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Chapter 22 – Five Pieces, Five Turns

The United States Tournament has reached its second day as many contenders had been eliminated while the others had been achieving victory for the opportunity to reach the final four. Manhattan was still filled with people heading to work, cars in traffic and various other events that would make a city like this as active as anyone would see. But you got to wonder… what about the contestants that are involved in the competition? What are they up to whenever the sun rises and life begins anew. Like every other individual that takes part in the tournament, they have things to do themselves.

((Another day, another way to waste time before a competition. At least I have won three duels and I only need four more to go. I just hope that this day gets interesting at least.)) Timmy thought as he bought himself a soft drink to enjoy.

As he went outside, he saw Manhattan as active as ever but that paled in comparison to what he would see next. He looked up and saw what appears to be the image of the Forbidden One, Exodia seen somehow in the area of 2nd Ave and 38th Street. Seeing that a duelist had possessed the power of the Forbidden one, Timmy didn't waste any time heading to where it was only to find that the duel had ended.

((Damn it, I was too late. The duel had already ended… I can't see to find out who won.)) Timmy thought as he saw a duelist lying on the ground due to the impact of Exodia's attack.

"Alright pal, you know the rules… you need to hand over your five rarest cards to me." The duelist said as he went to his opponent and attained five random rare cards.

Seeing that he had gained another victory, the duelist looked to find another opponent but out of coincidence, he found one that just came to see what had occurred. With a cocky attitude, he heads close to Timmy and makes his move.

"Hey, want to earn five rare cards? Why don't you duel me and the power of my Exodia deck." The individual spoke as Timmy knew that he needed another victory.

"Before I respond to your challenge, I want to ask you something… who in the blue hell are you?" Timmy replied as the duelist didn't hesitate to introduce himself.

"Don't you know who I am… I guess you never heard of me. I'm known as the Five-Turn duelist… Leo. I heard about you though… you are Timmy Turner, the duelist who of three duelists represent Dimmsdale, California." Leo spoke as what he had recently said shocked him deep inside.

"I know you heard about me but… what do you mean 'of three duelists'? Are you telling me that I'm not the only one who represents my town." Timmy replied as he knew that he would be up for a duel.

"Yep. There are two others who aim for the same goal you have. One of them is a spellcaster duelist and the other is a duelist that uses Rock-type monsters… I thought Rex Raptor would enter but guess not." Leo said as what he had told Timmy shocked him big time.

"Well… looks like I'm not the only one that wants a spot at the Fatal Four. Anyway, I've come to challenge you to a duel. Besides, you are of the same group as me right?" Timmy replied as Leo showed him his bracelet showing the same group he's in but of a different number.

Both duelists powered up their duel disks and were ready for a battle. Surprisingly, Leo knew that he would be up against a good duelist and decides to raise the stakes in this fight.

"You do realize that you are up against someone who possesses an Exodia deck are you?" Leo said as it didn't surprise his opponent one bit.

"I'm aware considering you had defeated your opponent with that monster. I know all about that card and its many weaknesses." Timmy replied as he drew his starting hand. (Timmy's hand: 5, lifepoints: 4000)

"Too bad you were not prepared for me. I will defeat you in five turns… and five turns is all you have. Why don't we raise the stakes… if you beat me in less than five turns, you'll earn five rare cards from me. However, if I summon Exodia and beat you, I take five rare cards from you." Leo spoke as he drew his hand signaling the start of the duel. (Leo's hand: 5, lifepoints: 4000)

"I understand the anti-rule but… five rare cards?! You got to be out of your mind!" Timmy replied as he was shocked by Leo's offer in this kind of situation.

"Well, the only thing I can say is that I hope you have something that can defeat me. Just to be fair, I'll let you go first. So you better get to it… the clock is ticking." Leo spoke as Timmy began his first turn.

((This guy wants me to battle this fool with a five-turn limit? He may be crazy but I have my own ways on how to beat this guy. Let's see if I can do it.)) Timmy thought as he drew his first card. (Hand: 6)

((This fool has no idea what my strategy is… unlike Seeker, who had an Exodia deck that was all a bunch of copy cards my deck is the real deal. This fool is leading himself to his doom… oh well, at least I am all set.)) Leo thought as he knew what strategy to unleash at his opponent… too bad Timmy had a plan of his own.

"Alright, I'll start things off. I place 2 cards face down on the field and then… I play my Elemental Hero Clayman (ATK: 800/DEF: 2000) in defense mode." Timmy (Hand: 3) said as he brought out one of his Elemental Heroes in the fray but in a defensive position.

"Do you know that in five turns you will be defeated? I guess I'll have to show you why I mean that… I start off by playing a monster face down in defense mode…" Leo replied but not before Timmy surprised him out of the blue.

"Sorry Leo, you triggered a trap. I reveal my Shadow of Eyes (Trap Card) and with it your monster goes straight into attack mode!" Timmy spoke as the trap caused the monster to reveal itself which was nothing more than a Giant Soldier of Stone (ATK: 1300/DEF: 2000).

"You may have found out what my monster is but that doesn't matter one bit because I play my Block Attack (Spell Card) and I'll switch my Soldier from attack to defense mode. I end my turn with a face-down card. Now you only have four turns left and soon, you'll lose it all." Leo (Hand: 3) replied as he looked at his hand and saw that he had two pieces of Exodia in his possession.

"Not before you lose first… I summon my Six Samurai – Irou (ATK: 1700/DEF: 1200) in attack mode." Timmy (Hand: 3) said as he summoned a monster that would make a grand entrance.

A Six Samurai mark appeared on the floor as it was black signaling of the darkness approaching. A warrior appeared on the field holding a katana and holds wears a combination of samurai armor with shogun pants. What was even more strange was that it was blind and relied on his other senses to combat its opponents. Though it was blind, it could sense that its opponents were near and Timmy knew he would need Iroh's strength.

"If you think a monster like that can pierce a defense like mine, you are wrong. My Soldier of Stone has 2000 defense points and your pathetic Irou has 1700 attack points." Leo replied as Timmy interrupted him of what he said.

"I'm well aware of that. That's why I play my Wicked Breaking Flamberge – Baou (Spell Card) spell card. So when I discard one card frommy hand, my Irou gains a 500 attack point boost." Timmy (Hand: 2) said afterwards as he activated an equip spell.

A large sword appeared out of the sky hitting the ground causing some cracks to boot. Irou went close to it and pulled the sword out in which its strength increased greatly (ATK: 2200). Timmy had a smile on his face as he was ready to go on the attack.

((His monster's attack strength is stronger. This can't be good!)) Leo thought as Timmy made his offensive move.

"Before I attack, I switch my Clayman to attack position and now I order my Iroh to attack your Soldier of Stone. Dark Slash attack!" Timmy shouted as he ordered his monster to attack.

Six Samurai – Iroh ran straight for the Giant Soldier of Stone and unleashed two slashes destroying it in the process. With no monsters to protect him, Leo was wide open for a direct attack.

"Now that you are wide open, Clayman direct attack to his lifepoints! Clay Crusher!" Timmy shouted as Clayman made his attack and struck Leo dead center ripping out 800 of his lifepoints. (Leo's lifepoints: 3200)

((Damn fool… he may have struck my lifepoints but this is only the beginning… only three turns left.)) Leo thought as Timmy was finishing up with his turn.

"I'll set two face-downs and then end my turn. It seems I found a way out of your little strategy so it's only a matter of time now." Timmy (Hand: 0) replied as he had found a weakness to Leo's deck.

"Maybe so but… it's my move now!" Leo spoke but not before Timmy replied with a little surprise up his sleeve.

"Not so fast my friend because I reveal my trap, Respect Play (Trap Card). As long as this card is on the field whenever each of our turns starts, one of us gets to see the others' hand. Since your turn has begun, I get to see what your hand is like so Respect Play reveal his hand." Timmy replied as Leo can only be in shock as to see what would happen next.

The trap was triggered and it caused Leo's hand to be revealed and what Timmy saw was absolutely shocking. He saw Leo's hand which consisted of three pieces of Exodia which were the Left Arm, Left Leg and the Head of the Forbidden One along with a Spell card Pot of Greed (Spell Card). Timmy knew that he was running out of time for it wasn't on his side.

"God damn… you have three pieces of Exodia in your hand. Only two left and you win!" Timmy said as he saw Leo's entire hand and that convinced him to end it all right now.

"Looks like you saw my hand Timmy… but unfortunately, you will experience the true strength of my monster. I play my Pot of Greed which lets me draw two new cards…" Leo replied as he activated his spell card which allowed him to draw two new ones.

As Timmy looked, the cards that Leo drew didn't excite any of them one bit as it was another piece of the Forbidden One; the Right Arm and a monster that wasn't even strong enough to attack any of Timmy's two monsters.

"You are lucky I didn't get a stronger creature otherwise your Clayman would have bit the dust. I play Spirit of the Harp (ATK: 800/DEF: 2000) in defense mode and that ends my turn." Leo (Hand: 4) said as he brought a defensive monster to the field and ended his turn.

((I only got one turn left because my guess that the next card he draws may be the last piece of Exodia and if I lose… so does my chances of reaching the Final Four. I hope the card I draw will help me win this battle… heart of the cards, give me hope… give me strength.)) Timmy thought as he drew his next card while all Leo could do was watch as the duel would soon come to an end.

"Well now… looks like I have what I need to win and fortunately, this ends now! I reveal my face down card Heavy Storm (Spell Card). This spell allows me to destroy every spell and trap on the field. Since I'm aware that you may be expecting your last piece of Exodia… it isn't happening." Timmy said as his spell card unleashed a devastating storm that destroyed Timmy's Respect Play trap card.

As a result of that, Leo wasn't able to see what Timmy had in his hand and since he knew what he was expecting, he had nothing in him to counter that move. However, Timmy wasn't finished for if he is to defeat this opponent and win another victory he had to strike hard and quick in the hopes of preventing Leo from summoning Exodia.

"Now that I put that trap out of the way, I now activate my Card of Demise (Spell Card) which lets me draw five cards from my deck. However, in five turns I have to discard my entire hand… it doesn't matter because I will end this duel in just one move… or should I say three." Timmy (Hand: 5) spoke as Leo was starting to get jittery seeing that it was all over.

((I can't believe that he found a way out of my strategy… this is absolutely nuts. I can't do anything about it and even if I did, he already saw my hand which makes no difference.)) Leo thought as Timmy continued his turn with the means of acquiring even more power.

"Alright. I play Polymerization (Spell Card) fusing the Clayman on the field with my Elemental Hero Sparkman (ATK: 1600/DEF: 1400) in my hand to form… Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (ATK: 2400/DEF: 1500)." Timmy (Hand: 3) replied as he initiated a fusion between his recognizable Elemental Heroes.

Sparkman and Clayman went into a vortex combining their strengths to become one large monster which had the power to generate thunder from within. Seeing for sure that he had everything required to take Leo out, he unleashed his assault in one go.

"Now to activate the special effect of my Thunder Giant; by discarding one card from my hand I can destroy any monster on your side of the field whose original attack power is equal or less than my monster. So I ditch this to destroy your last defense… Vapor Spark!" Timmy (Hand: 2) shouted as his fusion monster unleashed a thundrous blast that destroyed Leo's defense.

((My Spirit of the Harp… how… how did he… find a way… how did he find a way to stop me from summoning the unstoppable Exodia?)) Leo thought as all he could is watch as the duel immediately came to an end.

"Thunder Giant attack him directly with Voltage Thunder!" Timmy shouted as his monster unleashed a direct attack to Leo's lifepoints striking him hard and taking out more than half of his opponent's lifepoints. (Leo's lifepoints: 800)

"Is that all you got? Come on, do your worst." Leo replied as he held his ground waiting for Timmy's next attack.

"You are gonna regret saying that… Six Samurai – Irou attack Leo's lifepoints directly and end this duel. Dark Blind Slash!" Timmy shouted as Six Samurai – Iroh made his final mark.

Iroh went airborne but not before it disappeared and then reappeared behind Leo and then struck him hard sending him to the floor and wiping out the rest of his lifepoints. (Leo's lifepoints: 0) With his opponent on the ground, Timmy gained yet another victory giving him a total of four duels. He then looked and saw that his opponent laid out the rare cards just the way he likes it.

"Since you challenged me to a duel in which I get five rare cards from you, I've already chosen my five rare cards… and I choose the five pieces of Exodia the Forbidden One. I may not need them for my deck but they look sweet for my card collection." Timmy said as he left Leo lying on the floor eliminated from the tournament seeing that he lost his key cards.

Timmy had gained a fourth victory in the tournament along with five new cards in his possession instead of one. Not many duelists stand as the duels continue to wind down but seeing for sure that the Final Four would be near, anything can happen. All Timmy needed now was another opponent to cross paths with and normally… it didn't take long for him to reach it.


With one duel's end comes another duel's beginning. In another part of Manhattan far from Madison Square Garden where the Final Four awaits, a duel is taking plac. On one side is someone that is once Timmy's best friend who is now on a quest for redemption. The other is a street punk who picked a fight with the wrong guy.

"You do realize you are getting into a duel you can't win." Chester said as he powered up his duel disk.

"Ha ha ha, who cares… all I want is to be the best. You ain't gonna stop me for I'll crush you." The street punk replied afterwards as he cackled in an evil fashion.

"You don't seem to surprise me one bit… if there is anyone that will do the crushing, it'll be me… I'll not only crush you… but I'll bury you under the sands of time. You'll be my sixth victim in this tournament." Chester spoke afterwards as he was ready to unleash the true strength of his new deck.

Both duelists got their starting hands as they were ready to battle… but the question is… what will happen between those two? Who will win and who will reach the Final Four where the final rounds await? Only time will tell as it is time for those two to get their game on.