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-Chapter 2-

"Kuri's missing." Tatsumi said.

"What!" Tsuzuki yelled. "How… When… What?"

"Calm down Asato, I think Tatsumi is going to explain all of that to us." Hisoka said, trying to remain calm.

Tatsumi cleared his throat, and silently thanked Hisoka before continuing. "To be honest Ryu didn't give me that many details. He said he would fill you in if you came."

"Of course we'll go. Right Hisoka?" Tsuzuki said.

Hisoka nodded in agreement. He still wasn't sure what to think of Kuri, even after all this time. She had come out of nowhere willing to help Tsuzuki with a case that almost killed her. He couldn't believe her to be an enemy of any kind-that wasn't his fear. He just couldn't shake this bad feeling upon hearing tat she's missing.

"Alright then. He gave me his address for you two to teleport to." Tatsumi said.

"Wouldn't it be easier to just go to the main office in… hey what department are they in anyway?" Hisoka asked.

"Sapporo. That's their district, so they tend to say in the northern areas. As for the apartment, Ryu didn't say. All he said was that Kuri was missing and that he wanted to know if we would help him. I can't leave so I called you two as soon as I got off the phone with him." Tatsumi replied.

"So you want us to leave right now?" Tsuzuki asked.

"That would be best I suppose. I'm giving you both temporary leave for this. You'll still be paid because you are actually working. I'm trusting you two to help bring her back. And do get her back you two." Tatsumi said.

"We will." Tsuzuki said taking the card while grabbing onto Hisoka's hand. "You ready?"

Hisoka nodded and they we gone.

Tatsumi sat back for a moment after they left. Something wasn't right, he knew that. Kuri wasn't the type to go missing, especially if someone like Ryu is there to watch her. No there was more to this than he knew. 'I wonder what happened… What's happening now… Something is very wrong about all of this . All I can say for sure is that they better watch themselves.'

-Ryu and Kuri's apartment-

Ryu was sitting on the couch in the living room, when two specific people appeared in front of him.

"Tsuzuki, Hisoka, it's been a while." Ryu said, standing up to walk over a greet them.

Tsuzuki and Hisoka hadn't seen Ryu in a while, but they could defiantly tell something was wrong. He has dark circles under his normaly intense blue-green eyes, which meant that he wasn't sleeping much. His movements are sluggish and it seems as if he's limping on his left side, just a little. His clothing was disheveled, along with his dark-brown hair. Over all it was a sad sight.

"Ryu. How have you been?" Tsuzuki asked, although he already knew the answer.

"I've been better. Thanks for coming." he said.

Now they knew the seriousness of the situation. Ryu was acting nice and polite. Granted the guy isn't mean or anything, but he's defiantly not acting like his usual sarcastic self.

"Ryu, tell us what happened." Tsuzuki said.

"You may want to sit down, it's complicated." Ryu said, going and sitting in a chair, so that Hisoka and Tsuzuki could use the couch.

"What happened Ryu?" Tsuzuki asked once they were seated.

Ryu sighed, it actually looked as if he would cry, but he didn't. "It happened about a week ago. Kuri didn't come home that night. I had left the office early, and was waiting for her, but she never came. I thought she was having one of those times…" Ryu trailed off.

"What do you mean, one of those times?" Hisoka asked.

"Every once in a while Kuri will disappear, for various reasons I suppose. Sometimes it's to think or just be alone, other times it's out of some desire to be someone more than she is. I don't really understand it myself, but that's what she always tells me. She can be gone anywhere from a few hours to about a weekend; it was a Friday so I didn't really worry too much until Monday came. I was worried and asked around at work, to see if anyone had seen her. The last time she was seen was last Friday, holding a file before teleporting." Ryu said.

"It's been a whole week! Why didn't you call sooner?" Tsuzuki said.

"Everyone has been looking for her for this past week. The problem is that it's really busy around here right now, so my co-workers needed to get back to their own jobs, that's when I decided to call you." Ryu replied. "Besides you have a connection with Kuri that may be able to help." Ryu said to Hisoka.

"What are you talking about?" Hisoka asked, very confused.

"Kuri went into your mind correct?"

Hisoka nodded.

"Well then, you now have some kind of mental link with her. I have one as well but it's different than yours. It'll come in handy if we get near her. You should be able to sense her presence easier than with your empathy alone."

Hisoka thought about for a moment. It seemed to make sense but then again he had never felt this link before, shouldn't he normally be able to feel it. That was a question for another time, since Ryu was talking, to himself it seemed…

"Damn it, why? Why didn't you tell me? Why? You knew didn't you, you knew… then why?…" Ryu mumbled.

"Ryu what are you talking about?" Tsuzuki quietly asked.

Ryu looked up at Tsuzuki. His eyes were full of fear at being found out. He wasn't sure what to say, how to answer Tsuzuki. He decided the truth would be the best.

"There's one ability that Kuri didn't tell you she had, considering it's beyond her control…"

"What is it?" Hisoka asked.

"She can see the future." Ryu replied.

There was a silence…

"She can see the future… But how?" Tsuzuki asked breaking the silence.

Ryu sighed. "It's not something she can control, but yes, she sometimes has visions of the future. Sometimes they are coherent and she is able to understand what she's seeing, other times it's a mess of images, and she isn't able to understand what she saw. They can happen at anytime and be about anything. Do you remember what she said before we left?"

"I'll be seeing you soon - that's what she said. And she wanted to make sure that we would come help if need be. You don't think…" Tsuzuki trailed off.

"Yes, I do. I think that she knew this was going to happen. I asked her about it when we got home and all she said was that I shouldn't worry and that it was going to happen. I think she knew that this was going to happen, but I still don't know why she didn't stop it from happening."

"None of us know Ryu. All we can do is look for her and get her back alright?" Tsuzuki said.

"Thank you both. I'm not sure what to say…" Ryu said.

"Don't worry about it. Now any idea on where to start the search?" Tsuzuki said.

"Actually…I think I know someone who might be willing to help." Ryu said.

"Who?" Tsuzuki and Hisoka both asked.

"Well…You'll see…" Ryu replied. "You two ready to go then?"

Tsuzuki and Hisoka both nodded. Ryu walked over and placed one hand on each of their shoulders'. It was time to visit an old friend…

-End Chapter 2-

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