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For the second time that week Professor Snape turned around expecting to see Neville's Cauldron melting. Now on any other occasion this would be the case but this time... well lets just say the Professor was slightly surprised. Standing in front of a decidedly broken cauldron was Harry goddamn Potter in all his sooty glory. Every single strait woman and every single gay man was looking at him appreciatively.


And then there was Snape who was most defiantly strait taking off his robe and throwing it at the almost stark naked Gryffindor standing right in front of him. (Remember he has soot all over him) Every student pretty much ran out of the class snickering or in some cases very…excited.

"Mr. Potter, do you mind telling me why you purposely messed up one of the easiest potions you could possibly make?"

"Well umm."

While Harry was having trouble trying to answer this question, like on any normal day Neville's potion decided to blow up, drenching the big bad professor in powder puff pink liquid.

"Wasn't it supposed to be dark blue?" Harry said smiling at his teacher's newly acquired pinkness.

Snape, threatening bodily harm to young Neville performed a very good cleaning charm, getting the mess off his face and hands but his hair and clothes still had the wonderful (disgusting) color on it.

"Stay in this class room but don't go near my desk. "Snape said twitching slightly as he moved over to his office. This office apparently had a shower since he came out nice and clean with no pink in sight though he seemed to have much cleaner hair now. It didn't have the slightest look of grease in it. But his clothes well they may have had more stuff on them but at the moment he was in tight black jeans and a tight black muscle shirt

"I... uuh... was umm doing the potion when I put one to many drops of Tropmi Noitami and it sort of broke."

Snape gave him an unbelieving look which Harry didn't see as he was staring at the damn fine man in front of him.

I uum have to uhh go somewhere I'm sure yet for some rezone I can't move."

Than oddly enough Harry moved, but it wasn't back words no actually it was pretty much the opposite, literally. Snape seeing that Harry was moving towards him backed up a few steps hitting his table in the presses stopping him and any backwards movement he might have made.

" Mr. Potter what are you doing?"

Snape new exactly what he was doing every time he came out in normal clothes and not those robes the people around them seemed to be oddly attracted to him.

"I'm coming at you, I'm stopping in front of you, and now I'm leaning in to kiss you."

And kiss they did, but that was not the only thing they did. Lets just say Professor Snape isn't entirely strait.