Hey all. I'm making another story that me and my friend leslie wrote, (if she had a computer she'd have done this herself.) lets just hope that doesn't delete it. (I added a few as well)

Warnings: I am not responcible for any injuries that you get by attempting any of these.

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How to annoy Jiraya.

1) On all his clothes embroider 'Pervy Sage.'

2) Tell all women in Konoha about him and to watch out for him.

3) Tell him he's going to a strip club and conveniently forget to tell him it's for gay men.

4) 2 words "male stripper"

5) 2 words "sex change."

6)Say to him "I watched the tape last night and I still can't believe that you done that to orochimaru." When he asks what the hell are you talking about say "you'll find out soon enough." Then walk away. And find the tape you made super imposing their heads in a love scene.

7) Tell Naruto to stop doing Sexy no jutsu in front of him.

8) Say Kakashi and Gai want to take him to the hotsprings for other reasons.

9) Tell him his teammate of late had a thing for him and always has.

10) Give him a restraining order that he can not be within 5 meters of any woman on earth.

11)Steal his money

12)Don't let him have Sake.

13)Tell him that you just made your own version of Icha Icha paradise

14)Sick a drunk Tsunade on him saying that he called her old.

15)Tell Sakura that he's become her stalker (videotape the results.)

16)Also tell Sakura that he's been peeping at her when she goes to the Hot Springs.

17)Tell ino, hinata, tenten, Temari that he does the same things to them

18)Bring Haku back to life and trick Jiraya that he's a girl, or see if he can figure out Haku's gender.

19)Ask him if he uses herbal essences.

20)If you catch him shirtless scream "EEEWWW! OLD MAN BOOBS!"

21)Send him to sex-a-holics anonymous.

22)Ditch naruto with Jiraya for 2 years

23)Cut his hair, dye it pink and say he's copying Sakura's look.

24)Ask him if he's going to "croak" soon and see if he gets the pun.

25)Ask him if he's ever had frogs legs.

26)Fry up Gamabunta and trick Jiraya to eat it.

27)Tell him afterwards.

28)Show him a picture of Marylin Manson and after tell him he's a guy.

29)Ask him if he's a child sex offender. If he says no say he is one and if he says yes….then run away really really fast…

30) steal his big scroll

Well that's all for now…we also have a how to annoy orochimaru thing coming along but I don't know if I'll add it as another chapter or if I'll do it separate as a one shot. Well leave lots of reviews for me and leslie! Buhbye for now!

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