This is the sequel to 'Love and Pain' and second in the 'Soul Mates' series, which is my version of season four. This is a stand alone story so you don't have to have read the first part to follow this one.

Although there are a couple of things I will point out to save any confusion. Adam has been rescued from the Dominion and is now helping a group within the Dominion who are working to bring down the Creator, Jasper Murphy and his sister Katrina are both members and are my own characters. Adam is working on a way to stabilize all new mutants after stabilizing each member of Mutant X. I hope everything else is self explanatory but feel free to let me know if you need anything else clarified.

I would like to thank Jenn for taking the time to help me improve this fic. Her ideas and comments were invaluable!

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Soul Mates- Love, Mistakes and Heartaches

Chapter One- A New Beginning

Shalimar quietly made her way down the stairs of the place she had called home for the last six months. She side stepped a couple of boxes which were lying near the front door before pulling the door open and stepping out onto the porch. She had always loved the feeling of being outdoors at night. She closed her eyes and let out a small sigh.

This was their last night here, tomorrow they were moving into their new home. Although she was excited about having a permanent home again, she was also a little apprehensive. She had been happy over the last few months. They had Adam back and he'd cured them. It was like a dream come true but deep down she had a bad feeling she couldn't shake, and it unsettled her.

The team had worked hard over the last few months building their new home. It was another secret hideaway in Stormking Mountain not far from where Sanctuary lay in ruins.

The sound of footsteps brought her back to reality and she smiled.

Brennan wrapped his arms around her waist, "Shal its four in the morning, what are you doing up?" he asked, kissing the top of her head.

"I couldn't sleep," she said leaning back against his chest. "I didn't wake you, did I?" she asked.

"No, the bed just seemed empty without you."

Shalimar smiled and placed her hands on top of Brennan's intertwining their fingers. "I know we haven't been here very long, but in some ways I'm going miss living here," her voice just above a whisper.

"Yeah, I know what you mean, but just think you won't have to fight Lexa for the shower every morning." He smiled when he felt her chuckle against him.

"True, but I am going to miss doing things like this," she turned in his arms to look into his eyes.

"You can still can. It will just be a different view."

"That's not what I meant," she told him.

"Shal, I don't understand." Brennan said, perplexed.

"I don't want things to change Brennan," she sighed. "Everything is going to be so different when we move into the new Sanctuary," she added, her eyes drifting down.

"Shal, look at me," he paused gently lifting her chin and softly kissing her lips. "Things always change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse but you will always have me. I promise you that will never change."

"I'll hold you to that." She smiled as he lowered his head to kiss her again.

"Come on let's go back to bed," he said as he broke the kiss and took her hand to lead her back inside.

Adam stepped into the garage just as the team exited the car. "Good, you're here. I need you to get started on the computer systems, Jesse." He commented.

"No problem. I'll get started just as soon as I finish unloading the car," Jesse said opening the trunk of the car.

"Wait a minute, Jesse. I have a surprise for you all," Adam smiled, before making his way through the garage to the hanger bay, closely followed by the others.

"Adam!" Shalimar said in shock. "It's another Helix."

"Where did you get it?" Lexa asked.

"I can't give away all my secrets," Adam smiled.

"Cool!" Jesse rubbed his hands together. "What you think, Bren. Should we take her out for a spin?"

"Sounds good to me."

"Hey! We're supposed to be unpacking not going for joy rides." Shalimar scowled.

"Come on Shal, we won't be long," Brennan said with a slight pout.

Shalimar sighed, "Okay, just don't be too long."

"You are so whipped." Jesse smirked.

"I am not." Brennan countered.

"Just remember you promised to help me set up the computer in my room before dinner." Lexa looked over at Jesse.

"I know, don't worry we'll be back in plenty of time."

"Who's whipped now?" Brennan laughed as he made his way on board the Helix.

"Ha Ha," Jesse mumbled.

"I was going to get a few supplies but since you two are going out you can save me the trip." Adam said handing a list to Jesse.

"No problem, see you when we get back," Jesse made his way on board and sat next to Brennan who was preparing the Helix for take off.

A few hours later, Brennan walked into what was now his and Shalimar's bedroom. This room was a lot larger than their old ones, and they now had their own en-suite bathroom. "Did you have fun?" Shalimar asked.

"Yeah, I never realized just how much I missed the Helix," Brennan smiled as he brought his arms around her waist. "So what have you been up too while I was gone?"

"Just trying to sort out our room. I want to have it finished before dinner." Shalimar looked up at Brennan. "Why don't you unpack the boxes over there and I'll finish up in the bathroom." She ducked under his arms and made her way towards the bathroom.

Brennan reached out and grabbed her arm pulling her back into his embrace. "I actually had something else in mind to occupy us till dinner," he said seductively. He leaned in and covered her lips with his in a demanding kiss.

"Really?" Shalimar murmured between kisses. "What if I don't want too?"

"I guess I will just need to persuade you." He placed feather light kisses down her neck. Shalimar leaned her head back to allow him better access as soft moans escaped her lips. He placed his hands on her hips and lifted her up as she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist.

Shalimar ran her hand through Brennan's hair as she softly kissed and nipped at his ear, "Make love to me, Brennan," she whispered before claiming his lips in another passionate kiss. He carried her over to the bed and her legs dropped to the ground as they began to undress each other. It wasn't long before the room was filled with soft moans as they became lost in each other.

"Did you get your room sorted?" Lexa asked looking up from the cooker as Jesse entered the kitchen.

"Yeah, how about you?" he asked as he reached over to dip his finger into the pot.

Lexa frowned, "Hey! Hands off!" She slapped the back of his hand with the spoon before continuing. "Yeah, but I think I need to go shopping, that room is too bare for my liking. Have you seen Bren or Shal?"

"Not since Bren and I got back. I think they're probably still in their room," he said with a wry grin.

"Do they ever give it a rest?" Lexa huffed.

"You know what their like, Lex," Jesse replied as he helped himself to some salad while Lexa's back was turned. "I'm sure the smell of your cooking will reach them soon enough."

"Hey! What did I say about touching the food?" Lexa reprimanded.

"Come on Lexa, I'm starving." Jesse whined.

Lexa rolled her eyes. "You're always starving," she handed him an apple. "Here that will tide you over. Just keep your hands out of dinner!" she added.

"Hey guys, what's for dinner? I'm starving" Brennan asked, as he entered the kitchen.

"Pasta and salad. Where's Shal?" Lexa asked.

"She went to find Adam. Are you cooking Lex?" Brennan's tone and face belayed his shock.

"Yes, what you didn't think I could cook?" She frowned.

"Well it's just you don't usually cook that's all," he shrugged.

"I'm actually a good cook. I just don't do it very often." Lexa retorted and turned back to the stove to stir the pasta.

"I never said you weren't," Brennan raised his eyebrows looking over at Jesse who had a smirk spread across his face.

Lexa noticed Jesse's smirk and frowned, "What?"

"Nothing sweetie. It's just the last time you made us dinner it was…" he paused. "A little burnt," he added as he leaned in to kiss her.

"That wasn't my fault! I followed the instruction to the letter." Lexa voice was coloured with her indignation.

"Yeah sure you did." Brennan said sarcastically.

"Oh, you're one to talk. When was the last time you cooked, Sparky?" She placed a hand on her hip.

"The difference is I know I can't cook," Brennan remarked as he sat at the table.

"Watch it or you will be wearing your dinner instead of eating it!" Lexa threatened waving the wooden spoon she had just stirred the pasta with at him.

"I think you should quit while you're ahead, Bro." Jesse commented as he started to set the table.

Brennan cleared his throat and decided to change the subject. "So do you have any idea what Adam wants to talk to us about?"

"Not a clue, he just said he wanted to discuss something with us." Lexa returned to her cooking duties.

"Hey, is dinner ready?" Shalimar asked as she entered the room with Adam.

"Yeah, I was just waiting on everyone getting here," Lexa said as she dished out the pasta and joined the others at the table. They all eat in relative silence enjoying their first meal in their new home.

"That was wonderful, Lexa," Adam broke the silence.

"Thanks, it's nice to know someone appreciates my cooking." Lexa grinned. She shot Brennan a look as he opened his mouth to retort earning him a poke in the side from Shalimar.

"So what did you want to talk to us about?" Brennan asked Adam instead.

"I received a call from Jasper earlier on today. There have been a number of disappearances from a downtown nightclub. From what he has heard someone is experimenting with ways to control new mutants. We don't know for what purpose yet." Adam told them.

"So I take it you want us to go check it out." Lexa stated.

"Yes, they have all disappeared from a nightclub called Raven."

"Raven?" Brennan said interrupting.

"Yes, I take it you've heard of it," Adam asked, slightly surprised.

"Erm…yeah I used to go there, a long time ago, before I met you. It was always quite popular with new mutants." Brennan shifted in his chair, something that didn't go unnoticed by Shalimar although she chose to ignore it.

"That's probably why it was targeted, there was something else I wanted to tell you," he paused glancing over at Shalimar. "I'm leaving tomorrow morning."

"I thought you were going to stay a while longer," Shalimar said, her voice a mixture of sadness and disappointment.

"I know but I'm not needed here, you have all proved that on more than one occasion." He glanced around with pride. "Although this time you'll be able to contact me whenever you want and I'll stay in touch," he reassured.

"You'd better," Shalimar said rising from her seat and leaning down to kiss his cheek. "I'm going to go get changed, see you in a bit," she added before heading out the kitchen.

"I think I'll do the same." Lexa smiled as she headed to her room to get changed.

"Me too," Jesse added following Lexa out the kitchen and heading to his own room.

"Is everything okay?" Adam asked seeing the distant look on Brennan's face.

"Yeah, of course. Why wouldn't it be?" Brennan sat up straight.

"You just seemed a little uneasy about going to the club."

"There's just a couple of people I used to hang with that go there. I haven't seen them in a long time and quite honestly I would have rather kept it that way," he sighed. "Don't worry about it," he added as he got up and left room.

It was just before nine when they arrived at the club. Brennan and Shalimar made their way inside and headed to the bar while Jesse and Lexa kept watch outside.

"I didn't expect it to be so busy." Shalimar commented, almost yelling as she tried to speak over the load music.

"Yeah, it's always been a popular place, cheap drinks and good music." Brennan replied taking her hand and leading them through the crowd of dancers.

"I guess that's why you came here then."

"Erm… yeah," she couldn't help but frown at his response. "What do you want to drink?" he asked.

"Just get me a beer."

"No problem," he smiled. "Two beers, please," he asked the bartender.

"Lexa didn't look to happy about being left out in the car," Shalimar said remembering Lexa's initial refusal to stay outside.

"I offered to stay, but she was the one that said your feral senses were needed inside." Brennan explained. "Thanks," he said as paid for the drinks, handing a bottle of beer to Shalimar and taking a swig from his own.

"I know. Why did you offer? You're normally the first one who wants to be in on the action." She looked up to meet his eyes.

"Just being nice." He looked around, slightly distracted. "C'mon lets go find a table." Brennan shrugged and made his way to the other side of the dance floor. Shalimar let out a soft sigh before following him. They sat at the table in relative silence for a couple of hours. "This is boring," Brennan groaned and played with the empty bottle of beer in front of him.

"Stop being a baby and come dance with me," Shalimar laughed and pulled Brennan to his feet and onto the dance floor.

'Bren, Shal we could use a hand outside.' Jesse's voice sounded over their comlink.

"On our way," Brennan said into his ring as he and Shalimar quickly made there way outside. They ran towards Jesse and Lexa who were standing next to a man and woman. The man had a comforting arm around the woman while talking to Jesse and Lexa.

"What happened?" Shalimar asked as she came up beside them, Brennan right behind her.

"Someone else was just abducted." Jesse told them.

"Did you see what happened?" Shalimar inquired.

"No we just heard a scream and then we noticed a black van driving off." Lexa voice held only the traces of her agitation.

"It all happened so fast, Danny was running on ahead to get the car when this van pulled up beside him, two guys jumped out and dragged him into the back before it sped off." The man told them.

"Do you have any idea why he would have been abducted?" Jesse asked.

"No, although there have been a lot of rumours about people who have disappeared recently but we just thought it was just that, a rumour. I'm John by the way and this is Cassie. Danny is her brother."

"Hey, I'm Jesse. That's Lexa, Shalimar and Brennan," Jesse pointed to each of them in turn.

Cassie pulled away from John sniffing back the tears that were cascading down her face. "Brennan?" Her shocked whisper rang out in the silence of the street.

"Hey, Cass. It's good to see you again." Brennan said, hesitantly.