Minor Season 1 spoilers in this chapter

Lynette and Tom were watching TV together on the couch after the kids had gone to bed.

"The hospital called me today," Lynette said.

"Is something wrong?" Tom asked.

"No they just think it would be a good idea that I start physical therapy for my arm," Lynette replied.

"Are going to?" Tom replied.
"Well the doctors think I should so I guess I will," Lynette replied.

"When does it start?" Tom asked.

"The doctor wants me to go tomorrow. Can you drive me?" Lynette asked.
"Sure," Tom said.

After taking the boys to school and brining Penny to daycare Tom drove Lynette to the hospital. Tom and Lynette went up in the elevator up to the physical therapy floor. The nurse told them to go wait in the waiting room. Five minutes later a tall woman with long black hair came over to them.
"Hello my name is . I'm Lynette's physical therapist. So Lynette I'll take you to an exam room now. This is going to take about an hour,"

"Okay see you later Lynnie," Tom said and gave Lynette a kiss on the cheek

Tom was sitting in a chair in the waiting area. A short woman with long blonde hair walked up to him.
"Hi Tom remember me. Samantha, I'm Annabelle's sister,"

"Oh yes. How are you?" Tom replied.
"I'm good. So what are you doing here?" Samantha replied.

"My wife Lynette got shot a few days ago so she's here for physical therapy," Tom said.

"Well do you want go grab a cup of coffee down in the cafeteria?" Samantha asked.
Tom looked at his watch.

"My wife is going to be finished soon. Maybe another day,"

"Okay sure," Samantha said and walked away just as Lynette walked over to Tom.

Tom and Lynette got in the car and started to drive home.

"Who was that woman you were talking to?" Lynette asked.
"Annabelle's sister," Tom replied.

"I didn't know Annabelle had a sister," Lynette replied.
"Yeah she does. I only met her once though," Tom said.

That afternoon as Tom and Lynette sat on the couch watching movie the phone rang.

"Hello," Lynette said.
"Lynette! Its Annabelle. My sister told me that you got shot. Are you alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine now," Lynette replied.
"Oh I'm so happy you're alright anyway hope your better soon. Bye," Annabelle said in a fake tone of voice.

"Bye," Lynette said and hung up.

"Who was that?" Tom asked

"Annabelle," Lynette replied.

"What did she want?" Tom said.

"She wanted to make sure I was okay since getting shot," Lynette said.
"Strange," Tom replied.

The next day Lynette opened her front door and found a gift basket sitting on her porch.
"Who's it from?" Tom asked.

"Annabelle," Lynette replied.
"Why is she being so nice all of the sudden," Tom wondered.

"She's still in love with you. That's why," Lynette said.