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Ask her if her boobs are fake, when she doesn't give you an answer, or says no, continue on that if they shatter she can get poisoned and die.

Ask her if the mark on her head is because she is actually a Hindi in disguise

Fry up Ton Ton.

Feed it to Tsunade, then kindly tell her afterwards

Call her a man repeatedly when she uses her strength.

Hide her Sake

Call her Granny

Grab a cane and hunch yourself up and whenever she's nearby alter your voice so that you sound like an old person "I'll show all you whipper shnappers!"

Tell the Casinos that she's a notorious thief and is still at large, watch as she can't get in.

Get a hold of some of her important paper work and change her signature to "Dark lord happy pants." Or "Legendary Sucker."

When you're on your way to the hokage's office sing "We're off to see the wizard…"

Grab her pig tails and scream "Giddy up horsey!"

Send her to alcoholics anonymous or AADAC. (I probably spelt it wrong)

Ask her how old she is, then say "What?! That's old!" even if she says 25 or 30.

ask her "Why?" after everything she says. (I do this to my ex a lot ^_^ it's fun)

Tell Naruto that she'll buy him ramen.

Change the sign on her coat to something like "Boobs." Or "Broccoli." Or "Pork."

Ask her if she's stupid, and when she answers say "Oh I guess you're in denial." When she says "WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" say "You're blond."

Die her hair black, and call her a goth.

ask her if she'll audition for Baywatch.

Send her to anger management

Tell her Orochimaru has the hots for her and always has

stage an intervention for all of her addictions, and make sure that Gai is the councilor.

Everytime she gives you an order or mission say "Yes, my master." Or "Yes Darth Sidious."

Ask if her and Shizune are more than just friends.

Sing "Barbie girl" by aqua or "I'm an ugly girl." By Weird Al and tell her its her theme song.

Use her paperwork to cut out a paper man chain and when she gets mad at you start crying.

After she's done saying something say "And how does that make you feel?"

Give her a briefcase of fake money and that the only way you'll give it to her is if she sells her soul to you.

Give her trick dice, that always make her lose.

Challenge her to 'rock paper scissors.' And after a few rounds say "Grenade!" and when she protests, say that's how the pros do it.

Tell her that the Akatsuki want to invite her to a sexy party and that there's booze and gambling involved. Then wait for a few seconds and say "NOT!"

After she says something really serious say "Believe it…Or not…"

When you two spar scream "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!"

When she calls for a meeting say "QUICK ROBIN! TO THE BATCAVE!"

Set her up on a blind date with Jiraiya (personally I think they're awesome together)

Call her a Viking, and get her a Viking hat for her birthday

Steal her necklace and when she asks you where it went say "Oh! Yeah I used it to try and find atlantis! But it didn't go so good so I threw it in the garbage."

Challenge her to a game of snakes and ladders and cheat. When she does what you do accuse her of cheating.

Ask her if her Genjutsu is really to disguise what sex she is.

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