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The Fairly OddParents in A Duelist's Journey of Love
Chapter 1 – Truth Undiscovered

Normal life in Dimmsdale, California is anything but ordinary for a young pre-teen named Timmy Turner. Life for him was once normal until one unexpected moment in his life made him be what he is now. An incident led Timmy into complete humiliation which forced him to take matters into his own hands. Though the incident came and gone, its effect still lingered within him as a sign seeing that times had changed. He had made many friends, many rivals and found someone who would be his one true love.

The year now is 2002 and it has been almost a year since Timmy's unexpected humiliation. He eventually got over it and became more mature even though he's only 11 years old. But with having to deal with a fairy-obsessed teacher, a psychotic babysitter and parents that don't really care it seems that life isn't normal but a bit fairly odd. On a normal day in Dimmsdale Elementary, he was looking forward to classwork and anything else that would come through him. With his two best friends Chester and AJ by his side, he knew that he would have some strong support.

"So, did any of you do last night's homework assignment?" Timmy said as both Chester and AJ had mixed responses.

"Timmy, I had a hard time so I did only half of the assignment. I just hope the teacher doesn't go all angry." Chester replied which made him shudder.

"I hope so too and besides… that assignment was anything but tough." Timmy said but not before AJ interrupted him.

"Not as tough as you going through your dueling deck for more than an hour." AJ replied and that made Timmy stingy.

"So what! I'm one of the top ten duelists in the United States. Improving my deck is better than not using it." Timmy replied.

"Hey, if I'm interrupting… I want to know what AJ thought of the homework assignment. I don't want to wait till after class to hear it." Chester said and both Timmy and AJ stopped speaking.

"My apologies. About the assignment, it wasn't that tough. It lasted for approximately one hour which meant that I had free time." AJ replied.

"Oh pleased. For me, the assignment was just a damn pain. I at least got it done but Crocker has to be crazy for giving us these tough assignments." Timmy said but it was then Chester and AJ sighed in depression

"Either way, this is so stupid and I feel that this isn't gonna get any of us anywhere. We should head to class or else things will really go bad." AJ replied as all of them went ot their lockers and got their books prepping them for class.

It was then that Tootie came by but was in a rush due to some unexpected event that had recently occurred to her. Timmy then saw her and it immediately caught his eye seeing that the both of them have been together for quite some time.

"Hey Tootie, wait up… where are you going?" Timmy said in which Tootie stopped for only a brief moment. She then turned around and her face showed a weak smile.

"Huh? Oh, Timmy… hi. I didn't see you when I was heading inside." Tootie replied but it was then she was in a kind of rush.

"Uh Tootie, where are you going? You seem to be in a rush. Is there something wrong?" Timmy said but it was then she went on the move again.

"Sorry, Timmy. I… I have to go. I'm late for class, bye." Tootie replied after but not before she gave him a soft and passionate kiss on the lips.

The kiss made him felt warm but it was not enough as it was somehow cold like ice. Once it ended she immediately went to her locker, took out some books and went off to class. After she closed her locker door, something fell out of it and that caught Timmy's attention. He then went to see it only to discover that it was some sort of invitation; an invitation to a birthday party. As he silently read it, he knew that it was for him but it was then Chester and AJ came by to see and things were going to get even rougher.

"Uh, Timmy? Are you in the real world or what?" Chester said while Timmy held the invitation and continued looking at it.

"He's stuck reading something that Tootie dropped… it's like he's in a daze." AJ replied but it was then Timmy's eyes blinked and a flare of anger resided within him.

"Tootie… why didn't you tell me? You… you are owning me an explanation for this!" Timmy said as he then raced off hoping to get to class and to find a reason why this has occurred.

As class was in session, all the students were paying attention to the lecture that was occuring. Not every student was paying attention as Timmy though was in focus with his mind but not with his soul. His soul was in another direction wanting answers from the girl he loves.

((Why Tootie? Why did you hide this from me? We promised each other never to hide secrets from one another but not like this… I need to know why and fortunately, I'm going to find out.)) Timmy thought as he continued listening to the tecture taking notes along the way.

Three hours later…

As lunchtime came by in Dimmsdale Elementary, students were in a rush hoping to get a bite to eat and have a discussion with their friends. Normally, there would be a table where the popular kids would sit but times have changed and both popular and non-popular kids co-exist peacefully. Tootie who once was in a rush earlier this morning was now calm and collective looking forward to the rest of the school day. It was then she saw Timmy and his friends eating and chatting about random stuff. She took a seat but it was then they all looked at her as if she had something to hide.

"Um, why are you three so quiet? Is there something wrong here?" Tootie wondered as Timmy had a solemn look in his eye and his face showed signs of concern.

"Yes, there is something wrong… and I believe it has something to do with you. How do you explain… this?" Timmy replied as his fingers was holding a party invitation.

When Tootie saw it, she was in shock to discover that Timmy had gotten his hands on it but the question was how and why as her boyfriend wanted some answers.

"Where… where did you get that? I had it in my locker hoping to give it to you when the time was right." Tootie said in which Timmy's face looked stern and calm as if he was to erupt in anger.

"You dropped this when you closed your locker but unfortunately, you seem to have a keen way with forgetting things… due to the fact that this invitation was dated to last week." Timmy replied and that shocked her completely.

"I didn't know. Preparing a birthday party is anything but tough and besides... it's all Vicky's fault. She keeps putting me through chores and everything that even I don't want to tell you." Tootie said and it was then she began to show a sign of sadness along with some tears inbetween.

"Why didn you tell me that? I mean… it's not a big of a deal when it has to involve your older sister. Besides, she's also a problem I have to deal with as well. Look… I'm sorry if I got angry at you. It's just that you didn't gave me this and that got me concerned." Timmy replied and it was then his fingers wiped off some of her tears.

"Hey Timmy, we'll be right back. We got to head to the library for something." Chester said.

"But recess don't start for another 20 minutes. What are you guys up to?" Timmy replied.

"Let's just say that we want to catch up on our reading. We'll see you at recess, okay? Later." AJ said as the both of them left the lunchroom unexpectedly leaving Timmy and Tootie all by themselves, the both of them went outside hoping to continue their little talk.

As they are outside, Timmy and Tootie continued sharing their normal talk but it was then they decided to discuss about other things more important than just a babysitter ruining a girl's life.

"Hey Tootie, what do you want to focus more on life? Besides the fact that you want to get away from your sister." Timmy said.

"I don't know. There isn't that much I want to focus on other than the fact that I'm interested in art." Tootie replied and that sparked some curiousity within him.

"You? I didn't know that you had a fascination with art. I've never seen you do any artwork. Do you have some kind of art book?" Timmy said and it was then his girlfriend took out something from her bookbag.

She then showed Timmy a black notebook in which once he opened it up, he saw artwork that he had never seen before. Going through the pages slowly and carefully, he looked at some of her drawings which turned out to be very impressive. Tootie smiled as he continued looking at the pages but it was then he stopped wanting to see what he thought of it.

"Oh, my apologies. I got so carried away into seeing the art that I forgot to tell you what I thought of it. Your art is very impressive… I love it." Timmy said and it made his girlfriend smile.

"Thanks. I've been doing art whenever Vicky doesn't assign me chores. Fortunately, I keep this book of mine hidden in case Vicky ever try to get her hands on it. Thanks for looking at my art. I feel really happy that my art is appreciated by you… you are my inspiration." Tootie replied after and she saw a smile in Timmy's face.

"Don't mention it. Besides, what I want to do in life is something that I want to find out. Ever since this Duel Monsters craze has began, all I want to be is the best duelist ever. In most cases, it would be the Duel Monsters World Champion." Timmy said.

"The World Champion? Timmy, that isn't easy to attain a title of intense power. You need to be a very strong duelist if you want to gain that title." Tootie replied and Timmy saw it as he had a lot of work that needed to be done.

"With the deck I have, I know that I will succeed. I've won many battles ever since I've earned this deck and I know that I'll win the United States Championship and after that… the Undisputed World Title." Timmy said but it was then that he forgot one very important thing and that made Tootie a bit aggravated.

"I hate to interrupt your dreams of being the World Duel Monsters Championship but there is one thing that you should know." Tootie replied.

"Yeah… and what the heck is that anyway?" Timmy said as he wanted to know what that was.

"The Duel Monsters United States Championship won't take place till a few months. Though you won the Dimmsdale Duel-Off, it shows that you were also qualified for the United States Championships. My advice is that you calm down, relax and take things easy." Tootie replied.

"Really… then I'll be sure to put your advice into consideration. Do you want to know what I want to focus more on life?" Timmy said as Tootie nodded in approval wanting to know what he had to say.

"You may have heard me saying it many times but… I want to be the number one duelist in the entire world as in… being the Undisputed Duel Monsters World Champion. Wanting this title is something every duelist want but for me… the only thing that matters is to find someone that would provide me a duel that would be worth satisfying." Timmy spoke in which he took something out from his pocket and she saw it as Timmy's dueling deck.

When he opened it up, he saw all the different Duel Monsters cards that were in the deck. Many of the monsters were different than others for they were created by the imagination of a famous individual.

"I can tell that those cards aren't like the others people normally have seen. The cards that you have were part of a contest that you won… and I was there." Tootie said.

"I know. You, Chester and AJ were there when we traveled to Industrial Illusions in Nevada hoping to get what I desired… and that was a dueling deck comprised of what my heart desires." Timmy replied.

"When the popular kids found out that you won that contest, they were angry and had a goal on their minds… it was to defeat you at any cost." Tootie said.

"Yeah. I'll never forget what happened. It was then on the tournament that all of them wanted to defeat me along with my newfound deck… but I defeated them… one by one. Whoa, look at the time… we gotta head back to class." Timmy replied.

"I think all the time that we spent on talking must have passed through recess as well. Timmy… I'm happy that I got to talk to you. I feel a lot better and besides… I'm happy that I have you." Tootie said.

"I know that we both sound out of character but I'm happy that I get to have a chat with you for a change. Come on, let's head back to class before Mr. Crocker starts handing out detention slips for lateness." Timmy replied.

"Yeah, let's move." Tootie said as the both of them raced back to the classroom with the hope of not getting detention by Mr. Crocker.

As the school day was slowly coming to an end, everyone was entering a period of excitement as they left the school building and was looking forward to some time off at home. Timmy along with his friends walked home from school with the sole purpose of enjoying time at home.

"So, what do you guys plan to do after school anyway?" Timmy said wondering about his friends.

"Well, I'm stuck doing homework yet again. Some of the teachers gave me tough homework in this place… but it's not gonna matter for once I head to Junior High, I'm leaving to New York." AJ replied.

"I'm staying here because even though I have to deal with school and life, I'll still have the memories of my friends in my heart… and besides, all I care about is to just enjoy life to the fullest." Timmy said.

"Well my dad is finally gonna get a job for once in hopes that he can just move on… he says that he's not gonna let something as being the worst baseball game ever put him down. After all, he wants to make a difference." Chester replied.

"I'm happy that your father is doing something for a change and I feel pleased that he's doing something about it. Hey, has anyone seen Tootie? Last time I saw her was when she was talking to me during recess." Timmy said.

"I got word that she went home because something happened in her house. I hope its not anything bad though." AJ replied as Timmy saw that something wasn't right.

Timmy without hesitation went off to Tootie's house to see what was going on only to discover that what he finds is anything but unreal. He saw a white van that had the mark of a psychiatric institute meaning that something wasn't right. Timmy went inside the house to see Vicky being carried by two strong medical bodyguards due to the fact that they were here to take her. Tootie then sees him and that was when things really got more out of control.

"Tootie, what the heck is going on? Why is Vicky being carried off to some sort of mental institution?" Timmy said as he looked on in immediate shock.

"I forgot to tell you that Vicky is being taken to a medical institute for what they say that she is mentally and physcially insane. I'm sorry I didn't tell you." said Tootie

"No wondered you ran off home in such a hurry. At least the best part about it is that I don't have to deal with Vicky anymore. I wonder what's gonna happen." replied Timmy

"I don't know. From the looks of things, I believe that Vicky will be spending the rest of her life there… that's a fact. Timmy… Timmy?" said Tootie as she then sees Timmy jumping in cheer as Vicky was finally gonna be taken away.

For one thing, Timmy no longer has to deal with Vicky who had tormented him for many years. As for Tootie, she no longer has to deal with a sister that had put her through misery since she was born. With one day coming to an end, what will happen next? The answers aren't hidden from destiny though… their journeys have only begun.