not the only one going against us." Nariko replied.

"Is there anything we can do about that? Could you reason with the other masters and see if they are willing to destroy Kiyoshi first, then focus on each other?" Watari asked.

"I don't know. I suppose I can try, but it's doubtful. No one trusts each other and would never be willing to risk the battle." Nariko stated.

"Oh…" Watari mumbled in response.

Suddenly three horses appeared and galloped towards the trees.

"I suppose that's my cue. Keep a look out for Kisho and the rest of his men. I'm doubtful that Kisho will show, but I know he has more men than he has sent and ask for identification, the last thing we need is a spy." Nariko said as she rode down to meet the others.

"Alright. You heard her. Let's get to work." Tatsumi said as the three split.

At the center

"All of you understand the rules, correct?" The director said. All four vampire masters nodded.

"Good. Now is there anything that needs to be said?" The director asked.

"I would like to say something sir." Nariko said.

"Then speak." He replied.

Nariko looked away from Kiyoshi's piercing stare and crooked smile. "I ask you to hear me out." She said to the other masters; after they nodded she continued. " I ask you for a favor, one that I know you will be against, but please just listen. I ask for your help in fighting my brother Kiyoshi. He is strong and I do not know if I can defeat him by myself, but if you both worked with me, I have no doubts we could defeat him."

"Why would I do that?" the one vampire master asked.

"I agree. What use would that do for me?" the other asked.

"You would be down one enemy and I would drop out after we defeated him, if you helped me. That would leave only you two to fight. Makes life easier on you two." Nariko responded.

"Is that against the rules?" Kiyoshi asked the director, getting angry.

"There is no rule against it, but it is looked down upon, since the battle is to pit master against master " The director explained.

Kiyoshi glared at Nariko, who had a small smile on her face, but it was too early to get her hopes up.

"I have a question for you." The first vampire master asked.

"Go ahead" she replied.

"Why do you want to defeat your own brother?"

"Because I believe that if he came into power it would mean the destruction of the vampire race and human race, and I cannot let that happen. I would rather have anyone be in power other than him and his men. All I ask is for you to help me make sure he doesn't destroy us." Nariko pleaded.

There was laughter.

The three looked over at Kiyoshi, who was cackling.

"What!" Nariko demanded.

Kiyoshi looked at Nariko and stopped laughing but the crooked smile remained.

"You are so naïve Nariko, to think that even if you work with those two weaklings that you would stand a chance against me. There is nothing you or anyone else can do, I will kill you all and rule over the vampires."

"I'll never let that happen!" Nariko cried.

Kiyoshi only laughed as he turned and rode off, leaving the other masters behind.

Nariko turned back to the others. "So what do you say?"

"I'll do it. My men all have red cloths on their arms, to keep them from confusing each other with the enemy, so do not attack them." The first said.

"I will as well. Mine all wear black shirts with a gold stripe down them." The second master said.

"Thank you for this. Mine all wear blue cloths around their necks. And now that that's settled I suppose I will be joining you two in battle in less than an hour." Nariko said.

"Yes." The first replied and took off, shortly followed by the second. Nariko then turned and raced back to her own army, feeling a little more hopeful than she had felt in days.

-End Chapter-

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