Vandread-Knights of Cydonia

Hello all chidragon here to bring you all a new story from the vandread world, so let's get to it. Disclaimer: my creator dose not own any rights to vandread, he only owns the people he makes up.

Somewhere in a remote part of the galaxy,

Kagen 'Wolf' Taylor use to see himself as a lady's man there were always beautiful women in his life probably because he was a celebrity ,even in the military, he knew they were using him to make them look better but he didn't care it was a good life and he was one of there best mech pilots they had. But know he only saw himself as a dead man; his mech's thruster pack was damaged and unusable, he was drifting in the remains of the once proud fleet that surround the asteroids that was once his home world of Cydonia. "Damn you earthlings you'll pay for this." Kagen said right then he saw the picture of his life long friend and only women he truly loved "No I will not die I will survive." With that there was a huge flash of blue light Kagen and he's mech were gone and only the debris was left to mark that any life was there.

Elsewhere in a part of the galaxy we all know well,

The crew of the Nirvana were preparing to set off it had been three months since they had defeated the harvesters and there red pexsis, Hibiki's arm was healed, Dita was cooking a big lunch, Parfiet is talking with Duero, Jura is chasing down one of the men she deems worthy to be the father of he child, Barnett was talking to gasconeue, and Bart was talking with a group of women that found his bald head and what it stood for was very averring (women).Mango and the bridge bunnies were on the bridge watching the cargo ship disembark from the Nirvana and they began the year long journey to see if men and women can truly live together. "Ah….another year of adventure with this new crew, bet you there will be about fifty complaints before the week is done." Mango said to B.C. "probably but you can't blame them we've been at war for over a hundred years." "Hum….mama," Misty said "contact 20,000 km and holding it just appeared of nowhere." "Are you sure it's not a glitch?" B.C. asked "Yes, I'm sure I'm getting a faint life sign." Misty replied. "Well that was fast I didn't think we run into anything till we past the magnetic storm," Mango said "Well lets go get it." Moments later we see Parfiet and Duero working on the cockpit hatch of a strange mech that you could say is a cross between a gunduam and a vanguard. "Okay I found the emergency hatch open switch." Parfiet shouted up to the Nirvana's doctor "Okay I'm ready," Duero shouts back, with that the hatch opens and Duero catches the body that almost falls out, "gotcha, hey Parfiet call piway and tell her to get the med bay ready our guest here seems to have lost a lot of blood." Later in the med bay Duero was looking at the man on the table before him. He was healing well; he hadn't lost as much blood as he thought most of it was smeared he had a broken leg that was mostly healed Duero then turned around to address the people that entered, "Hello hibiki dita." "Hey doc just here to get the last of my meds and to…" "To invite you and Parfiet to join us for lunch." dita interrupted. There were sounds of groaning from behind Duero as Kagen awoken.