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Character Guide

Super minor characters, as in ones with two lines and one mention in the entire story, have been omitted.

Pre-battle Allegiances

Water Tribe

Leader - Whitewater - pure white she-cat with blank white eyes

Second - Mud - yellow eyed tom with tangled dark brown fur

Herb Cat - Yellowroot - dark gray and black she-cat with yellow eyes

trainee - Frost


Birch - black tom with gray tipped tail and light brown eyes

trainee - Willow

Stream - blue-eyed gray tabby she-cat

trainee - Leaf

Pine - brown-mix furred she-cat with emerald eyes

Aspen - dark ginger and brown furred she-cat with amber eyes

trainee - Crystal

Cypress - gray tabby tom with amber eyes

And other minor and unmentioned fighters (River)


Frost - gray furred tom with ice-blue eyes

Willow - pale brown furred tom with pale green eyes

Wood - small dusty brown furred tom with bright amber eyes

Leaf - ginger she-cat with white tipped paws and tail and deep green eyes

Crystal - pitch black tom with wide blue eyes

And other minor trainees (Fern, Yew, Nettle)


Amber - light brown furred she-cat with darker tail and amber eyes

Kits: Bracken, Owl, and Rowan

Ice Tribe

Leader - Stoneice - large, strong gray-furred tom with yellow eyes

Second - Dark - large (not as large as Stoneice) dark furred tom with dark blue eyes

trainee - Tawny

Herb Cat - Duskroot - brown eyed tom with patches of black, brown, amber, white and gray

trainee - Adder


Flake - snowy white tom with warm amber eyes

Reed - lean black tom with amber eyes

Leopard - black, brown, and amber spotted she-cat

Raccoon - gray tom with tabby tail and dark fur around his green eyes

trainee - Creek

Sand - sandy-furred she-cat

Oak - dark brown and black tom

Among other minor and unmentioned fighters (Spruce, Auburn, Night)


Creek - calico she-cat with green eyes

Tawny - small tawny and white she-cat with green eyes

Adder - green-eyed tortoiseshell she-cat

Among other minor and unmentioned trainees

The Rebels

Dark, Leopard, Reed, Flake, Raccoon, Creek, Adder, Tawny, and Silver

Cats outside Tribes

Smokepaw - smoky gray tom with yellow eyes

Smoke - brown tabby with smoky gray eyes

Talonpaw - dark gray tom with amber-yellow eyes

Oakfur - small brown tom, Smokepaw's mentor

Tawnypaw/pelt - tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Rowanclaw - dark ginger tom

Post-battle Allegiances nine moons later

(minor and unmentioned characters is a given)

Water Tribe

Leader - Pinesnow

Deputy - Leaf

Herb Cat - Frostroot



trainee - Owl


trainee - Bracken










Mate: Crystal (aww)

Kits: Ice, Thistle


Kits: Sparrow, Umber, Twig



Ice Tribe

Leader - Leopardsnow

Deputy - Reed

Herb Cat - Adderroot















For the first time since their kits were born, Nettle and Fern left the nursery to go hunting. Willow was left in charge of the four and a half moon old kits, but... that didn't turn out too well.

five minutes earlier

"Hey Willow, you've got to see this!" Wood shouted. "There's a fish frozen into the ice in Freezepool!"


"Yeah! Its face is all scrunchy! It's awesome!"



Twig glanced around hesitantly. "Are we... alone?"

"No, fishbrain, there are fighters all over camp," Umber snorted.

"But we're... alone," Twig repeated. "In the nursery."

"And we could escape," Sparrow added brightly, his ears perking up. "We could run around in the snow -"

"And get in huge trouble with our moms," Thistle pointed out, her tail hanging between her legs. "I don't want mom to be mad at us."

Umber rolled his eyes. "She-cats," he grumbled. "Good thing Thistle's the only one, I don't know what we'd do with two of them -"

"Are you saying I'm not a she-cat?" All eyes turned to the small, yet oddly frightening voice coming from the other side of the den. The pitch black kit glared at them, his narrow icy eyes sparkling.

"Umm, Ice, it's not a compliment to be called a she-cat," Sparrow pointed out. "It's an insult, actually... she-cats are weak and stupid..."

Ice's teeth barred, his fur bristling with anger. "Don't you dare insult she-cats like that, or I swear I'll claw your eyes out and mush them into the snow."

Umber whistled. "Violent much? Seriously, Ice, don't be so defensive of she-cats. They shouldn't need us toms to look out for them."

"I'M NOT A TOM!" Ice roared. "I'M A SHE-CAT!"

"Now why would you pretend to be a she-cat?" Sparrow wondered aloud.

"I'M NOT PRETENDING!" He - no, she - leapt at Sparrow and started swiping wildly at his fur. The young kit howled in pain, and his brother Umber yowled in panic. Thistle joined in the panicked wailing, while Twig stood by, watching in awe.

Eventually the yowling and howling drew Crystal, who burst frantically into the nursery with concern spread across his face. "What's going on in here?" he demanded, as his wide crystal eyes caught sight of his daughter on top of Sparrow with a claw on his neck.

Ice didn't budge as she spoke. "They called me a tom," she accused.

Believing himself safe, Umber snickered belatedly at the newfound knowledge of his nurserymate's gender. "Hehe, little she-cat needs her mommy to stick up for her," he taunted.

Crystal whirled on the kit, whipping around so lightning quick he nearly broke his neck. "What did you say?"

"Aww, mommy's defensive of little Icey," Umber sing-songed. "Mommy and Icey, Mommy and Icey, nananana boo boo..." he danced in circles around Ice, who was still on top of Sparrow, enjoying the furious look on her face. What he didn't notice, to his misfortune, was that it mirrored the look on her father's.

"Ummmber, you might want to stop," Twig began quietly, combining the "umm" hesitation into his brother's name, but it was too late. Crystal sprang at Umber, easily tackling the kit and pinning him to the ground.

"Listen here, kit," he snarled furiously. "You should know better to insult and confuse the gender of your Tribemates. I am Ice's father, and she is my daughter. You got that?"

"But... but... you look like a mommy... and he - she - looks like a tom kit..."

Crystal closed his claw around the kit's throat. "I said, you got that?"

Umber nodded fearfully. "Y-yeah."

Crystal turned his ferocious glare on Sparrow. "That goes for you too."

"Y-yeah," Sparrow echoed.

Crystal stood up and dusted himself off. Ice joined him at the entrance to the nursery, wearing an identical smirk on an identical face, the only difference between the two being the size of their eyes and appeared gender. "Well," Crystal stated matter-of-factly, "I believe my work here is done."

Little did Crystal know, he had saved the dignity of more cats than himself and his daughter that day. Tiny little Twig came to realize that any cat can succeed and beat up Umber, regardless of appearance or size. And so the small, skinny kit began to plot his own climb to honor.

Twigsnow. Odd, but catchy. He liked it.

The End










Falling Smoke Soundtrack

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Smokepaw:Me Against the World, Simple Plan

Smoke: Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Green Day

Wood and Tawny: If Everyone Cared, Nickelback

Frost: It Ends Tonight, All-American Rejects

Leaf and Smokepaw: It's Not Over, Chris Daughtry

Dark: I Won't Go, Three Doors Down

Wood and Willow: Don't Worry Be Happy, Bobby McFerrin

Smokepaw and Wood: You've Got a Friend in Me, Toy Story

Rebels of Ice Tribe: Move Along, All American Rejects

If you don't know the song and are curious, look them up and read the lyrics. You'll see how they relate.

And take a peek at a new story, Incogitance. It is AU from the beginning of Sunset. Here is an except from the first chapter:

She felt her tail entwining with his, soft gray fur against her fiery ginger, and looked into his eyes. The depths of his warm cerulean blue pools could have gone on forever. It reminded her of the sun-drown-place, with the endless expanse of deep blue water lapping at the soft sands and the bright sun shimmering on the horizon.

She didn't notice the irony.

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Incogitance: (in-COG-it-ANTS) Thoughtlessness or acting without thought. No, I did not know what this meant before I titled the story. But I wanted to use a cool word, and turned to . :)

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