The Meeting of Sadao Shimada

Rusti Taylor: Hi! I might be new here, but that doesn't mean I'm not a good authoress…I hope… :)

Morning dawned bright and early in Japan, home of the rising sun. A sapphire blue Mazda RX-7 Spirit R's engine broke the calm silence, which was followed by the foot steps of a young girl, dressed in black jogging pants and a red tank top, by the name of Sadao Shimada. Arisa Akamatsu, or Risa, as she was called, ran out of the Mazda, and stopped right next to Sadao. "Congratulations Sadao! You just beat your old record of 13 minutes and 17 seconds to 8 minutes and 42 seconds!" Arisa cried out. "Really? I ran that fast?!" Sadao asked. "You sure did Sadao! As your elder cousin, you inherited it from me!" Risa replied. Sadao responded "Come on Risa! You can't even run a mile without begging to have a break! Anyway, I inherited the genes from my parents, not from you!" Risa replied, "Alright, alright! Wanna hitch a ride back home? You must be really tired out after all that running!" Sadao panted, and after a few huge gulps of water, she replied "Sure! After all, I bribed Ryosuke into cooking! He's giving us a western meal today." As soon as they got home, they smelt fresh bacon and eggs, freshly brewed coffee and the sound of footsteps. "Hey Arisa, what are all the suitcases in the guest room doing there? Whose suitcases are they belonging to? And…" Keisuke caught sight of a young girl, with emerald green eyes, golden-brown hair with a few natural blond highlights cut in a page boy style, with no fringe, freckles and a cheeky smile. He bent down and asked "Risa, who is she?" and Risa replied, "She's my cousin! Don't you remember?" But as Keisuke was about to reply, the young girl said "Ohayou…My name is Sadao Shimada. But my English name is Sydelle. You must be Keisuke, the guy Risa was talking about!" in fluent Japanese. Keisuke was surprised, but with that, he replied "Ohayou! Where are you from?" Sadao replied "I'm from Ontario, Canada. You might not believe me, but I live in Nappanee, one of the cities there." After she said that, Keisuke realized she had tattoos on her arm, ankle, and behind her shoulder. The one on her ankle was a black lizard, just like Risa's, the one on her arm was around her arm, which were red suns, and the one on her back was a heart, with fire all around it. "Hey Arisa, I think I'll go change." Sadao told her. When she came back downstairs, it wasn't what hey had expected. She was wearing a navy blue shirt, a denim jacket and denim hipsters. She was also wearing medium sized silver hoop earrings and had 8 holes pierced in each ear. She was also wearing a black Swatch watch on her left wrist. On her ankle, there was a charm anklet, which had guitars, butterflies, skulls and stars. On her right wrist, there were five charm bangles, one with Butterflies, one with skulls, on with guitars, one with letters spelling out her name: SADAO, and the last one with stars. On each bangle except for the one with letters, there was one charm bigger than the rest. It also had a strange glow. Risa thought they were just a pattern. In other words, she was wearing something a bit too trendy for someone of her age. "Oh yes, I forgot. This is a hello present, from me to you. I had to save up three months of allowance for each gift, so that means one whole years worth of money is in there! Open it now! You're bound to like it!" Sadao said. Risa opened it and she screamed! In the package, were four 'Need For Speed III' items. One was a game boy cartridge, another was a PC game, another was for an X-Box, and the last was for a PSII. But suddenly, Risa told her with disappointment "I don't have a game boy, or an X-Box!" Then Sadao smacked her own head and revealed another package, which was much bigger. Arisa opened it, and exclaimed with delight "OH MY GOD! IT'S AN X-BOX AND A NITENDO COLOUR GAMEBOY! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!" Arisa stopped. She had an evil grin on her face. She slowly took out her laptop, grabbed the 'Need For Speed III' and started playing immediately.

Well, let the geek in the pink take a stab at it
If you like the way I'm thinkin' baby wink at it
I may be skinny at times but I'm fat fulla rhymes
Pass me the mic and I'm a grab at it

"Um… Sadao? What are you listening to?" Arisa asked. "I'm listening to 'Geek In the pink' by Jason Mraz, in the album 'Mr. AZ'." Sadao replied, in fluent English.

Well, isn't it delicious, crazy way that I'm kissin'
'Cause baby listen to this, don't wanna miss it while it's hittin'
Sometimes you gotta fit in to get in
But don't ever quit cause soon I'm gonna let you in but see

"Since when did you start speaking English in Japan?" Arisa asked. "Since now?" Sadao innocently replied.

I don't care what she might think about me
You can vibe without me if you want
I could be the one to take her home
Baby we could rock the night alone

"Well it's disturbing me in my game!"

"Well you are disturbing me!"

At that moment, Ryosuke came in and said, "Girls, stop arguing. By the way Sadao, how old are you?" Sadao glanced at Risa and said, "Do I have to tell him?" "Of course you have to!" Risa replied. Sadao tuned to look at Ryosuke and said, "I'm thirteen." "THIRTEEN?! ARE YOU INSANE?! YOU SHOULD BE WITH YOUR PARENTS!" Ryosuke yelled. "F.Y.I, my parent died in a car crash two years ago, and I've been singing in the streets for a living and living alone in my mansion. I was eleven years old then. And have I suffered? I.D.T.S." Sadao replied. "Whatever, but you HAVE to take care of yourself!" Ryosuke angrily responded. "W.T.F.?!" Sadao cursed under her breath. She walked to the kitchen and began making two cappuccino's, one with whipped cream and one without. She also added chocolate and cinnamon sprinkles on top of both. Next she took out a box filled with cinnamon buns and maple waffles from her suitcase. She put the waffles and buns on a plate and put them on a tray. She went out and gave a cappuccino to Risa and set the plate on the table. She began to stir her drink and dipping the waffle in. "Um…Risa? Where are Mokuba and Tangee?" Sadao asked. "Oh, Mokuba is sleeping as usual and Tangee is next door playing with Tetsuko."

"Tetsuko? Who the hell is Tetsuko?" Sadao asked. "Oh, Tetsuko is the next-door-neighbors cat." Risa replied. "Oh!" Sadao thought. 'Ding-Dong!' went the door bell. "I'll get it!" said Keisuke. When he opened the door, he saw a young girl, a bit older than Sadao, standing at the front door, with six guys behind her.

A small boy suddenly stepped out and shouted " Haaaru-chan! Is this where Sadao-chan is staying?" The girl, who's name was Haruhi Fujioka, replied " Yes, I think so. Excuse me, is this where Sadao Shimada is staying?" she was apparently talking to Keisuke. "Did somebody say my name?" Sadao asked and ran to the door. "OH MY GOD! HARUHI! You finally came!" Kyouya Otori said "Remember, when school starts, you will need to go into the third music room to pay of your debt together with Haruhi. Don't be late." "Um…Kyouya-Senpai, I have not told my guardians that I was coming to Ouran to study…"Sadao quietly responded. "What is your guardian's name?" Tamaki Suou asked. "Arisa Akamatsu, Risa for short" Risa angrily replied. At the moment, Keisuke and Ryosuke seem to have been forgotten. "Ms Arisa, please excuse us for being such a surprise to you. Thirteen year old Sadao Shimada has been accepted to Ouran High School, and during her Orientation, she broke an antique vase that we were hoping to sell in the school auction for about eighty million yen. So she will be in the host club until her graduation." Kyouya smugly responded. "So that's why you cut your hair and said you hated Lobelia all-girls high school. You are going to the finest school in Japan girl! And at such a young age?! Why the heck didn't you tell me?!" Arisa jokingly scolded. "Here's your uniform Sadao." Haruhi quickly said. "Thanks." Sadao replied.